An African American family enjoys a bike ride during the summer.
Plan a Safe and Fun Summer
Enjoy family activities, sign up for camp and avoid summer slide
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention continues to advise against travel until individuals are fully vaccinated, meaning any summer travel plans should be put on hold for parents who have not received vaccines or any young children as they are still months away from getting CDC approval for the shots. But fortunately, Miami-Dade County is the destination of choice for many vacationers, so you don’t have to go far to enjoy the summer with your young ones.
A group of kids readies to go back to the outside world.
Pandemic Gain: Preparing Kids for Life After COVID
Steps to ready your kids to return to the world
Setting aside the device and planning in-real-life playdates. Transitioning from drive-by birthdays to bona fide cake-n-jump house celebrations. Leaving the comfort cocoon of living room home school for a return to the classroom. As more Americans are vaccinated, camps reopen and extracurriculars shift to high gear, parents and children alike face new adjustment challenges in returning to full schedules. But by managing emotions constructively, reevaluating priorities and developing goals, families can establish a new and improved normal for 2021.
Book of the Month: Looking for Yesterday
Written by Alison Jay
Sometimes it seems as if this world is only understandable to younger generations. But then we listen to our grandparents and realize that they’ve seen and learned so much, that even the new is sometimes old for them. In Looking for Yesterday, author Alison Jay explores the relationship between a grandson and his grandfather and how it changes the former’s longing for yesterday into hope for tomorrow.
Grandfatherly wisdom is on display in the book, a wonderful chance for your own parents to sit down and read with your children. This month’s Staff Picks from the Miami-Dade Public Library System explore the relationships of grandchildren and their grandparents and how their experiences can live on in future generations. 
Magdala Chery and son Jonathan-David Chery enjoy a Box Joy package.
Box Joy: Getting Families Together When They Need it Most
Trust-funded Innovation Fund program working in Opa-locka
Remember waiting for something special via mail when you were a child, the thrill of watching for your postal worker or opening your mailbox to see if it arrived. The joyful anticipation of the package often felt better than gratification that came from whatever you were waiting for. Kids today delight in much the same way through subscription boxes – recurring deliveries of specialized packages bringing them all manner of goodies or products.
Taking on the Summer Slide with Battle of the Books
Sharpening your kids' literacy through reading and fun
Reading during summertime! You can practically hear your children groan at the mere thought. Of course, once they get started on a good book, all reservations vanish faster than a dozen donuts left alone in the office kitchen. Still, getting your child reading during the summer months can be a battle.
Parent Resources
Syda Productions/
The new, improved and expanded Children’s Trust Book Club offers free, monthly books by mail for children from 0-5 living in Miami-Dade.
The Children’s Trust Parent Club offers FREE, countywide workshops on relevant topics about raising children that are successful, healthy, and happy. 
Helpful Links for Coronavirus Related Information
Miami-Dade County’s Coronavirus page on where and how to sign up to get COVID-19 Vaccine:
The Center for Disease Control (CDC) has a special web page with Coronavirus information,
updates and tips.

Florida Department of Health’s Coronavirus page.
The Miami-Dade School Board also has a Coronavirus page, as well as a Parent Guide to the Novel Coronavirus.
Elderly Assistance

To learn more visit or call 211.
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