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Preparing for Pentecost!

May 12, 2021


Notice: There will be NO 8pm zoom Prayer Meeting tonight. We will however still have our daily 7pm zoom Rosary with the Precious Blood, Blessed Sacrament & Praise litanies. Zoom link.


In preparation for Pentecost, we will begin a 9 day Novena of the Holy Spirit, along with online Life in the Spirit talks. We will begin this Friday. May 14. More inside.

Next week!
On Friday, May 21 & Saturday, May 22, our parish is participating in the NJ Catholic Charismatic Renewal Conference at St Mary Mother of God in Middletown NJ. This will be in person and online. More info inside.

THE GREAT SOLEMNITY OF PENTECOST at St Antoninus will be on May 23, 2021 at 10 AM. This will be in person and online.
Following Mass, we will have the Baptism in the Holy Spirit (Praying for the Outpouring of the Holy Spirit) where everyone will have the opportunity to be prayed with by our priests and Healing Team. Covid precautionary protocols will be followed.
 More information regarding our Pentecost celebration will given next time, including the Youtube links for our Mass. COME HOLY SPIRIT!

A message from
Fr Joseph:


(excerpts from Fr Joseph's homily of Saturday May 8, 2021)

The Church throughout the world is is preparing for a great feast of Pentecost - the birthday of the Church. The treasuries of grace are poured from the cross (and the Resurrection) of Jesus but they are manifested and made available to the world at Pentecost through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
Holy Spirit, we need you!
Holy Spirit, take over!

The Holy Spirit flooded the disciples in the upper room and took over the lives of this motley crew and made them into a mighty army, and raised them up to do great things in the Kingdom beyond what they could have imagined.
There is an opportunity before us in this Pentecost.
The first is that we have a novena in preparation for Pentecost.

It starts on this Friday, the day after the traditional day of Ascension Thursday. 

This is the first and oldest novena of the Church. In this we are praying for the Isaiah gifts of the Holy Spirit, which are for our personal sanctification & growth in virtue.
We are also doing an online Life in the Spirit Seminar. 
We will be sending out dynamic talks on each of these through our newsletter and on our website. They will be given by wonderful speakers from Renewal Ministries. A Life in the Spirit Seminar is a basic course in Christianity that prepares us for a deeper outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
The talks will touch on God's Love, repentance, the mystery of salvation, the gifts of the Holy Spirit , developing a personal prayer life, community, service and study.

Even if you have been to a Life in the Spirit Seminar in the past, join us, there is always more with the Lord!

It is an opportunity for the Lord to prepare our hearts for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit!  
For more, listen to Fr Joseph’s short video below from which this was excerpted:

Below is a brief but powerful exhortation by Peter Herbeck on why we need to prepare our hearts for Ascension and Pentecost, particularly during these Covid troubled times. Listen to "Awake to the Holy Spirit".
Life in the Spirit Seminar Talks
(The video presentations with links will be sent out to you on each of the 9 days, beginning Friday, May 14)

Here is the schedule of our 9-day Life in the Spirit Seminar talks which will be powerfully accompanied by the Novena to the Holy Spirit.

  • Three introductory talks
  • Seven LSS talks from "As by a New Pentecost" series of the Renewal Ministries.

FRIDAY, May 14
The Birth of The Catholic Charismatic Renewal (A New Pentecost)

Intro A
Life in the Spirit Seminar - Introduction by Winston Garcia

Intro B
SUNDAY, May 16
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Dr. Ralph Martin offers reflections on the work of the Holy Spirit in the early Church as he introduces the series.

LSS #1:
MONDAY, May 17
God's Love
(As by a New Pentecost series)
David Mangan continues the series with reflections on what God's love really means, and how he encountered it more deeply on a weekend retreat that began a major spiritual renewal movement in the Church

LSS #2:
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Dr. Ralph Martin presents the Gospel in a clear and succinct format.

LSS #3:
The New Life
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Patti Mansfield shares what it was like for her to open her whole life in new way to the presence and power of the Holy Spirit.

