St. Catherine of Siena ECEC news & updates

Volume 7 Issue 2

Parent Orientation

Monday August 16th Parent Orientation Night/Supply drop off Last names A-M 6:30-8:30 PM Students welcome

Tuesday August 17th Parent Orientation Night/Supply drop off Last names N-Z 6:30-8:30 PM Students welcome

Student Orientation * if your child's class is heavily loaded on one side of the alphabet someone may ask if you are willing to switch orientation days

Thursday August 19th Student Orientation Day 8 AM- 11 AM Last names A-M

Friday August 20th Student Orientation Day 8 AM- 11 AM Last names N-Z 

*Students only at orientation. No extended day services available on these two days.

First Week of School

Monday August 23rd First Week of school-Students resume their normal schedules 

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If you haven't had a chance to read our first newsletter please take the time to review it here: News Volume 7 Issue 1

We are awaiting final requirements and recommendations from the Health Department before we update our policies and procedures for this year. Hopefully we will hear the final word soon. We follow a combination of requirements from the Toledo Diocese (this is our school district), the Lucas County Health Department, Ohio Department of Education (our licensing entity) and the CDC. Once they all publish updated Covid-19 policies/procedures we will update our handbooks and share that information.


Transitioning into school

Starting school can be difficult for some children. They may have a range of emotions from excited and proud to worried and afraid. The absolute best advice from our teachers to entering families- Act like everything is perfect even if you are feeling anxious too! If a child knows you feel confident in leaving them for the day then they will more easily take on that attitude as well. When a parent lingers and shows apprehension over leaving, children will think it is unsafe to stay. Fake it until you make it! We will contact you if your child is not able to soothe or be soothed in a short period of time. Here are some more tips linked below!

Tips for transitioning into preschool/prek

Specials are back!

Our specials classes and extra room usage was definitely different last year! We are pleased to announce how our specials will run this year. Mrs. Terri Rupp will be the Atrium/Catechesis of the Good Shepherd teacher as well as the Art teacher for PK1-PK5 classes. Ms. Kayla Sykes will teach Feelings Buddies/Conscious Discipline to the whole school except PK2 and will also teach PS1 and PK6 Art. PK2 Feelings Buddies/Conscious Discipline will be taught by Mrs. A. Ms. J will be the music teacher for the building.

PE will be taught by lead/assistant teachers.

Our computer lab, library and science lab will be open for use this year for all of the classrooms!


School Year 2021-2022 Calendar

In Search of: we need to borrow a wand/roller to spray paint lines on our playground area. If you have one to lend please let us know! THANKS!

Extended Day and FAQ's

Extended Day hours will begin Monday August 23rd. 6 AM-7:45 AM and 3 PM-6 PM. More information about this program will be in the next newsletter.

JFS/PFCC- If you have a case or wish to apply for publicly funded childcare benefits, please be aware that cases must be open and care must be transferred by Sept. 3rd at the latest. Questions? contact Ms. Huber

ODE Grants for 4 year old Ohio children- We still have some grant slots. Contact 419-478-9900 for application procedure

Parish Active Parishioner Scholarships-YOU must apply for these each year and are responsible for following up with the school office on the status of your application.

Tuition- is a set amount for the year broken up into 10 monthly payments. Payments are due on the first Friday of each month unless autopayments are set up in advance. The first payment is due 8/6/21

Procedures/Rules/Policies- Be on the lookout for the next newsletter which will review important information.

Summer shopping- Please do not buy fancy clothes. Play clothes which may get dirty are perfect for exploring and learning! Our only dress code requirement is closed-toed shoes for protection of little feet.

Lunch Program- You may pack lunch for your full day student or you may utilize our hot lunch program. Lunch will be FREE again this year. Order forms will be linked in the next newsletter and also available on Parent Orientation Night!


Classroom Information & Updated Class Lists


PK1 Ms. Karissa Ferrell and Miss. Sarah Mohr

Supply List

Student List

Emersyn B

Harper B

Jaxson B

Alan C

Chloe C


Luke C



Mia J


Weston Howder


Maddie R


Ashlynn S

Ivy S

Ezra Mae



Bella W

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PK2 Mrs. Jill Ledergerber and Mrs. Melinda Amborski

Supply List

Student List

Brantley A



Olivia G




Jaxson L







Emily S




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PK3 Mrs. Lexie Ferkel and Miss. Caitlyn Amborski

Supply List

Student List

Jaxon A

Dakota G

Dylan G

Maddie G

Nolan K

Isaac K

Esmeralda M

Charlotte N






Collin S




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PK4 Mrs. Katie Orwig and Miss. Miranda Middlebrooks

Supply List

Student List

Chyna A

Landon B

Carson C

Tessa D

Joseph F

Marisol G

Anhalita H

Weston Hobbs




Cheyenne R

Ace S

Mia R

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PK5 Miss. Bree Elwartoski and Ms. Kristyn Ewing

Supply List

Student List

Oliver B

Stephan B

Cameron C

Therese C

Eden C

Douglas D

Conor F

Evelyn F

Layla G

Maxine H

Alyvia L

Sofia P

Annabelle Q

Azariah V

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PS/PK6 Mrs. Becky Boros and Miss Michaela Shordt

Supply List

Student List

Evelyn B

Josephine B

Noella B

Diontya C

Karoline C


Mareon H

Mathilda I

Cara K

Madelyn P

Savannah P

Mylena P

Gabriel S

Titan S

Makenna W

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PS 1 Mrs. Ashley Leach and Mrs. Danielle Harder

Supply List

Student List

Aniya B

Elise C

Lincoln D

Rylee D

Hudson F

Kennedi F

Gwendolyn G

Treviyon M

Daniel N

Aaliyah P

Charli S

Rhylee S

Elliott S

Liam S

Caleb S

Jaxon S

Sophia S

Marianna S

Meredith S

Adalyn S

Alysia T

Ava W

Liam W

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