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Lent 2021 at St. Francis
"Open our hearts, Lord, help us to love like you."
We journey together as a community through Lent, opening our hearts and minds to the overwhelming love that God has for each and everyone one of us. Join us as we learn about, celebrate, and live our faith. Regular, weekly opportunities are available for the whole family to "virtually" gather at various times and platforms, including:
  • Bible exploration through images and discussion
  • Video and small group presentations by Msgr. Clay
  • Lunch Break with Mr. Jim
  • Stations of the Cross
  • Evening Prayer and Praise and Worship
  • Making Lent "greener" by abstaining from meat


 To Know, to Believe, and to Live
Join Msgr. Michael (virtually) as he shares a new vision for our community for at-home viewing.   Journey with Msgr. Michael as he presents an overview of the 10 essentials for a lifelong journey of living the Christian faith and an invitation to deepen their understanding of what this means for each member of our community. This is an overview of modules that will be released for small group and personal viewing in May.    
Click here to view the video.  


An email invitation to join Realm, our new web-based ministry tool, was sent on Friday, 3/5 to all St. Francis adult parishioners. Realm has the potential to change the way that we communication within various ministry areas, fostering a sense of community among volunteers, parishioners and staff. Once you've set up your account in Realm, you'll be able to register for upcoming parish programs (such as summer camps and Community Center activities/sports), engage with ministries that you're in (called Groups), update your contact information, and view/ print your current and past contributions directly through Realm.
The first step is to create an account in Realm. If you're a parishioner and didn't receive an invitation to join Realm, please visit the Realm webpage for possible solutions or to submit a Realm Support request. Once you're logged in, you'll want to review your contact information, and update your privacy and notification settings. More information is available in the Getting Started Guide found on the Realm webpage. Let's Get Connected!

Bishop's Annual Appeal 
The Bishop's Annual Appeal (BAA) of the Diocese of Raleigh truly does the work of Christ. This is the one time of the year that we are called to step out of our parishes and serve the Universal Church across the Eastern half of North Carolina. The BAA provides critical funding for a wide range of ministries, including Seminarians & Vocations, Communications, Marriage and Family, Catholic Charities, and Catholic Education.  One of the largest areas where the BAA funds are invested is Catholic School support, Youth and adult sacramental preparation, catechist formation, youth ministry and retreats, college campus ministries, continuing education for clergy.  The BAA supports 8660 students in our Diocese receiving Catholic Education.  St. Francis of Assisi Catholic Church which includes The Franciscan School and the St. Francis Preschool are a part of the Diocese of Raleigh. The spiritual, physical, and practical needs of the people throughout our diocese are greater than ever. Through the BAA, our bishop provides support for our parish and school communities and provides support for the most vulnerable through Catholic Charities.

This year we are asking everyone to be a part of the Bishop's Annual Appeal.  If you have already received your materials for this year's appeal, please mail your pledge in as soon as possible. The preschool placed envelopes in your child's back last week.  If you have not received your materials or have not mailed them in as of yet you can also donate directly to the appeal by clicking here
For help with questions, comments or concerns, please contact Deb Royals Mizerk at (919) 847-8205 x222 or email 

Safe Environment Training Webinar
Tuesday, March 23rd 7:00-9:30 PM
The session is for adults and will be just over 2 hours long with one short break. It will equip you to recognize and report child abuse and neglect. Upon completion, you will receive a certificate, which you must give to your ministry site as part of your Level C certification. This safe environment training is required for all clergy, employees and those in leadership positions with children and youth. This session is for either initial safe environment training or for those needing the 5-year renewal.  
Once you receive your Certificate of Completion please email it to  

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