LSS #4:
Receiving God's Gifts
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Peter Herbeck teaches about the charismatic gifts of the Holy Spirit and baptism in the Holy Spirit

Intro C
Why Everyone Needs to Be Baptized in the Spirit
Ralph Martin talks about the importance of every Christian being open to the fullness of life in the Holy Spirit

LSS #5:
Prayer To Be Baptized in the Holy Spirit
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Patti Mansfield and David Mangan lead viewers in prayer for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit in their lives

After Pentecost- 2 more sessions:

LSS #6:
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Dr. Ralph Martin shares insights into what we need to do to continue to progress in our new life in the Holy Spirit

LSS #7
Transformation In Christ
(As by a New Pentecost series)
Sr. Ann Shields teaches us how to make the most of the new life in the Holy Spirit that comes from a fresh release of His power in our lives.


Peter Herbeck's "Power on High" : Click here.
Peter Herbeck speaks about the necessity for us to be fully empowered by the Holy Spirit to meet the challenges of the day.
begins on
Friday, May 14

On each of 9 days of the novena, you will receive the day's prayers, along with the LSS teaching for the day.

To download the whole novena, click here.

A Pentecost Retreat
This year's NJ State Catholic Charismatic Conference will be on Pentecost weekend- Friday May 21 & Saturday, May 22, and will be spearheaded by Patrick Reis and Ryan Mahle of Encounter Ministries.

They will be leading a Healing School to follow in the tradition of the Conference being the longest running "teaching Conference" for Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the nation. 

St Antoninus will be involved in serving at this conference with registration & perhaps also with the Word Gifts ministry. We will have our own "St Antoninus table."

Register below!

Watch a 1 minute video by Fr Joseph inviting us to this conference as part of our Pentecost event for the parish.
NJ Catholic Charismatic Conference
School of Healing

An invitation from Fr Jeff Kegley, pastor of St Mary Mother of God Church, Middletown NJ:

After a year filled with pandemic fears and anxieties, it’s time for healing and freedom in Christ Jesus.

People of all ages are invited to experience the supernatural love and healing power of Jesus Christ during this two day conference. Come hear anointed worship, dynamic speakers, healing testimonies, and enjoy fellowship with people from all over Tri-State area.

Jesus said,
“if you believe in me, you will do the works that I do, and greater things because I’m going to the Father.” (Jn 14:12)

Encounter Ministries exists to train and disciple Catholics to demonstrate the power and love of God in their sphere of influence through the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Join us for the amazing Encounter Ministries - School of Healing at the New Jersey Catholic Charismatic Conference on Pentecost weekend, May 21st and 22nd at
Saint Mary, Mother of God Church, Middletown, NJ.

Space is limited, register soon!

To register for this conference visit or call the Conference office at 732-671-0071, ext. 221.

The response to the Encounter School of Healing Conference has been great. Because of restrictions space is limited, so please register as soon as possible.

Special discount - only for St Antoninus!
The posted registration donation amount is $50 for 2 days for a top notch charismatic conference. The event organizers gave a special 50% discount- only for St Antoninus. Enter on promo code: STANT

Below are 2 videos of powerful testimonies by Patrick Reis & Ryan Mahle of Encounter Ministries on prophesy and healing.

Come visit JESUS in the Most Blessed Sacrament!

Our Lady of Guadalupe Chapel is open for personal visits with our Eucharistic Lord,

Tuesday thru Saturday
10am to 8pm

Spend precious time alone with Jesus!

Could you not watch with me one hour? Mark 14: 40b

Good news!
We have a donated Tabernacle in our OLG chapel- with a window opening in front for adorers to open and behold Jesus in the Eucharist anytime! All you would have to do when your visit is over is to close the little window in front of the tabernacle without touching anything.
Register to be an Adorer!
To obtain the door combination, you will need to register simply emailing us at Give your full name, tel #, and your address. This will give you an access to our security key pad.
All adorers must wear masks. Disinfectant wipes will be available in the chapel.
Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!
Psalm 95:6
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