Friends and Family, 
Happy Palm Sunday! This coming weekend begins the celebration of what Christians traditionally refer to as Holy (or Passion) Week ( passio  is Latin for “suffering”). Holy Week refers to the time each Spring when we remember the final days of Christ's life; these days led first to Jesus’s crucifixion, then to His life-giving resurrection. The intentional celebration of Holy Week can bring a number of opportunities:

  1. Devotion: Remember all those notions we had around New Year’s about refocusing our devotional life, or reading through the Bible in a year? For some, these commitments may be long-forgotten – but they don't have to be! Beginning Palm Sunday, you’ll receive a devotion each morning of Holy Week prepared by your MCC staff.
  2. Invitation: Are you eager to share your faith with a neighbor, co-worker, or friend? There really is no easier time of the year then Easter to extend an MCC invite (and perhaps lunch with your family afterward). As usual, we'll offer two morning services on Easter, and I’ll do my best to preach a message that is helpful and relevant for our newer guests.
  3. Reflection: If you’ve only recently become part of MCC, you may not be aware we host a special service prior to Easter. In prior years we held a Maundy Thursday service, but last year we instead began gathering on Good Friday.

Compared to our typical Sunday gatherings, the 7pm Good Friday service is a completely different kind of worship event – from the reflective mood of the evening to the set-up of the sanctuary to the manner in which we take communion. The service includes three mini-teachings (3-4mins each) from three different pastors, a gradual extinguishing of candles, and a period of darkness and silence.

This year we’ll once again be hosting our brothers and sisters from  Redeemer Anglican  in Franklin. We love offering a worship service that displays our unity in Christ across local churches and denominations.

Good Friday will include full nursery care as well as an interactive children’s program through 3rd grade. The main service will be designed for ages 4 th grade and up, and last 55-60 mins. I hope you can make it!

-Pastor Travis