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As we approach the end of the year, we want to take a moment to celebrate the beautiful initiatives, programs, and stories that we have co-created together with you in 2019.

This December newsletter contains a selection of our favorite stories, initiatives, and recaps from 2019:
  1. BEST OF...: some of our favorite newsletter features from the past year;
  2. NEW INITIATIVES LAUNCHED : an overview of initiatives that were launched for the first time this year;
  3. IMPACT OVERVIEW: some data on our impact and the programs that took place ;
  4. PLEASE DONATE TO SUPPORT OUR WORK : announcement of our crowdfunding campaign, inviting you to support the continuation of our work in 2020;
  5. SEASON'S GREETINGS: from all of us at the Presencing Institute.
We wish you a beautiful holiday season and all the best for your endeavors in 2020!

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The Presencing Institute Team

Practitioners in the Spotlight

Over the past year, we've introduced many of our valued practitioners to you in this newsletter, and we will continue to do so in 2020. We feel it has been important to share the many  faces, stories & sparks of inspiration our ecosystem holds.

For an overview of practitioner interviews, visit  this page.
Always Prototyping With You

2019 has been an effective prototyping year for the Presencing Institute. We've been trying out new ways to share community translations; developed new practices, such as  Image Resonance; improved the accessibility of video interviews with voice-overs and subtitles; and published the very first aesthetic language cards, co-evolved over several years.

A field that has been particularly potent for prototyping this year is that of the Social Arts.
Reflections and Insights

We love to create spaces in this newsletter for you to share stories of deep learning with everyone . These stories have inspired us. You shared your process innovations, struggles, and insights. Some of our favorites this past year included articles on applying SPT, on how Theory U methods were used in an agroecology project, and Otto Scharmer's piece on Vertical Literacy.

For an overview of insights and learning experiences, visit this page.
u.lab-S (u.lab 2x in 2020)

In February 2019, we kick-started a multi-local innovation journey for teams applying Theory U methods to go from prototypes to ecosystem impact. In its first year, the Lab supported and connected 300 teams across 35 countries to simultaneously tackle social challenges using collective systems mapping and design processes. Read some of the  stories here.

Many change-makers have used this learning infrastructure  for co-shaping more sustainable and equitable social systems worldwide and we look forward to supporting another 250+ teams in 2020 with u.lab 2x.
Ecosystem Leadership Program

In March 2019, the first ever Eco-system Leadership Program commenced. This highly interactive, exploratory, and co-creative 9-month program sought to build and grow our collective capacities, by bringing together people creating deep ecosystem change. It sought to strengthen our global network and provide ways for us to learn together as we implement initiatives in our own contexts.

For a reflection from one of the participants, read this article.
Dialogues on Transforming Society and Self (DoTS)

In April 2019, Otto started hosting the monthly interactive DoTS series, which has featured six special guest speakers this year on the topic of societal transformation in areas such as education, government, climate change, and indigenous wisdom. Attendance and recordings have been open and accessible to all.

20 December: Don't miss our end-of-year session featuring Kelvy Bird on "Generative Scribing: On the Power of Social Arts".
Social Field Research Summer School

In June 2019, 55 researchers, graduate students, artists, practitioners, and academics gathered in Berlin for an unconventional research event: the launch of the inaugural Social Field Research Summer School. They came from 23 different countries across five continents with the intention to advance the research that helps illuminate the deeper structures of the social field.

The four-day inaugural was the first concrete step toward a 10-year vision to foster a global network of researchers who will co-develop the concepts, methods, and tools needed to catalyze the evolution of social fields.  Read more here and here .

Applications for 5 - 8 July 2020 are now open here.
Societal Transformation Lab

Over the course of the past year, we launched our annual learning cycle and innovation platform, the Societal Transformation Lab, connecting various offerings into an overall supporting infrastructure for ecosystem activation.

The Lab includes u.lab 1x and u.lab 2x, as well as our monthly DoTS series and the  Global Forum on 10 and 11 July 2020 in Berlin , which will connect change-makers across countries, sectors, and initiatives.

Read inspiring  stories on societal transformation from across the globe.
Emerging Impact in 2019

We share with you  this impact overview, which  shows our impact as it has emerged in 2019.

In-Person Programs

In 2019, we held over 13 in-person programs, welcoming about 190 participants to Foundation Programs, over  115 to Social Presencing Theater, 70 to Visual Practice, 55 to the Social Field Research Summer School, and another 50 to the Ecosystem Leadership Program.

We look forward to welcoming more of you in 2020!

Online Programs

This year, we ran several online programs, including the final round of u.lab 0x, the ongoing  Just Money: Banking as if Society Mattered, and u.lab 1xUbuntu.Lab ran for its 2nd year, adding 187 African participants and facilitators to its alumni, hosting 17 hubs across the continent.  We also launched a Systems Scribing Lab for visual practice.
Support the Continuation of Our Work in 2020

The Presencing Institute would not exist without individual donations, grants, and program revenues. Your donation directly contributes to our awareness-based systems work towards profound societal renewal - be it through capacity building, action research, or deep innovation labs. We appreciate all  donations!

Pay It Forward 2019-2020
Pay It Forward 2019-2020

Happy Holidays to All!

From all of us at the Presencing Institute: 

We wish you and your loved ones a wonderful holiday season &  a smooth transition into the New Year.

May 2020 be a year of profound ecosystem activation for the well-being of all!

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