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September 14, 2022 | Volume VIII, Number 37
Sparta Presbyterian
St. Paul Presbyterian - Greensboro
First Presbyterian - Pilot Mountain
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Amanda Horan Ordination Sermon
Salem Presbytery Property Assessment for Churches

We are blessed to be stewards of many types of buildings in which we aspire to provide ministry to each other and to our communities. Many of these facilities bear treasured memories and are historically significant. As many of us have experienced, the original cost of these facilities is only a fraction of the total cost to maintain them, especially as they age.

To this end, we have provided a Property Assessment Checklist for you/your Property Committee’s consideration. Even the most seasoned Property Committee might appreciate a different type of checklist to ensure a thorough examination to help preclude those unexpected (and exorbitant!) maintenance costs. Please find this helpful document by following the link below.
Facilitating Healthy Pastor-Congregation Relations - October 11

The church is experiencing something of a crisis in the pastorate system. Clergy morale is low, with pastors under attack as never before. An increasing number of involuntary pastoral terminations leave a lasting legacy of pain in many congregations. Facilitating Healthy Pastor-Congregation Relations is a workshop intended to help congregations address these problems. 

The workshop is based on the Lombard Mennonite Peace Center’s experience over a number of years in serving as a mediator and consultant to severely conflicted churches from a broad range of denominations. An emphasis in working with these churches has been to help them establish more healthy conflict norms. The workshop suggests some of the structural changes that we have found can help a church function in more healthy ways. 
However, structural changes are not enough; attention must also be given to emotional processes and the ways that leaders function. Thus, the workshop also reflects our training in family systems theory and how it relates to church conflict. Family systems theory provides important insights into how leaders can function in well-differentiated ways so that the potential destructiveness of conflict can be minimized. 

Anyone interested in this important seminar please contact Barbara Smith to get the group rate HERE.
If your continuing education funds have been depleted, there are some funds available. Let Barbara know if there is a need.

To view the complete brochure click the link below. (Let Barbara know if you would like to register.)
Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF)

The 2023 scholarship application is now open for the Executive Certificate in Religious Fundraising (ECRF). The ECRF is designed for religious leaders in faith-based organizations and institutions who wish to learn more about the spirituality of fundraising and gain a core foundation in fundraising principles. Scholarship criteria include both demonstrated financial need as well as the potential for applying course learnings in your current professional context, and will apply toward any 2023 ECRF open enrollment offering.

For more information click HERE.
To apply for scholarship, click HERE.
Investing in Your Spirituality

Allison Harrison, who grew up at First Presbyterian Burlington (and is the sister of Evan Harrison, pastor at Pittsboro Presbyterian) is a facilitator at Second Breath (formerly the Servant Leadership School of Greensboro). See below for several offerings of Second Breath that may be of interest:

  1. The Community of Practice is open and free to all. Every Wednesday at noon EST, for about 25 minutes, Second Breath facilitates a time on Zoom for folks to gather and do a spiritual practice, usually following monthly themes. It's a friendly, casual space. I'll be facilitating this Wednesday 9/7 for a practice on "Faith," the first session in September's "Science and Spirituality" series. You can get a sense of Community of Practice by watching some of the recordings on YouTube.
  2. The Second Breath app: Do you use Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, or another mindfulness app? Wish you could integrate your mindfulness practice and spiritual practice/ Christian wisdom? Or are you curious about starting a mindfulness practice to connect with yourself and God? Read more about the app, and download it to try some of the free offerings. 
  3. Inward Journey, an 8 week course if done in a facilitated group, or online as a self-paced course. I facilitated a spring cohort and am facilitating one of the cohorts that starts next week. Interested but not a good time right now? You can follow Second Breath on Facebook or sign up for their newsletter to find out about the winter and spring cohorts. See more info below.

Inward Journey is 8 weeks, 2 hours each session. The fall cohorts start next week (three time slots starting Mon 9/12 10AM, Wed 9/14 10 AM, Thur 9/15 9AM ET). Allison Harrison is co-facilitating the Wednesday morning sessions that start 9/14. (Registration $ doesn’t go to Allison, but to the organization providing this.) There will also be winter and spring cohorts if now is not the right time.

The program blends teachings from the Christian wisdom tradition, mind-body-heart meditations and breathwork, and the latest research from fields of sociology, psychology and neuroscience. We facilitators hold space with compassion and thoughtfulness. This is a safe space for anyone with reservations about the church or Christianity, for anyone who has not felt welcomed by the church, and for anyone from ordained clergy and regular worshipers to folks who don't attend church. It’s not about dogma, it is about us connecting to the Divine with, for, and within us through teachings, spiritual practice, and community.

Inward Journey is designed to help folks deepen their spiritual life, through a model of 3-centered intelligence of the heart, body and mind. Some of the questions we hold in the program are: 
  • How do I cultivate a loving relationship with all that arises in my day? 
  • How does my culture and ego impact my choices and self-perception? 
  • What wisdom does my body have for me? My heart? My mind? 
When I first took Inward Journey in February, I found it to be an anchor as I navigated a challenging time. It helped me truly listen to myself and feel clarity about my values and how to align my daily life with those values and the hopes I have for my community and world. Since participating in Inward Journey, facilitating a spring session, and leading Community of Practice a couple times, I have felt so grounded that I was able to leave a toxic job, care for my high needs foster child with renewed resilience, start a new endeavor I'm passionate about, and better incorporate my spiritual self with other aspects of myself.

