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One of the most sincere forms of respect is
actually listening to what another has to say.
~ Bryant H. McGill
Each day I learn small and large lessons. And, some days I re-learn my lessons. It's truly amazing how resistant I can sometimes be with my Spiritual growth!
A primary focus for me at the moment is to learn how to be more deeply and fully present with my family, friends, clients, cats and myself.
When I examine my alignment with this essential principle, I am surprised by how often I have missed the mark. I feel like a stone that has skipped over the surface of the water.
Such a great part of our daily lives seems to be in the "stone skipping" category. We take vacations during which we visit 10 cities in 10 days. We attend huge parties, which are fun, but we rarely get past superfi cial conversation. We touch in with friends via phone, email and often, text - which is even shorter. The connections are good and serve a real purpose, but are rarely soul food.
I long for those deep, on-going conversations. To genuinely enjoy those, I am learning how to be more fully present in the short connections.
So much has been written about this. I simply want to share some gentle reminders and gifts. For to be present is an act of love:
  • Listening to another without distraction is a form of respect and love - for self and the other person. 
    We have all had the experience of talking with someone, only to realize that he or she isn't listening. It separates us. We instinctively want to run to someone else who will see us and listen to us.
  • Hearing someone with our hearts keeps us in the moment - present. There is no past nor future. This experience is satisfying for the soul and the mind. The mind is allowed to rest instead of preparing a response and the soul is filled.
  • The connection we feel is truly inspiring for both parties.  It doesn't mean that we necessarily agree with the other person. It does mean that we have understanding and compassion - that we are sharing something deeper than words.
  • We can feel connected to something greater - Spirit or the Oneness of Consciousness.  Relating to other humans and other beings gives us a better understanding of how to connect with Spirit because we are connecting soul to soul, we listen with our hearts and our minds stop interrupting.
  • Being fully present with another gives that person the opportunity to feel love. It truly builds friendships, understanding, connections and community. We feel more peaceful and exude the essence of trust and compassion.
It isn't hard to do. Honestly. Remember that we can even be fully present even through a text. How? Feel the words as you read. Take a breath before you respond. There can be real love and respect behind short hand and emojis.
When your intuition is aligned with your heart you will hear others with respect and compassion.
In being present and truly listening, souls connect and you both experience love.

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