June 19, 2020
Dear Preschool Families,

As we near the official start of summer, I hope that you’ve been able to find many moments to enjoy some fun, relaxation, and sunshine with your family!

I wanted to briefly update you not only about the ongoing planning at preschool, but also about information that I have at this time. You will remember that I sent a note out requesting volunteers to be part of a re-opening task force. There was such an enthusiastic response, to the point that I was not able to accommodate everyone! To me, this further represents not only the wonderful support of our families, but also the strong commitment and desire that is there to help our preschool move forward during this difficult time. I am so appreciative of this! The task force is composed of parents with varying backgrounds (ie. medical, legal, policy development), teachers, and some parish leaders. Everyone is dedicated to making sure that our students, teachers, and families will be as safe as possible when we return to school.

In looking to the school year ahead, I am planning, as of right now, on our opening for school the week of 8/24, as is noted on the calendar. The Diocese of Raleigh’s Catholic Schools Office (CSO) has continued to encourage us to maintain our calendars until other guidance is given by Governor Cooper. He should be announcing more about school openings on or around July 1 st as phase two is set to expire at the end of June. Following this announcement, the Diocese will then provide an outline of recommendations on of how we are to proceed. 

I continue to work with the CSO, the other Diocesan preschool directors, parish leadership, and other parish taskforces to stay abreast of the fluid guidelines and recommendations that are evolving from the CDC, NCDHHS, and state/local leaders. The parish, The Franciscan School, and the preschool all have taskforces with overlapping members who are working on plans to best implement these requirements and recommendations for the safety of all.  We are also in the process of obtaining supplies, particularly related to cleaning and disinfecting. As you can imagine, some things such as Clorox wipes, remain difficult to get in large quantities, even for businesses. Nevertheless, we will continue to be diligent about getting what we need so that we are ready for a return to school. 

Please continue to be assured that I will keep you informed as much as possible and as soon as I am able regarding any information that you need to know. I am confident that although things might look a bit different or plans may need to be altered, we will have a great 2020-2021 school year! With your ongoing support and patience, we will be able to welcome our students back and again share some of that ‘preschool happy’ with each other!

I encourage you to contact me if you’ve any further questions/concerns. 

May God continue to bless you this summer! A warm wish for a fantastic Father’s Day too!

With Joy,

Heidi Hobler
St. Francis of Assisi Preschool
11401 Leesville Road Raleigh, NC 27613
919-847-8205 ext. 240