March 2022

From the Pastor's Desk

Beginning Ash Wednesday and continuing through all of our Lenten weeks our theme will be “Turning.” You’ll find a description of the sermon series below.

Lent offers us an invitation each year to deeply explore our Christian devotion and our spiritual health (as individuals and as a church community), and this year I am praying that we’ll each take the time to consider how we are turning.

There are hopeful associations with turning, as we seem to be turning away from the worst of the pandemic, and as the days lengthen (the Old English origin of the word “Lent”) and winter turns into spring.

We might think of turning as repentance—what are the bad behaviors and destructive patterns from which we need to turn? What are the life-giving patterns and practices toward which we need to turn? 

A new spiritual practice could include spending five minutes a day praying for our church and world. Perhaps you’d like to join those of us who are reading through the Bible in a year, or perhaps you’d prefer to focus on a single book of the Bible and read through it slowly verse-by-verse. You could read a Lenten devotional book. You could read a book by Richard Rohr. (Any book by Richard Rohr). You could focus on some new act of service to perform regularly.

I recently saw a meme on Instagram that featured a Saturn V rocket lifting off into space. The text read, “When traveling to the Moon, 90% of the rocket fuel is spent in the first two miles, and 10% is spent on the remaining 477,708 miles.” The same is true with starting new habits or spiritual practices. Lent is the lift off period for new spiritual practices when we can expend that 90% of effort that will eventually lead us into a more self-sustaining momentum.

We might also think of turning as turning toward people and situations that warrant our attention. As we pray for the people of Ukraine, we can consider small yet meaningful ways to help. See We might seek to educate ourselves about what anti-racist work actually is. We could endeavor to learn more about the history of our own communities.

Finally, we could think of turning as a turning toward each other. Over the last two years, so much of our lives at home and church have been dominated by practical concerns over health, safety, and deciphering how to live with new rules related to pandemic concerns. As we hopefully turn away from the pandemic as an all-consuming concern, we can turn toward one another with a renewed focus---not simply gathering together for the sake of gathering together, but also taking time to encourage each other in our spiritual growth. We might ask, “How can I pray for you today?” “How has your faith changed in the last two years?” In the words of our mission statement, we can help nurture each other’s faith through prayer, worship, and education.

Ultimately, the turning happens not so much through herculean human effort as it does through God attracting us to something more authentic and full of joy.

I hope to see you soon.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Jack
Preaching and Worship in Lent

As we continue our journey through the Gospel of John we are dizzied by all of the turning. God turning toward humanity’s pain as Jesus weeps at raw and unbearable grief. Jesus turning the stench of Lazarus’ death into something confusingly hopeful. Jesus turning into a servant, stooping to wash feet.

But humanity turns away from God as Peter denies ever knowing Jesus and as Pontius Pilate twists and turns the truth for political gain. The Palm Sunday crowd turns from shouting “Hosanna” to shouting “Crucify.” 

John’s Gospel invites us into a season of intentional turning. Our hearts turn with compassion for those who grieve. Our lives turn toward our neighbor in acts of solidarity and service. Our eyes turn toward the cross and we see Jesus turning the world upside down with love.

Sunday, March 6th
First Sunday in Lent
Death Turns to Life: Jesus Raises Lazarus
John 11:1-44
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper 

Sunday, March 13th
Second Sunday in Lent
Master Turns Servant: Jesus Washes Feet
John 13:1-17

Sunday, March 20th
Third Sunday in Lent
Disciple Turns Denier: Peter’s Betrayal
John 18:12-17

Sunday, March 27th
Fourth Sunday in Lent
Twisting and Turning the Truth: Jesus Before Pilate
John 18:28-40

Sunday, April 3rd
Fifth Sunday in Lent
Praising Turns to Taunting: Jesus Is Condemned
John 19:1-16a
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

Sunday, April 10th
Palm / Passion Sunday
Hosanna Turns to Crucify: Jesus Journeys to the Cross
John 12 and 19 (selected verses)

Thursday, April 14th at 7:30 pm
Maundy Thursday
Life Turns to Death: Jesus’ Last Words
John 19:23-30
Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper

Easter Sunday, April 17th
All Creation Turns to God in Praise: Christ Is Risen!
John 20 (selected verses)

9 AM—Worship in the Sanctuary with Choir and Handbells
10 AM---Festive Coffee Hour and Easter Egg Hunt
11 AM—Brief Easter Service on the Church Lawn (sorta like an Easter Sunrise Service, except that you can sleep in)

Credit: Thank you to Sue Kravits for the sermon series meme! The idea for this sermon series comes from Worship Well, which is a collaborative group of pastors dedicated to preaching through the Narrative Lectionary. Worship Well offers the outline for the series and some suggested resources, and each local preacher does the rest. The outline above was suggested by Worship Well but has also been revised and improvised by Pastor Jack.

