Winter has arrived! With cold weather comes snow, ice, and freezing rain here in our beautiful town. It also brings colds, the flu, and other bugs that make us feel run down. Please remember our sickness policy so that we don't share the germs with other classmates. 

Registration for the 2016-2017 school year will begin the second week of February, while registration for Summer Stars will start in March. More information about both programs will be coming soon.

The annual Preschool Scholastic Book Fair is coming in February. I am in need of some volunteers to help. If you are interested just let me know.  

In case you didn't get to read it last week or would like a refresher, below is S tarmount Preschool's winter  weather policy:

Starmount Preschool follows the calendar and the policies of the Guilford County School System regarding delays or closings due to inclement weather, holidays, early dismissals, and teacher workdays:
  • If the Guilford County Schools close, Starmount Preschool will also close.
  • If the Guilford County Schools are delayed 1 hour, the Preschool opens @ 9:00am
  • If the Guilford County Schools are delayed 2 hours, the Preschool opens @ 10:00am
  • If the Guilford County Schools are delayed 3 hours, the Preschool opens @ 11:00am
  • If the Guilford County Schools close early, the Preschool will close one hour earlier than the schools. For example, if the schools are to close at 1:00 pm, the Preschool will close at 12:00.
In case of snow or ice, please listen to your radio or TV for school closings or delays. The number of snow days to be made up, if any, will be determined by the Preschool Executive Committee and Director. The Preschool already has make-up days built into the calendar.
If the weather conditions should become hazardous after your child has arrived at school, please come and pick up your child as soon as possible. Use your best judgment and come while you can still manage to get back home safely. Please Keep the Director informed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at anytime. 

Ms. Cindy
Starmount Preschool Director

The Preschool's Spring Consignment sale is just around the corner! Mark your calendars for March 11-13. Start thinking about what you would like to consign and visit our website for more information and registration forms. We always need volunteers -- this is a great way to meet other moms, help out the preschool, and earn a higher percentage if you are consigning. 

Do you want to consign items, but you are too busy to tag them? Let us do it for you! This is open to current students only and all items must be dropped off at the school with a registration form the week of February 8-12. For more information on that, or any thing else with the sale, please email  Sarah Bain.

Theme : Arctic Animals
Colors: White, Blue and Gray
Letter: review letters
Number: 6
Shape: Circle and Triangle
Happy Birthday!
January 27- Sinclair
Color Day - January 28
Please wear white, blue, or gray


Theme: Snowflakes
Color: White
Shape: Oval
Number: review
Letter: Mm and Nn
Color Day - January 29
Please wear something white


Theme : Hibernation
Colors: Blue and White
Shape: Oval
Letter: Nn
Numbers: 1-15
Skills: Rhyming, group games, sorting by size, snaps and zippers
Hibernation Day - January 27 & 28
Please wear your pajamas

Theme: Snow
Reading and Phonics: Word family -an
Math: counting 5's
Science:   snowflakes and snow 
Sight Words: where & me

Happy Birthday! 
January 25 - Riak
Remember: Show and Share every Thursday
Important Dates

 February 1

Tuition Due




Great things are happening at Starmount Presbyterian Church. About a week ago, the Session of Starmount (the church's governing body) voted to approve some new projects which will start in the upcoming months. These projects are ministry grants made possible by the generosity of one woman's bequest. Lillian Steele, a longtime Starmount member, named Starmount in her estate. The church was blessed with the "challenge" of discerning how to spend that money. The church decided to split up the approximate $1.45 million bequest in the following way:

10% is a community tithe to a local organization which targets combating hunger in the area.
Eleven invitations were extended to vetted organizations, seeking interest in applying for this grant. Seven letters of intent were received and are currently being evaluated by an Ad Hoc committee. 
60% remains, allowing for Lillian Steele to provide a generous $40,000 perpetual pledge which will be added to the annual operating budget. 
30% has been allocated to be spent over the next five years to provide funding for new and existing ministries that further Starmount's mission and vision.
Session approved the Finance Committee's recommendation for distribution of funds for 2016 grants. Of the eleven funded grants, two of them are specific to the Preschool:
  • Additional funding of the Susan White Helping Hands fund, providing financial aid to families in need of long-term funding.
  • Installation of shade structures on the Preschool playgrounds, providing respite to the students and teachers during recess.
The Session fully agreed that these two grants are important to the continued success of Starmount Preschool. What a wonderful testament to Preschool Director, Cindy Lee, and the teachers that hang out and teach our children each and every day. Starmount has so much to be excited about in 2016! If you are interested in hearing more about the other approved projects or other aspects of the breakdown of spending, please do not hesitate to contact me!   


Pastor Kathryn
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