This year we received 170 applications for 10 scholarships to the Jump$tart National Educator Conference. HSFPP educators shared stories that shine a light on the lifelong impact financial education can have for teens. 
The winning stories demonstrated that financial education is not only a powerful tool to help students prepare for the future they expect, but it can also change their expectations of what is possible.

The 10 winning stories of impact are shared in two parts:

Part 1: Empowering Low-Income Students to Plan for a Better Future

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The number of inspirational stories shared through the scholarship application far exceeded the 10 winning submissions. 
To celebrate more of our educators, NEFE will share a teacher story each Tuesday on our Facebook page.  

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As a high school educator, your goal is to help prepare your students to thrive as independent young adults. No matter what's next - a four-year university, community college, military service, trade school or even a gap year - one thing is certain: Your students will have to make decisions about money, and you want them to make the best decisions possible.

CashCourse® ( is a free online resource that equips young people with tools to help them track spending, create a budget and, most importantly, understand how their current decisions will affect their future financial well-being.

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