A Message from your Finance & Stewardship Committee

Psalm 127 begins “unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain.” One of the greatest promises in all of Scripture is that GOD promises to build His church. It’s not up to us. It’s up to God. But in His grace, He has dignified us to play a part in this work.

On Sunday, February 27th our church family gathered on Zoom and in the Sanctuary for the Annual Meeting of the KPC Congregation!

As prescribed by the Presbytery, the annual meeting is the time to reflect on the ways God has been at work in our midst during 2021. The agenda included reviewing the annual report, sharing the joys from the past year, and charting the course for the future. In full accountability and transparency, the overall financial health of KPC was presented, as we understand the importance for those who have been faithful in generosity to see where our money has been spent in the past year, the accomplishments of that investment, and where we plan to invest our resources in the coming year! And of course, in true Presbyterian fashion, we voted to accept the terms of Call for Pastor Jack Cabaness. 

Thank you for sharing your gifts of time, talent, and treasure! 
May 2022 be a year filled with God’s blessings!

If you were not able to participate in the annual meeting, you are invited to email for a copy of the Annual Report and the Power Point presentation. Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the members of the committee.

The Stewardship & Finance Committee: Sue Hassett, Rhoda Ingberman, Debra Lang, Sarah Munson, Jim Schmidt, and Pastor Jack Cabaness (ex-officio)
Meet Our New Members

Leslie Root
My husband, Ken Cohen, and I have lived in Katonah for almost 30 years. Our kids attended Anne Harris's preschool in the church. Our children are Robert Cohen (age 31), Elena (28), John (24), Eddie (23), and Becca (21). My husband is retired from his position as a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry. I tutor high school math and science. I'm looking forward to becoming part of the KPC community.
Melissa Sultana

Born in Brooklyn and raised in Long Island, Melissa moved to Westchester seven years ago, drawn to the Hudson Valley's green open spaces and diverse topography. Growing up Methodist, Melissa found herself more recently connecting to the doctrines, traditions, and sermons of the Presbyterian Church and has been actively engaged at KPC for the past three years. She is currently the Associate Director of Assessment at Baruch College with a B.S. in Kinesiology, an M.P.A, and working toward a degree in English Literature, Language, and Theory. She currently serves on several community committees/councils and enjoys hikes and writing.
Melissa has a wonderfully smart and kind daughter - Anna Rose - and lives in North Salem, NY.
Sunrise over the Ocean
Morning and Evening Prayer

Beginning February 2nd
Morning Prayer
Live on Facebook Wednesdays at 6 AM
and emailed to those subscribed to the "Devotions" list.

Beginning February 6th
Evening Prayer
Live on Facebook Sundays at 6 PM
and emailed to those subscribed to the "Devotions" list.

If you are not currently subscribed to the Devotions list but would like to be, please contact Pastor Jack.

Thank you to Sue Kravits for the sunrise image.

Reading through the Bible in a Year
Suggested Schedule for March

Each Morning Prayer (Wednesday mornings) and Evening Prayer (Sunday evenings) includes a reading and commentary of one of the scripture passages for the week.

Tue 3/1——Deuteronomy 24-26
Wed 3/2——Deuteronomy 27-29
Thu 3/3——Deuteronomy 30-34
Fri 3/4——Joshua 1-3
Sat 3/5 & Sun 3/6——Joshua 4-9
Mon 3/7——Joshua 10-12
Tue 3/8——Joshua 13-15
Wed 3/9——Joshua 16-18
Thu 3/10——Joshua 19-21
Fri 3/11——Joshua 22-24
Sat 3/12 & Sun 3/13——Judges 1-5
Mon 3/14——Judges 6-8
Tue 3/15——Judges 9-11
Wed 3/16——Judges 12-14
Thu 3/17——Judges 15-18
Fri 3/18——Judges 19-21
Sat 3/19 & Sun 3/20——Ruth 1-4
Mon 3/21——1 Samuel 1-3
Tue 3/22——1 Samuel 4-6
Wed 3/23——1 Samuel 7-9
Thu 3/24——1 Samuel 10-12
Fri 3/25——1 Samuel 13-15
Sat 3/26 & Sun 3/27——1 Samuel 16-20
Mon 3/28——1 Samuel 21-24
Tue 3/29——1 Samuel 25-28
Wed 3/30——1 Samuel 29-31
Thu 3/31——2 Samuel 1-3

