A Message from PNSQC President
on COVID-19
PNSQC board members and organizers are closely monitoring the evolving COVID-19/Coronavirus situation. The PNSQC community is our top priority, and we will be doing everything in our power to keep this community safe.

Currently, we are continuing to promote the 2020 conference and Call for Proposals while working on contingency plans as the need for community safety and social distancing may be with us for quite some time. We will continue to provide virtual meetings and webinars exploring the 2020 Vision and promoting the Call for Proposals.

With the fast-moving developments concerning the coronavirus and its health implications, PNSQC is committed to keeping everyone informed about the actions the board takes. Collectively, we are cautious, and are striving to be as prepared as possible before we make decisions that could hugely impact others. 

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with concerns or questions. PNSQC is grateful for your support of the conference, and we are all in this unprecedented event together. 

Please stay well and safe.

Thank you,

Brian Gadreau
PNSQC President
Writing an Engaging Abstract
With the Call for Proposals open through April 15, we’re here to answer all your paper abstract-related questions. 

Phil Lew, Program Chair for PNSQC 2020 has put together a blog post on the key points to think about when submitting a pitch to PNSQC or any other conference. This post gives tips on how to write an abstract that will be accepted, and covers what happens after your proposal is accepted.
Get Inspired By PNSQC
Program Committee Wish List, Part 2
Whether you are an experienced pro at working from home, or finding it newly enforced, world events are changing the way we are developing software. Consider using this challenge to explore new ways to better develop software.

In our last newsletter, the PNSQC Program Committee shared Part 1 of its wishlist of topics for the 2020 conference . Since then, they’ve added a few new paper and presentation ideas:

  • Is your team set up to work remotely/work from home? What is needed to get there?
  • What security protocols had to be met? 
  • How are you handling scheduled releases?
  • What have you learned from huge companies sending workers home? 
  • If you had previously told applicants that a job couldn’t be done remotely, what have you now had to do to make a position remote?
  • How are you supporting disabled workers on your team? What about disabled customers who use your product/service?

In addition to those items, this Part 2 blog post covers other topics such as accessibility, processes, and performance testing.
PNSQC Appreciation
“I love PNSQC. Last year, one of my favorite things was being able to sit and talk to a bunch of speakers and interface with a lot of the people who were here participating. This year, it absolutely leveled up!
I feel like that happened even more. Every time I sat down at a table, someone came over and sat next to me and said, ‘Hey, let’s talk! Let’s talk about QA, Let’s talk about testing. What sessions did you see?’ After the Keynote speaker, someone came over and said ‘Let’s go do some of the exercises.’ That’s awesome that we could have that kind of connection. 
And that’s what I really feel is the best thing about this conference: The authentic human connection that makes all of the sessions better. You get to have these experiences again and get enriched by everyone around you. ”
Jenny Bramble , 2018 and 2019 presenter