May 12, 2021
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Celestial Greetings!

With a Mercury Retrograde coming up and two eclipses in the next few weeks, I thought I'd better write you and help you get ready to take advantage of the opportunities.
NASA photo - Jupiter with 2 of its moons
What are the planets up to?

Jupiter enters Pisces May 13 - see the latest blog!
Beautiful Evening Planet Viewing

Venus has moved ahead of the Sun enough to be visible after sunset, assuming her guise as the lovely “evening star.” She’ll be in this phase for about seven months, until early 2022. It’s especially delightful to view her when the crescent Moon is nearby, as it will be tonight and in the coming months a couple days after each New Moon. Venus is thought to promote harmony and romance more as an Evening Star than as a Morning Star. Remember, this is the “wishing star” and be sure to make a special request of the goddess of love and wealth.

Venus and Mercury are not far apart, and when Mercury is Retrograde, it will quickly pass Venus. Mercury is not an easy planet to see; it’s usually too darn close to the Sun. It reaches its further “elongation” (distance from the Sun) on May 17, making it easier for us to spot. If you’re lucky enough to have an unobstructed angle on the west-northwestern horizon, the crescent Moon will help you find Mercury just after sunset. It will be to the left of Venus and Mercury. Venus is the brighter planet (it’s bigger and closer to earth) and Mercury will be above Venus.

According to WhenTheCurvesLineUp, “On May 28, the apparition ends with a close Venus – Mercury conjunction, the closest easily visible until 2033.” Don’t miss this chance to see this beautiful duo!

Another Mercury Retrograde on the Way

The sign Gemini has had extra attention with the North Node traveling there from 6/4/20 to 12/22/21, and where the Node goes, that’s where we have eclipses. Gemini is now the host for the next Retrograde of Mercury, Gemini’s ruling planet. Mercury enters the degree range where it will backtrack on May 14, is in reverse from May 29 to June 22, and exits the degree range on July 7. It moves up to 24º43’ Gemini and comes back down to 16º8’. If Mercury aspects something in your chart affected by this range, you’ll have three chances to do something with the energy Mercury offers. It’s a good time to re-visit or re-think a situation, get a second opinion, correct prior errors, or edit what you wrote earlier. All of us should be careful when Mercury is in a scratchy square with Neptune three times: May 22, June 5 and July 6, at approximately 23º Gemini (Neptune is at that degree in Pisces). This makes thinking fuzzy or judgment clouded. Mistakes are easily made and you could get lost in your travels. It’s most dangerous when you “think” you know something; later you might find out you thought wrong.

Eclipses Coming Up

About every six months we have a pair (or more) of eclipses, not always visible in our part of the world. There’s a Lunar Eclipse Full Moon on May 26 at 5º26’ Sagittarius and a Solar Eclipse New Moon on June 10 at 19º Gemini 47’. The full moon is a “Super Moon” and will look a little bigger than some full moons do. This is because it’s closer to earth in its slightly elliptical orbit. It will be partially shadowed as seen from the western part of North America. The Solar Eclipse won’t be total and the only place in North America where it can be seen is in the eastern tip of Canada. (Greenland will see it better.) An eclipse doesn't have to be seen to be felt if it touches a degree in your chart. Like any new moon, a solar eclipse gives a push toward something new in the area of your life represented by the planet it touches in your chart, but an eclipse is an extra big shove. Likewise, a lunar eclipse is a culmination or blossoming like any full moon, again more so and to a larger degree. You can give a leeway (“orb”) of up to 5º for the impact on your chart and life, and the closer to exact, the more potent it is (usually). If an eclipse hits your Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Moon or the ruling planet of your rising sign, bigger orbs still are significant.

I’m keeping my eye on President Biden. His Ascendant is 3º11’ Sagittarius and his Midheaven is 19º54’ Virgo, so both eclipses are hitting his chart strongly. The Lunar Eclipse could indicate some new development in his health or personal life. The Solar Eclipse is square his Midheaven, the point that shows his career, reputation and place in the world. It takes place in his 7th House, the area of partners, contracts (treaties), teammates and “open enemies” (adversaries). Looking at the Astro*Carto*Graphy map for the Solar Eclipse, we see the Sun and Moon in the 7th House position very close to Hong Kong and it may be that he weighs in on the unrest going on there.

Mars Out of Bounds

Mars, the planet of aggression and conflict, is in an unusual condition called “out of bounds.” This means it’s riding higher in the sky than the Sun ever goes. It went beyond the boundary at the spring equinox, reaching the peak of its upward curve on April 22, coming back in bounds on May 24. Any planet off the regular playing field goes to extremes and we’ve seen a lot of anger and violence lately. On the plus side, maybe there’s extra energy available to us or an urging to compete and be our best. More information is available in my article Out of Bounds Planets and at Cafe Astrology, where there’s a table of dates when planets are out of bounds.

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