On Instagram, look for #BibleYear2022
Christian Education Update
Hooray! Church School classes resume on Sunday, March 6th

  • Elementary aged children through grade 5 as of Sunday, March 6 during worship.
  • Middle School class meets for the first time on Sunday, March 13th during worship. 
  • Bibles & Bagels High School class begins on Sunday, March 6th from 11:15-12 in the Youth Room.

See you there!  

If you have any questions, please contact Christian Education Elders, Susan Polos ( or Debra Lang (

Mark your calendars with the dates of the following activities - more details to come!

We need your voice!

Calling out new choir members for 2022. If you are interested please contact Grace at
Join Our Tech Team

We are looking for volunteers to help us run our live stream worship services.

  • Do you enjoy finding the best camera angle?
  • Do you enjoy directing?
  • Do you enjoy designing alluring PowerPoint slides?
  • Would you like to learn how to use OBS (Open Broadcast Studio) in case you'd like to do your own live streaming some day?

If so, please contact Pastor Jack. We have both creative and technical needs, and we hope to build a team in which more people share responsibilities each week.
Parish Health Team

For many years, our beloved Heather Petre served our church community as our Parish nurse. To help fill the void she left, the Deacons are pleased to sponsor a new collaboration of health care professionals in KPC.

At this point, we are a group of 7 nurses and 1 social worker with a wide variety of professional experiences who would like to offer our support, as you navigate the often confusing world of medical care.  Maybe you need help interpreting and understanding what your MD said, or maybe you are even wondering what questions you might need to ask.  Maybe you need someone to listen & to help you explore available options for your particular situation, or to have someone to accompany you to an appointment, to be that important 2nd set of ears.

Please don't hesitate to call on any one of us.  Because many of us are working full time though, we might not be able to immediately answer your call, but we will get back to you as soon as possible.  Of course, everything we talk about will be kept strictly confidential.  But with your permission, we may consult with each other to draw on the various team members' areas of expertise.

In addition, the Deacons are always ready to help with transportation to & from appointments and assistance with meals during your time of need, and we would certainly help facilitate this.

We look forward to serving you!

Yours in Christ,

Sue Pond (Nurse) 914-980-3881
Alice DuBon (Nurse) 914-666-2723 
Melanie Bernardi (Nurse)  914-299-8102
Charlotte Minnich (Nurse)  914-248-7361        
Carol Ince (Nurse)                                   
Amanda (Rosenburg) Anderson 914-330-1628
Sara Weale (Social worker) 917-751-8702
Support group to help work through separation, divorce and/or
breaks in a relationship

When a marriage or long standing relationship splits up, very often the pain can be unbearable and feelings of loneliness, abandonment, grief, and loss for ourselves and our children push us to the edge of survival. KPC members and friends have formed a support group among those of us that are feeling, or have felt, those very same emotions and understand some of the uncertainty, the ambiguity, the fear of loss and the unanswerable questions you are processing. We are always better together than alone.

Meetings will be loosely organized to allow for:
  • Sharing our individual stories
  • Sharing our particular pain of this time and place
  • Sharing of poetry or other written (either by self or others) material that has helped
  • Creating a support network that is available to help in crisis moments

Nothing will be required of participants. To listen and absorb is OK.
The February meetings are scheduled for Tuesday, March 8 at 7PM and Wednesday, March 30 at 7PM
Please email Mark Thielking for instructions on how to access the virtual meeting.
Please contact Sharon or Mark if you have any questions:
Sharon Griest Ballen -
Mark Thielking -
PW Supports

Bridges to Community is an international not-for-profit organization that was founded in 1992. Its goal is to help families and communities in impoverished areas of the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua build better lives for themselves and their children. Volunteers, alongside community members, work on meaningful projects in housing, health, education, and economic development.
Presbyterian Women and our church family have supported Bridges to Community for many years. Our high school youth and adult chaperones have traveled to both countries on service work trips since 2006. The next youth trip will be in February 2023 to the Dominican Republic. PW is grateful for the opportunity to help others through this fine organization.
Knitting 4 Peace
Presbyterian Women are again participating in a knitting program called Knitting4Peace. If you would like to make some of these items, go online to where there are patterns and suggestions for simple knitting projects.

