Preparing for Summer Safety
As the end of the school year approaches, parents and guardians will begin signing their children up for summer programs like sports, camp, and other youth-serving activities. Putting your child into the care of others is an important decision and one that caring adults should feel confident in. In preparation for the summer activities ahead, we've gathered some resources to help parents and guardians make the best decisions and plan for summer safety for their children.
Safety Planning for Summer
Summer can be an exciting time for kids, with the opportunity to spend time away from home, meet new friends, and try new activities.

Knowing what questions to ask of these organizations, how to have conversations with a child or teen about safety, and what warning signs to look out for, parents and guardians can feel more confident in their decisions about the summer programs they send their child to. 

What Parents Need to Know When Selecting a Program for Their Child
Feeling prepared can make a big difference when having important conversations. When selecting a summer program for their children, caring adults should know how to find the programs that best fit the needs of their family, and asking questions about policies and prevention measures is an important step in selecting a program or organization that takes an active role in abuse prevention. 

One Boy Pressured Another at Camp
How can we respond to a child's sexual behaviors that make other children uncomfortable?

This young camper's sexual behaviors have made other children feel uncomfortable. It's critical that youth's sexual behaviors are addressed whenever they occur.

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