November 13, 2017
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Year end Contributions and Remittance 

Board of Pensions Open Enrollment

Martin Luther King Worship & Lunch

"Becoming A Blessed Community" series at Havenwood PC

Catonsville Concerts at 3: Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra

Dickey Memorial PC seeks a Music Director/Organist 

Insurance Board: Steward Newsletter

Committee and Commission meetings will be held at the Presbytery's office (unless noted otherwise.)
Baltimore Dakota Partnership will meet a 7pm on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at Catonsville PC 

The Center Steering Committee will meet at 12:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 15 at The Center.

Baltimore Dakota Partnership will meet a 7pm on Tuesday, Nov. 14 at Catonsville PC 

The Committee on Preparation for Ministry will meet at 3pm on Wednesday Nov. 15 at Catonsville Presbyterian Church.

The Cuba Partnership will meet at 7pm on Wednesday Nov. 15 at The First Presbyterian Church of Howard County.

Susquehanna Parish MG will meet at 7pm on Thursday, Nov. 16 at Fallston PC.

Steering Committee will meet at 1pm on Wednesday, Nov. 22 

Commission on Reconciliation will meet at 6:30pm on Wednesday, Nov. 29  

2017 Our Shared Ministry 
Pledges & Contributions 
Total rcv'd to date: 
$128, 132
2017 OSM Goal: $225,000   

KEY:  * Pledged (fulfilled)       
** Pledged (unfulfilled)    
+ Contribution (not pledged)
*Ark & Dove
+Brown Mem'l Pk. 
**Cherry Hill
+Christ Mem'l
+Christ Our Anchor
+Christ Our King
+Dickey Memorial
+1st, Annapolis
**1st, Bel Air
*1st, Cumberland
+ 1st, Howard Co.
* Franklinville
*Good Shepherd
+Hunting Ridge
+Mount Hebron
+ Mount Paran
**Prince of Peace *Springfield
**St. John United

877th Gathering Update 
Margaret Mwale (standing in background) of PCUSA SDOP speaks about alleviating poverty during a workshop.

More than 100 congregants attended the Presbytery of Baltimore's 877th Gathering which featured a rousing sermon by The Rev. Alonzo Johnson, Coordinator of PC(USA) Self-Development of People. Rev. Johnson implored church members to take  a more active role in addressing poverty and all of its  elements. The Gathering also offered an assortment of workshops spotlighting ministries that address issues of race, class and poverty. 

Other business . . .

Govans and Brown Woodbrook PC merger; renamed Govans PC
2018 PoB Budget 
Slate of GA Commissioners to 223rd PC (USA) General Assembly


Board of Lady Managers Celebrates 140 Years of Service

by Anne Perry, Vice President 
Board of Lady Managers & 
member of Second Presbyterian Church

On Th urs day,  N o v. 30, The Presbyterian Board of Lady  Ma na gers (BOLM) will gather to cel e bra t1 40 years  oser vice  hel pi ng r esi dents  of Ba lti m ore with e y e, ea r or t h r oat ill n esses  o btain pr o per  med ical care. Their  unwavering support - which includes  volunteering, sponsoring fundraisers, contributing material goods and donating money - is uniquely responsible for helping Towson's Greater Baltimore Medical Center become a high-quality healthcare system.
Today, BOLM remains stalwart in its mission to provide patient assistance for underserved populations. Pr i mar i lled  bm e m be rs of Se c o nPres b y terian C hurc h, the group meets quarterly to hear reports from the hospital's various departments, tour its new facilities and services and keep current on medical initiatives. BOLM also supports a variety of specialized medical services, such as the hospital's Richard E. Hoover Rehabilitation Services for Low Vision and Blindness and its C och lear Im pla nt pr o gr a ms .
Unfo rtu nat ely, BOLM membership now consists of a scant number of  w o men who represent only a few Presb yt eri an ch urc hes in G B MC's  ser vi ce a r ea. The group is s tr uggling to c o nti nue the fine w o rk that has endured for so long because of the ded ication of so many w omen of the Presbytery of Balt i mo re.  That is  w hy t he  1 4 0th a nniv ersa ry is  sve ry sp ec ial.   We are pro uof t he c are that h as be en pr o vi ded tsma ny who may  n oh a vothe wise be ea ble to be  hel ped, and  of t hpart nersh ip that has e xis ted with s uch a fi ne i nstituti of o52 years.
BOLM's legacy began in the late 1800s, when Dr. J ulian  J. C his h olm, then the D ean  of   t hMed ical Sc h o ol ot he U n i versi toMary la nd, asked local Presbyterian Ministers to encourage their congregations to support the Balt i m ore E ye a nd Ear I nstitu te, a small clinic he established in the carriage house of his home to tre apat ients who w e rt oo p o or to p af or t heir ca re. Dr. Chisolm and his wife at ten ded F irst & Franklin  P resby terian Ch urch b uj oi ned  o t hers w ho su pp o rt et he newly established B r own  M e m ori al Park Avenue  Pre s b yt eri an Ch urch in B ol t on Hi ll.  Inspired to help by Brown's pastor, Mrs.  Pay t on R.  Har ris o n i n vi ted f o urt een w o men from the congregation to m eet in her h o me -- and, with that first meeting, The P r esbyt eri aB oard  oLa dM a na gers was established.