Leave your knitted items in the box under the mailboxes in the church house. If you have any questions, e-mail Sue Pond at Sue will collect the items and send them to Knitting4Peace. Thank you!

Thank you, also, to Andrea Whitton, who knitted the lovely items above.
PW Sharing Easter Joy

PW is planning to assemble Easter bags at 10:00 on Thursday, March 31 in KPC Fellowship Hall.  They will be delivered to Putnam Ridge Nursing Home in Brewster and Westchester Behavioral Center in Valhalla. We will be writing letters to our sponsored young adults and filling hygiene kits for Church World Service distribution as well. Lunch will be determined at a later date. If you would like to donate candy for the Easter bags, there will be a box in the church house vestibule beginning Sunday, March 13, through Sunday, March 27. If you don’t have a church key, come on Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Fridays, the days Jan works in the church office, so she can buzz you in. (Call ahead, 232-4568, if you’re not sure.)

Acceptable candies are as follows:


Thank you, everyone, for sharing some Easter joy!
A Deacon Lesson 

The word “deacon” comes from the Greek diakonos meaning “servant” or “minister.”

Scripturally, deacons served church elders assisting in administrative, pastoral or practical roles. Acts 6 shows us how the first deacons were selected and what they did. Tasked by the apostles, deacons addressed food for widows and coordinated resources to care for people. That freed the apostles to focus on prayer and studying scriptures.  Paul, in Romans 16:1, refers to a woman, Phoebe, as a “deaconess”. Not only does this show that being a deacon was a recognized and formal leadership but suggests there were no scriptural gender issues over who could serve.

Centuries later, deacons continue this model, helping people in need. Please reach out to Pastor Jack via phone or text at 914-299-7708 if you or anyone you know need assistance. Contact and conversations are confidential.

Happy March!

Hooray! It’s official! Presbyterian Women Coordinating Team voted to move forward holding our beloved event the last week in April!!

Tons more info is forthcoming, but for now, please mark your calendar with these important dates:

Set Up Saturday – April 23rd
Drop off Sunday – April 24th
Sales Dates: Monday, April 25th – Saturday, April 30th   

Questions, email
KCR Equal Exchange Fundraiser

The Handbell community has some leftover items available from their Equal Exchange (fair trade) fall fundraiser. Additionally, we are offering new items to purchase, subject to availability/order minimums (as we need to order by the case). If you love great coffee, tea and chocolate that is organic and responsibly sourced, please consider supporting us. Payment due when items received. Thank you!

Click here for the link to the Equal Exchange Fundraiser.
Questions, email
Church and Society Committee – COVID Tests

The Church and Society committee has gotten a request from Richard Witt at Rural and Migrant Ministries, working with Pastor Jack, to collect any unused rapid at-home covid-19 tests that we might have for the workers to use in self-testing. The migrant workers do not have access to these tests themselves and would like to self-quarantine if they test positive. As we now have the opportunity to order 4 tests from the government, or to use insurance cards to get them from a pharmacy, we might find that we have excess kits that we don’t need. We are asking for these to be brought to the church during the time of service and either left at the door (if you don’t come in), or left inside with an usher or on one of the front pews. A C&S member will collect them over the next few weeks and send them to RMM. You may also bring them to the church anytime Jan or Jack are in the office, please ring the bell to the church house. If you would like someone to pick up your excess kits from your house, that can probably be arranged too (call either of us). - Thanks from Jessica Charles and Bruce Elmegreen ( on the C&S committee.
Woman 2 Woman Prison Visitor Training

We were disappointed when we cancelled our January training but we know that it was a prudent decision. As on the outside, cases of Covid inside Bedford Hills Correctional Facility were on the rise. The good news is that they are now steadily decreasing -- as of 2/3, there were 10 cases -- and we feel confident that we can start in-person visits again. 

Therefore, we will be holding a training session on Wednesday, March 2nd at 7 p.m. Here's the link:

Join Zoom Meeting

Every visitor, regardless of vaccination status, is now required to take a Covid test (provided by the Department of Corrections) upon arrival at the facility. Other Covid protocols remain in place: visitors are screened with a questionnaire and a temperature check, masks must be worn, the visiting room is at half capacity, visitors and incarcerated individuals remain socially distanced, no physical contact is allowed, hand sanitizer is available in the visiting room, and the tables and vending machines are routinely disinfected

Attached please find a brief outline of our program. Please note that in order to become a Woman 2 Woman visitor, you must attend a training session. 

