June 2019
The Atlantic Hurricane season started June 1. Are you ready?
"We have had some active hurricanes in our area in the past few years, so it is vital to prepare for your entire family, including the pets, in advance of hurricane season,” said Dr. Christian Broadhurst, senior staff veterinarian at Clay Humane. “With just a few simple actions, you can help ensure the safety of your pets if disaster strikes."
Hurricane preparedness tip number 1: Create an emergency kit.
Pack a pet first-aid kit, a three or four-day supply of your pet's food and medications, bottled water, feeding dishes, litter and / or disposable garbage bags and extra leashes and harnesses. Also remember to pack photocopies of your pet's medical records and pictures of your pet(s) in case you are separated. Bring a spray bottle filled with water for birds' wings. Carry a sturdy bowl for reptiles to soak in and ample bedding for small animals like hamsters or guinea pigs.
Local Jacksonville realtor supports Clay Humane
The Keller Williams real estate agent donates 25-percent of his commissions to local charities
Clay Humane was the lucky recipient of $2,400.00 donated as part of Giving House Charity, the brain child of real estate broker Ryan Winter. Ryan created Giving House to make it easy for potential givers to transition into generous donors with a win-win opportunity. 

Our business model is simple says Winter “We will donate 25% of net real estate commissions when someone buys or sells a house with a Giving House Realtor in Jacksonville or anywhere else.”

By donating a portion of real estate commissions to charities, Giving House Realtors, like Ryan, are able to support causes that they care about while also earning tax deductions. In turn, many charities benefit by gaining new funds and, hopefully, new lifelong supporters. Ryan’s hope is that the people assisted through excellence in real estate can help the charities that they're passionate about grow to new heights in this giving and winning scenario. 

For more information on this extraordinary program, please visit their website at www.givinghouse.org
Pet Assisted Therapy Team
Orange Park Medical Center welcomes Clay Humane
May 29th was Trauma Survivors Day...and it was also the day Clay Humane, in conjunction with the Orange Park Medical Center, launched their new pet therapy program in the Trauma ICU unit! Three pilot teams started that day, Susan Smalling with "Molly Mae", Marcie Ryan with "Bebe" and Lori Coleman with "Deacon". As the program progresses, we plan to move into other ICU areas of the hospital and beyond!
Career Day at Charles E. Bennett Elementary School
Spreading Humane Education
Last month, Clay Humane and tiny kitten "Pocket" visited the Charles E. Bennett second graders for career day.

Veterinary Technician, Joslyn Bebout, discussed responsible pet care, being kind to animals, and the invaluable veterinary medical services we provide for Clay County residents.
Did you hear the news?
You voted... and we won! Clay Humane is proud to announce that we have been named BEST OF CLAY 2019 VETERINARIAN! The staff and animals say THANK YOU for being a supporter of our animal welfare programs and veterinary medical services!
Beware of hot car dangers
With the weather getting hotter, Dr. Christian Broadhurst reminds us how to keep our pets safe in the heat.
Warm weather warning for you and your pets
As temperatures rise, heat exhaustion continues to present a major concern -- not just for people, but also for the four-legged members of your family.

Last year alone, at least 62 animals died as a result of being kept inside hot cars, according to KidsandCars.org,

What should you do if you find a bunny nest?
Prevent harm
Eastern Cottontails reproduce throughout the spring and summer, typically starting in mid-March and nesting through mid-September. They build shallow nest of grass and fur in grassy areas near bushes or trees and often right out in the open. You many be surprised that a rabbit would build a nest in the middle of a yard, but it is quite ingenious because most predators will not venture into an open space. LEARN MORE >>>
We now offer
Urgent Care Services
Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 5pm - 12 Midnight
Closed All Holidays
Urgent care prices apply. We offer after hours urgent care for minor emergency services and outpatient treatment.
Urgent Care is for emergencies that need immediate assistance but are of a nature that allow out-patient emergency treatment. We provide effective after-hours relief for common pet illnesses and injuries - just like an urgent care center for people but for pets!

You Shop, Amazon Gives
Amazon will donate 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to Clay Humane whenever you shop on AmazonSmile. Shop now or learn about other ways to help the animals .
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