D ear Presbytery Family,

Even if we wanted to, we can’t return to the church as it used to be. Instead we want to honor the learning we have gained and the new things that the Spirit is doing in our midst! Like the first followers discovered at Pentecost, we are now in the world in a new way. As we follow the Holy Spirit into God’s future, our hearts overflow with the blessing of being able to share this journey of faith with our presbytery family.
News to share from the presbytery this week:
  • You are invited to the service of Ordination of Forrest Wofford Foxworth on Sunday, May 31st at 4 pm – wherever you are. This is the announcement that was sent previously. On Tuesday, an email will be sent with the Zoom invitation, a livestream option, and a downloadable bulletin. Ordinations are always a presbytery event, and this may be the most well-attended one ever!
  • We are hosting a Zoom conversation for congregational leaders on Wednesday, May 27, at 12 noon, on the topic of the experiences of our churches in decisions about re-opening their campuses. Relationship Coordination Director Chris Lieberman will moderate this time of sharing. Session moderators and clerks will receive more information soon about how to join in.
  • On Saturday, June 7, at 4 pm, the presbytery will hold a virtual service to commission our General Assembly commissioners, young adult advisory delegate (YAAD) and theological seminary advisory delegate (TSAD). More information is coming soon!
  • We are planning a brief drive-in presbytery meeting on Tuesday, June 23, at 12 noon, at First Presbyterian Church of Starke, for the purpose of adopting a change to our manual of operations that would allow an electronic (virtual) presbytery meeting under special circumstances where we cannot meet in person. We are planning to hold a virtual presbytery meeting with limited business on Tuesday, July 28, at 6:00 pm.
  • We know that our pastors are tired, no matter what ministry they are serving. Remember that you can reach out to our area relationship coordinators for support, a listening ear, and prayer.
  • May continues as Mental Health Month! Visit our Comfort My People webpage for numerous resources to care for ourselves and our community.
Here is a link to the current and comprehensive COVID-19 information posted on our website. You can find here information about spiritual nourishment, meeting community needs, education and faith formation, digital worship, and much more.
More updates and information will be shared as we move forward in faith together, “on earth as it is in heaven.” We continue to pray with Almighty God for our world’s health and wholeness.

May the Lord’s grace and peace abide with you,
Diane Wilson, Chair of Coordinating Council
Edd Norris, Moderator of the Presbytery
Sandra Hedrick, Stated Clerk
Chris Lieberman, Relationship Coordination Director
On Behalf of the Coordinating Council