November 2016
Launching the new BWC1972 website!
As we approach the 8th Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) Review Conference set to take place in Geneva from November 7-25, 2016, the Middle East Next Generation of Arms Control Specialists Network (MENACS) is launching the  BWC1972 website . The website was  founded and developed by MENACS member Hussain Alhowaidi .

The goal of the website is to raise public awareness of  biological weapons threats and the importance of the BWC.  M ore attention, support, and effort are needed to reach greater participation in and universalization of the BWC aims to:
* Enhance knowledge and awareness of the BWC;
* Increase media coverage of BWC related issues;
* Expand outreach to stakeholder communities;
* Increase recognition of positive achievements in the BWC; 
* Promote greater confidence in multilateralism and international cooperation.

You can receive live reports from the BWC Review Conference following Hussain Alhowaidi @HussainHowaidi and @bwc1974!