Tuition is $495. I know that the price can seem steep for someone who isn't familiar with Second Breath and hasn't experienced the power of the spiritual practices on the app, the approachable and well-designed content, or the transformation that comes with well-facilitated virtual gatherings. So anyone who wants to register shouldn't let funds stand in the way. I have a discount code for $50 off for "friends of the facilitator" that you can share: 10ijfacilitatorxt5. I also have two 50% off codes for folks who would like to register but are holding off due to cost (that's $248 tuition, email me at, or folks can request a scholarship on the website.

General Assembly Special Committee Applications

Application forms are available for persons who wish to be considered for appointment by GA Co-Moderators, Rev. Ruth Faith Santana-Grace and the Rev. Shavon Starling-Louis, to the special entities – special committees, commission, task force, development team, and implementation team –

  • 2020 Guiding Statement Implementation Team (2022)
  • Commission to Unify the Office of the General Assembly and the Presbyterian Mission Agency (2022) (225GA Commissioners and YAADS encouraged to apply; must be ruling elder or teaching elder)
  • Funding Model Development Team (2022) - (225GA Commissioners, TSADs, YAADs encouraged to apply)
  • Special Committee on the PCUSA and Race (2022)
  • Special Committee to Revise the Standing Rules (2022) - (224GA and 225GA Commissioners and 225GA TSADs and YAADs encouraged to apply)
  • Special Committee to Write a New Confession - (2022) - (must be ruling elder or teaching elder)
  • Task Force to Explore the Theology and Practice of Ordination - (2022)
created by the Assembly this summer are now available at the GA nominations portal here.
Only those who have completed and submitted an application form and for whom we have received reference forms can be considered for appointment by the Co-Moderators. The deadline for submission of applications for Special Entities is October 14, 2022.
Union Seminary Presidential Search

Union Presbyterian Seminary in Richmond and Charlotte is searching for a new President, following the announced retirement of current President Brian Blount. Read these words from the Search Committee:

This summer, the Presidential Search Committee was busy discerning, planning, and praying with great intention. In addition to hosting eight listening sessions for alumni, faculty, staff, and students we received valuable insights through surveys and conversations with colleagues, leaders, and friends across the country. If you participated in a listening session or shared your input and guidance online, we are grateful. Our committee values your voice and perspective. We consider every conversation an offering of care for Union Presbyterian Seminary and evidence of God’s work among UPSem’s broad and deep community.

There is much more information about the position and the type of person they are looking for in the prospectus, which can be found HERE.
New Event Offered by Massanetta Springs
Employment Opportunity - First High Point

The First Presbyterian Church of High Point seeks an energetic and faithful individual to lead a vibrant and dynamic youth ministry. Come join our committed advisors and supportive parents in ministering to and with our wonderful youth.
For more information, follow the link below. For questions or to apply contact Dr. Lee Zehmer HERE.
Mental Health Workshop

All interested persons are invited to participate in a Mental Health Workshop, to be held on Saturday, September 24th from 10:00 am to 12:00 noon. The workshop will be lead by the Presbyterian Counseling Center and held at Fellowship Presbyterian Church, located at 2005 New Garden Road in Greensboro.

In order to prepare for the event, please RSVP to James Harley HERE.
Free Books!

Rumple Memorial Presbyterian in Blowing Rock is downsizing their church library, and is offering a wide variety of books and Bible studies to give away. The church office is open daily from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Contact the church office HERE.
Upcoming Ordination Anniversaries!

Please Pass along congratulations to the following who are celebrating anniversaries of their ordinations:

  • Susan Dobyns - ordained September 14, 1986
  • Alicia Wilson - ordained September 21, 2014
  • Barbara Smith - ordained September 24, 1995
  • Mark Sinnett - ordained September 25, 1994
  • R. C. Griffin, III - ordained September 28, 2014
The Persistent Pandemic

How we wish we didn't need this!

COVID-19 Liability FAQ - Insurance Board

Guide to Gathering Virtually - Fund for Theological Education (It's not just for the pandemic anymore.)

Some other Insurance Board pandemic resources can be found HERE.

The Wisconsin Council of Churches has been a trusted source of advice throughout the pandemic. Their latest resources can be found HERE.
Links of Interest
Parish Matters
Parish B Engagement Pastor Frank Dew shares the following news from Parish B:
Frank Dew shares some news about a new Youth Collective project involving churches in Greensboro. Read more about this exciting program HERE.
Stewardship Matters
Each week in this space, we will highlight a video, website, or other content that is relevant to how we look at stewardship in the presbytery as well as in our local churches. Our focus this week is on our Commissioned Ruling Elder (CRE) ministry.
Click on the graphic or HERE to visit and/or subscribe to Salem Presbytery's YouTube Channel.
Prayer Matters
September Prayers for:
Presbyterian Women
Presbyterian Youth Leadership Team
Please Hold the Following in Your Prayers
  • Pablo Feliciano, who led the ministry in Chiapas, Mexico, who is suffering from serious illness
  • All those affected by flood, fire, and extreme heat throughout our country.
  • Somanna Muthanna - son-in-law of Frank Wyche, recovering from successful surgery.
  • Virginia Wood - who is undergoing surgery on September 19.

We will list these prayer requests for two weeks unless we are notified that they are to be continued. You may submit prayer requests through the link below.

PCUSA Matters
PCUSA Job Opportunities
Click below a list of positions available through the PCUSA - updated July, 2022

Board of Pensions Call to Health
Click the link below to join the Board of Pensions Call to Health.

PCUSA News and Announcements
Click below for the latest news and announcements from the PCUSA.