June 2021
Preparing for Your ISO Audit
The ISO certification auditing process can be daunting, especially if the auditor is going to be evaluating your company’s gage management processes based on data housed in Excel spreadsheets or hand-written documents and note cards stuffed in 3-ring binders. The real angst comes with hoping the information is current and correct, in the right place and can be easily found (and that nothing has significantly changed since you last updated it). Because things do frequently change, the Gage Management System process is really a system that lives and breathes. It is a process that gobbles up resources, devours time and must be continuously fed with more information to achieve compliance… compliance that should, ultimately, lead to a future of more efficient manufacturing with far fewer problems.

To save time, avoid common mistakes and get the most out of your software, it is imperative to receive proper training and we offer a wide variety of training options to meet every need and budget. Class sizes are limited, so make your reservation now!
GAGEtrak 7 Web Training
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Session 3: August 16 – Available
Session 4: August 19 – Available
GAGEtrak 7 Admin Web Training
for GAGEtrak Administrators
June Suite
Session 1: June 8 – Available
Session 2: June 15 – Available
July Suite
Session 1: July 13 – Available
Session 2: July 20 – Available
GAGEtrak Lite Web Training
for anyone who uses GAGEtrak Lite
June Suite
Session 1: June 9 – Available
Session 2: June 16 – Available
July Suite
Session 1: July 14 – Available
Session 2: July 21 – Available
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Certificates of Calibration in GAGEtrak 7
Evidence of calibration is significant when you need to prove the gage you are using has been verified. Typically that evidence is documented in the form of a Certificate of Calibration; the certificate number is used to track the validation of the gage.
GAGEtrak allows you to generate/record a certificate number for each calibration; this is done within the Calibrations -> Calibration tab. If you perform your calibrations in-house or if you provide calibration services for satellite facilities, GAGEtrak can generate automatically incremental certificate numbers for you. If you outsource your calibrations, you would manually enter the number and then attach the certificate in the User Def and Attachments tab.
To generate a certificate number, click the button to the right of the Certificate No field. By default, the incremental numbering format starts at 000000000; however, this can be customized within the Setup -> Settings -> Automatic Numbering tab:
The Format shown above uses the date (in the form of the month and two-digit year) followed by an incremental number. The Last Number Issued is either your starting point when defining a new format or it's truly the last number issued when the format has already been used. Using such a format, the incremental number will reset itself when the date unit changes. For instance, if you issue 75 certificates in October of 2021, the last number would be 1021-075. On November 1st, the number would start at 1121-000.
Within the Automatic Numbering tab, you'll find instructions on how to further customize your numbering.
We encourage you to explore the additional capabilities of your GAGEtrak software and as always, keep an eye out for future Tech Tips.