Why are we going on a pilgrimage?
A Christian pilgrimage is a connection with God.
Our faith is rooted in pilgrim journeys–from Abraham
to Noah to Paul and so many others across the centuries.

For us today, a pilgrimage is an opportunity to step away from
the mundane tasks of daily life and invite God to be re-centered
within us. It is a chance to move forward spiritually, emotionally, physically, relationally, and more.

During our experience together, you will walk where Jesus walked, and you will have an opportunity to disconnect from
your routines and be renewed.

This is what we intend when we say that meaningful travel is transformational. It offers new eyes to see, new ears to hear,
and a new heart for understanding.

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Forthcoming Email Topics
Trip Insurance
Why to seriously consider purchasing
trip insurance, including medical coverage
and trip interruption/cancellation coverage

Clothing and Climate
How to pack, what to wear, and likely weather

Beat the Clock
Managing jet lag to maximize your experience

Flight Plan
Preparing for your flights, including
what to expect when departing the USA
and arriving in the Holy Land

Getting Situated
Tour buses, hotels, and finding your way around

Being Safe
General and personal security, including at border crossings

Enjoying the Table
Eating well and staying healthy in the Mediterranean
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