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Phoenix Landing Foundation | September 2019
Upcoming events
20/20 Vision for the Future for Parrots, Wellness Retreat
May 16-17, 2020
Sherrill Center, University of North Carolina at Asheville
Interested in adopting a parrot? Here are just a few of the
many birds available through Phoenix Landing.
Information on Phoenix Landing's adoption process may be found at
Baby Bird White Capped Pionus
Baby Bird, 26 year old female white capped pionus parrot (NC)
Soji, 18 year old male sulfur crested cockatoo (NC)
Pip Squeak the sun conure
Pip Squeak, 18 year old male sun conure (NC)
Pippin the bare eyed cockatoo
Pippin, 18 year old male bare-eyed cockatoo (NC)
Kasha and Juju two conures
Kasha and Juji, 8 year old conures (VA)
Jasmine the Moluccan
Jasmine, 16 year old male Moluccan cockatoo (NC)
Indonesia’s parrots are endangered. Phoenix Landing welcomes Bonnie Zimmermann of  Indonesian Parrot Project   for a special event on Saturday, September 7, from 10a.m. – 12p.m. at Grace Presbyterian Church in Springfield, VA. As part of this event, Phoenix Landing is hosting a special online auction that includes two very special items of great importance to both organizations, Phoenix Landing and Indonesian Parrot Project. All proceeds from the auction go to Indonesian Parrot Project, to support conservation and the critically endangered parrots. Items may be picked up by the winners at the end of the event, or opt to have them shipped at an additional cost anywhere in the continental United States.
Moluccan Mandala comforter owned by Stewart Metz
One of only five comforters made with the "Moluccan Mandala" design, by batik artist Joan Tilke, this item is even more special because it was owned by Indonesia Parrot Project's Stewart Metz. Queen/Full size comforter. Bed, mattress, etc. not included.
“Sweet Rosie” is a beautiful watercolor painting of Rosie, a wild caught Moluccan cockatoo who lived with the same family for over 30 years before coming to Phoenix Landing. The sale of her painting will help wild cockatoos thrive in the wild!
Some birds need more than one happily ever after
Paulie (also called Paul) is a male blue crowned conure who returned to Phoenix Landing recently to find his next home. Once a bird is in Phoenix Landing's program, every home s/he needs throughout her/his life will go through Phoenix Landing. Phoenix Landing's promise is to ensure the birds under our protection have a succession of wonderful homes, should they need them.

Paulie was adopted from Phoenix Landing in 2011 by a wonderful couple, Chuck and Joyce. He spent most of his days happy and cage free in their home. Chuck built a perch for Paulie on Joyce's walker, and he would hitch a ride with her throughout the house, despite being an excellent flier. Paulie is very social and personable.

Chuck was active with Phoenix Landing, attending most of Phoenix Landing's classes and events in the Asheville area. He brought all the handouts and information back to Joyce, who was less mobile. Both loved Paulie, and were committed to learning all they could to give him the best life possible. Paulie wasn't their first bird, and they had had decades of bird experience, but knew there was always more to learn.

Unfortunately, Chuck passed away in June, and Joyce passed away this August. Paulie is now at the adoption center near Asheville, and is doing well. He is social and charming, and is waiting to meet his next family.

We are honored to know that Chuck and Joyce felt the best way to ensure Paulie and other birds would be cared for throughout their lifetime, to ensure that Phoenix Landing can help them find every home he might need, was to provide Phoenix Landing with a Planned Gift. This will help Paulie and others have multiple happily ever afters when they need them.

Paul or Paulie the blue crowned conure
Paulie on Joyce's walker
It's important to prepare for our birds' futures, in case anything should happen to us. Phoenix Landing doesn't generally use the phrase "forever home" with birds, because if the good care we provide for our birds leads them to living a long, healthy, happy life, we must consider what will happen to them if they outlive us. Currently, at the adoption center, we have at least seven birds who have outlived their owners.

Information on what you can do to plan for your bird's future may be found at:

You can help ensure Phoenix Landing is there to help birds into the future, too, by making a contribution to Phoenix Landing's endowment for sustainability.
NEW! Busy Bird Toys in the Helping Parrots store
Have a mechanically inclined bird who needs something to do other than unscrew all the toys from her cage or physically take her cage apart? Give them one of the new Busy Bird toys from Phoenix Landing's Helping Parrots shop to keep them mentally and physically engaged!

Proceeds from the volunteer-run Helping Parrots store support the birds in the Phoenix Landing adoption program.
Phoenix Landing Wish List
NEW! Adoption Center Behind the Scenes Tours, Helping Parrots store hours, and chances to mingle with other bird lovers
Charlie the blue front amazon parrot
Wednesday, September 11
Store hours: 3:00p.m.-6:00p.m.
Adoption Center Behind the Scenes tours: Advance registration required, as tours are limited to 8 people per tour. Times: 3:30p.m.; 4:00p.m.; 4:30p.m.; 5:00p.m. Email with your name, tour date, tour time, and number of people to register. Details on the Events page.

Saturday, September 21
Store hours: 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m.
Adoption center hours, refreshments, mingling with bird lovers: 3:00p.m.-5:00p.m.
These activities do not require advance registration, and take place immediately following the class at the adoption center that day which runs from 1:00p.m.-3:00p.m. Join us for both! Details on the Events page.
The parrots at the adoption center want you... to volunteer!
Volunteer teams are now forming at the adoption center near Asheville, NC, to assist with environmental enrichment, training, nutrition, and husbandry tasks with the birds onsite! Volunteers must be 18 or older. This is a great way to help parrots at the adoption center have a great experience while waiting for their next home.

Email for details on upcoming volunteer orientations (9/21, 9/24, 10/8) and volunteer team opportunities (9/24, 10/8) Advance registration required.