The group was active in their mission and quickly expanded to include w o men fr ol ocal Pres b yt eri an ch urc hes (some, now defunct) all  o ver the Balt i mo re area, including As quit h, B r own Me m o ria l, C e ntral, Fi rst & F ra nklin Stre e t, H a m pden-W o o dberr y,
Li ghStre et,  Sec o nd, W e st mi n st er, F ir st U nited, La fay et te S quare, T welfth S tr ee t, Br oa dwa y,a nd Ass oci at eRef o r mM e m bers su p plied pr ovis i o ns which were eit her  d o na ted by  t heir  c o ngre gati o ns  or contributed fr om their pers o nal res o u rce s. T h ey also v ol unt ee red their  t i me to w ork  ot he ward s, and kept rec or dof dis pensary visits a nd su rgeries  perf o r med.
This cli nic s ooo utgr ew the car ria ge h o u se a nd, subsequently, mo ved to several locations to accommodate the ever-increasing number of patients and staff hired to treat their ailments. The clinic was later renamed the Pres b yt eri an E ye, Ear, and Throat Cha rity H osp ital; and, although the  Presb yt eri an wo men no l o nger  had  to w o rk the  war ds or k eep r e c or ds, they c o nti nued for decades to su p p ort t hw ork  Dr.C his h olm by sponsoring benefits and hosting fundraisers. In  May 1 9 60, t he h osp ital was  notified by t he Aca d e mies of b oth E ye a nd Ear,  N ose a nT hr o at that u nless it joined with a  ge neral h osp ital, t h eir reside n cy pr o gr aw o uld nol o n ger  be a ppr oved.  At the same time, the Hosp ital f or W o men  of Ma r yla nd rec e i ved similar n otif icat i o n. So, after extensive planning and building, the two hospitals combined their facilities to form The Grea ter Ba lti m ore  Med ical Cen ter - one of the area's leading medical centers.  
The P resby terian  B oard  of La dy Ma na gers i n v it es a nl ocal  Pres b yt er ian wo man who  m ay be i n tere st ed in s upp orti nt his fi ne eff ort  to c o nti nut he tra dit i ooser vi ce th r o ugh ac tof fa ith, ge ne r osi ty and h u m an c o ncern. If  yo ur ch urch isn't acti ve ly i n vo l ve d - we ask, "S h o ul dn't it b e?"  

To become involved in BOLM, email the group's president, Sue Leber at
The Presbytery of Baltimore's office will be closed 
Nov. 23-
24 in observance of the Thanksgiving holiday. 

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Take Note/Act Now

Presbytery and Church-wide

All    church contributions   are due    Thursday, January 11, 2018   at the close of the business day. Please mark your contributions with the year to which you would like them applied.  All  expense requests for 2017  must be received at close of day by the Presbytery or postmarked no later than Tuesday, January 3, 2018. There will be no exceptions! 

OPEN ENROLLMENT period for  Board of Pensions 2018 health benefits started on Oct. 30, 2017 and runs through Nov. 17. You must make your benefits selections for 2018 during this time period. I am not sure if any of you have received an email from Board of Pensions, but I would suggest you go online to make your selection. Go to and click on Benefits Connect. It will walk you through the process of enrolling for your 2018 benefits.

"Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Worship Service and Lunch

Havenwood Presbyterian Church will host a series of discussions to expand the congregation's understanding of the impact of racism both nationally and regionally. The discussions will include study and prayer and movie clips to provoke discussion. The discussions will occur at 7:30pm on Thursdays ( 10/26 11/2 and 11/19) at the church. All are welcome.  Click here to RSVP

Catonsville Concerts at 3 presents the Baltimore Mandolin Orchestra,  an eclectic mix of traditional and light classics, along with rags, foxtrots, two-steps, novelty tunes and rousing marches.  This free concert will beheld at 3pm  on Sunday, Nov. 19 at the church. For details, call 410.747.6180.

Dickey Memorial Presbyterian Church is hiring a Community Music Director/Organist!  This new position will work with both the church and community on all things musical, and it offers the opportunity for creative growth.  It is a quarter-time position (10 hrs/week onsite).  Click Music at Dickey to learn more about this position.


The Presbyterian Foundation offers a number of church-wide stewardship and giving campaigns resources   that may be of benefit to your congregation . For further information, email the Foundation's regional representative Olanda Carr at or call  888.711.1318 .

See what's in the STEWARD NEWSLETTER FALL 2017:
  • Church Needs Defibrillator
  • Bring Fido to Church
  • Prevent Bullying in Your Church
  • Let's Prevent Fires
Click here to read the newsletter  or call Linda A. Senez , CPCU at  443.345.1055 office / 410-409-5154 cell 

taff Directory

 Jacqueline E. Taylor
General Presbyter 

  Mary Gaut
Deputy Stated Clerk 
Susan Krehbiel
Dir. of Congregational Advocacy
Chuck Brawner
Financial Administrator

Judy Johnson
Ministry Group Staff

William Nickels III
 Assoc. General Presbyter

Deb Milcarek
Assoc. for Reconciliation

  Deborah Greene  
Dir. of Communications
Laura Mullen
        Book Keeper

McKenna Lewellen 

John "Jack" Carlson
Debbie Ingram Schmidt
Assoc. for Spiritual Leader Development

 Wanda Morgan
Dir. of Events/Services

Kate Foster Connors 
Dir. of The Center