Feel free to share this information with friends and colleagues and to post it in your church or organization's newsletter. Incarcerated people in Bedford's two prisons have spent the last two years more isolated and lonely than ever -- we'd like to find visitors to connect with as many of them as possible.

KPC is Making God's Love Visible! Thanks to the generosity of our church family, 425 lbs. of non perishable, canned and dry food was donated to the Community Center to help those in need! 
Church Photo Directory

Your Visibility Committee is reviving the Church Photo Directory project, and we need 2 things from you in order to do this:

  1. A photo of you/your family
  2. Any changes in your contact info: mailing address, phone # (home & cell), email address, names of family members

Please send images and info to Anne Harris:

Thank you!
Sunday Worship Flowers
We are in need of Sunday Worship flowers for March, April, May and June 2022. We thank those of you who have already donated flowers. If you would like to provide Sunday Worship flowers, please click here to sign up using the Sign-Up Genius. When you sign-up, please remember to include your flower dedication and whether you will take the flowers or leave them for the deacons to donate. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joyce Siemers at

Thank you for making the Sanctuary beautiful with your flower donations!
Session Highlights - February 2022

  • We held a Special Session Meeting before Worship on February 27 to meet and approve our two new members, Melissa Sultana and Leslie Root, and welcome them to KPC.
  • We set the schedule of worship services during Lent.
  • Buildings and Grounds co-chair Glenn Fedio reported that two new garage doors have been installed at the Manse.
  • Christian Education will organize and publicize a campaign involving monetary donations from the congregation to purchase items to assemble into kits for women incarcerated at Bedford Hills and Taconic Correctional Facilities. The care packages will be assembled in a multi-generational setting on a Sunday in March.
  • We set new COVID protocols for worship based on the seven-day average of positive infections for Westchester County.
  • We held the Annual Meeting of the congregation on February 27, discussing the following:
  • Achievements of 2021 
  • Our overall financial health and stewardship campaign results
  • Goals for 2022
  • Pastor Jack's Terms of Call
Session Thanks - February 2022

  • Thanks to our Liturgists: Alyson Parker, Marga Spiller, Noreen Malec, Sue Hassett, Rev. Doug Phillips, Craig Johnson, Georgia Hooper-Peek, Indiana Ingberman, Dennis Dwyer, Debra Lang

  • Thanks to our Time for the Child presenters: Ashley Camberari, Alyson Parker

  • Thanks for their musical contributions: Music Director Grace Woo, Jackie Bergson, cello

  • Thanks to our Adult Choir, Grace Woo, director, Jacqueline Bergson, Penny Graves, Kathy Cushman, Rhoda Ingberman, Marga Spiller, Martha Wallace, Georgia Hooper-Peek, Barbara Lehman, Lynn Manfrida, Bill Pelletier

  • Thanks to the Katonah Celebration Ringers, Scott Munson, director, Maria Ebling, Sasha Lovitz, Noreen Malec, Julia Munson, Samuel Munson, Sarah Munson, London Oliver, Andrew Pecunia, Kayla Petre, Nancy Walsh, George Whalen, David White

  • Thanks to our Christian Education Elders Debra Lang and Susan Polos for their faith in action, working jointly with Church & Society to organize the care packages for female prisoners.   

  • Thanks to Bryan Rosenburg for mounting the new camera, which Bryan says is still a work in progress.

  • Thanks to Jan DePalo for her work on the Statistical Report.

  • Thanks to Sarah Munson for her conscientious work as our KPC Treasurer.

  • Thanks to David White for his technical skills.
New COVID Protocols

The Session has recently approved new COVID protocols for in-person worship:

  • When the positivity rate dips below 20%, the preacher can preach without a mask but the song leader remains masked if sharing the pulpit with the preacher.
  • When the positivity rate dips below 15%, we will add back the liturgical responses and singing while masked.
  • When the positivity rate dips below 10%, the choir can resume singing in worship but still remains masked.
  • When the positivity rate dips below 5%, indoor fellowship can resume and indoor church school classes can resume.
  • When the positivity rate dips below 3%, indoor food service can resume as long as beverages and food are spaced out to minimize contact.

The KPC Session is carefully reviewing the situation and will keep revising protocols as needed to help maintain the safety of our worship services and any other church activities. The positivity rate is the seven-day average of positive infections for Westchester County. See
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