With all the recent UFO disclosure and current hype of billionaires traveling to space and their desire to commercialize the ability for others to do the same - along with the eventual goal of inhabiting other planets - I think it's important not to get too distracted by all these bright (sometimes unidentified and flying) shiny objects.

On the one hand, the new space flights can seem very exciting and a celebration of technological marvel, and on the other, seem like an extraordinary misuse of ingenuity, ego and wealth when there are a multitude of problems that the average human and our society as a whole are struggling with right here on Earth.

I love the idea of space travel, but only in the Star Trek sense; where there is exposure to different understandings and examples of the myriad ways life can manifest and how we might learn from each other, evolve and coexist harmoniously - or defend ourselves when necessary - whether we're on this planet or out and about in the galaxy at large. But think about it: If we can't get along together on this Third Rock from our Sun, how the heck are we supposed to interact with extraterrestrials and intergalactic beings??

And then the other day I happened to catch the end of a South Park episode (which was odd since I hardly ever watch that show but desperately needed a laugh...). I'm assuming due to the zeitgeist, the rerun I caught was where one of the story lines was about outcasts and fed up humans flocking to Space X so they can escape the misery of their existence here on Earth and go live on Mars.

But with any other form escape, the reality is that there is no escape outside of yourself. 'Cause guess what? Wherever you go, there you are.

Which brings me back to a point I am constantly making here: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm and vice versa. The values of American culture and its influence around the world have been increasingly dominated by consumerism and putting authority, power and trust in something outside of ourselves that doesn't always have our best interests at heart.

So as those who have conquered much of that external world, and our society as a whole, become saturated, satiated and subsumed with "stuff" and technology (both of which have largely replaced the function and mores of the religions of old and can equally dis-empower the masses when not used carefully and consciously and/or is used as a control mechanism, but I digress...), the gaze goes outward looking for the next horizon and domain to colonize. At this particular time in our history, that is apparently off-planet.

But the real unexplored territory and final frontier is within.

If we spent as much time, energy and resources devoted to our inner space instead of (or at least equal to!) outer space, we would organically and naturally solve our world's problems right here and now. And we don't need to be billionaires to do it. Nor do we need a spacecraft from Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk or Richard Branson to have far-out, mind-blowing and perception-altering experiences like the overview effect to know of our oneness, interconnection and fragility, and the compassion and caring that should emerge as a result.

Can't become an astronaut in the physical world? Become the Neil Armstrong of your emotional landscape and I promise there is much to discover (and some moon dust to be kicked up and cleaned out!). Once we get a better grip on and understanding of our lunar vibes (since the moon's gravitational pull literally influences our tidal movement and moods, being that the Earth and humans are made up mostly of water) we will then have a better foundation to explore other realms both within and without. This starts with how we express ourselves in work and life, and via our interactions with family, neighborhood, states, countries - and eventually other planets only when we are mature (which has little to do with age!), and our innate technology is developed enough to do so without rocket fuel.

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Preparing for Liftoff
Originally published June 15, 2010

I recently attended a double feature of documentaries at the Explorer’s Club and was particularly moved by the film Man on a Mission, which follows the lifelong journey of multimillionaire video game celebrity/genius Richard Garriott and his dream to become the first second-generation American astronaut.

Now, I’m not a “space cadet” (as I learned such enthusiasts are called) but I did become enraptured by this extraordinary man’s quest, despite several obstacles, millions of dollars, and intense physical and mental training to manifest his desire to follow in his father’s footsteps. Like any other person with their eye on the prize, he just did whatever he needed to make things happen, and it’s a truly inspiring real-life, albeit super-sized, tale.

But besides making groundbreaking history and removing barriers to space travel, Garriott described his experience as transformational — as many who return from orbit do — because of what is called the ” overview effect,” — seeing Earth from outer space and the internal shift and revelations that transpire as a result.

Yet you don’t have to endure zero gravity or eat freeze-dried goop to get a similar perspective if you just take a step back from time to time and simply imagine what your life would look like if observed from the International Space Station, and how it fits into the rest of the Big Blue Marble we inhabit.

If you can’t quite get there on your own, then give me a buzz so I can reflect a little moonlight on you and have our session be the launchpad to a life that any Earthling or extraterrestrial would envy!

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