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News from the horse's mouth April 2016
Dear Friends

I am thrilled this month to be able to share with you a post by one of our clients, Stephen Parker, Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Talent Management at A. T. Kearney, about the work which we have been doing for them in collaboration with London Business School, as part of a leadership development programme for their global Partner population.

The programme named Expanding Horizons, is co-designed by A. T. Kearney and London Business School and Equest was invited to deliver the fourth day of the 10 day programme back in 2012. The design team were keen to include a "horse-led" element as part of this highly experiential, ground-breaking change programme to support learning around presence, energetic impact and client engagement.

Stephen has captured the essence of our work accurately and eloquently and I am grateful to him for agreeing to let me share his piece with you directly.

In my own blog this month I have picked up the theme of "Presence" but in contrast my inspiration has come from a child - to be precise 9 year old Molly!

Whatever our life stage, presence yields great dividends whether we seek it consciously as an adult or whether it comes naturally to us as a child.

I hope you enjoy reading and as always welcome your comments and contributions.

With very best wishes

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How Do You Say Hello?

Our thanks go to Stephen Parker, Chief Learning Officer and Global Head of Talent Management, at A. T. Kearney for writing this thought provoking and eloquent piece and for allowing us to share it with you directly.
"You can learn a lot from a horse. I experienced this firsthand through an exercise we have built into A.T. Kearney's Expanding Horizons leadership development program.

In the wild, horses were prey rather than predator, and so for eons before humans domesticated them 5000 years ago, hyper alertness and exceptional non-verbal communication were  essential to this herd animal's survival. By virtue of evolution, horses are remarkably good at reading the energy of any creature that might approach them.

To tap into this powerful innate ability, our program in London includes a train ride a few hours west into the Berkshire countryside, to a horse farm run by Pam Billinge and Equest. There our Partners have the chance to interact with horses under the skilled guidance of facilitators trained in Equine Assisted Learning.

I recall viscerally my own experience of this as if it were yesterday..."


This month's blog:  
Over the Easter holiday a good friend of mine came to visit me with her 9 year old daughter. Molly has just started riding lessons and was keen to meet my two horses and two miniature Shetland ponies for the first time. It turned out to be a magical day and, surprisingly, one filled with important lessons for not only leadership but adulthood in general.
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