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Build Your Plan...Communicate your Plan...Revise your Plan as Needed
I know I keep talking about this over and over, but it is so important that we all have our Preparedness Plans, in writing. It will make our customers and employees feel safe, and it will be written documentation that we are taking the steps necessary to make our environments clean and safe.

Preparedness Plan FAQs:
Minnesota OSHA will work with businesses to assist them with their compliance with CDC and MDH Guidelines and OSHA requirements. Requests for assistance from a business in developing a COVID-19 Preparedness Plan can be directed to MNOSHA Workplace Safety Consultation at 651-284-5060 or  OSHA.consultation@state.mn.us .

The business's senior management responsible for implementation of the plan need to ensure that the Plan is reviewed with all workers and that the Plan is posted at all of the business’s workplaces in locations that will allow for the Plan to be readily reviewed by all workers.

If a business is not able to comply with these requirements, they should not reopen. If MNOSHA conducts an inspection and determines the business is not voluntarily complying with CDC and MDH Guidelines and OSHA requirements , MNOSHA may issue an order that prohibits continuation of the business’s operations at the workplace until the non-compliant conditions or practices are corrected. Minnesota OSHA may also issue citations and penalties to the business.

If your business is not included in an E.O. to re-open, you cannot reopen yet. You may provide additional feedback about how your business can safely reopen  with this form .
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Congratulations Crystal Lake Automotive! Well Deserved!
Congratulations to Karl Drotning and Jim Siegfried, long time Chamber members, on being a 2020 Legacy Award recipient! It could not have gone to two better people, congratulations!
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