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ECC Families,

Good evening. I hope everyone has had a nice relaxing weekend after the excitement of the Chiefs win! This week our teachers will finish up their preparations for family conferences on Monday, 2/17. If you haven't signed up yet you can find a link below and on our website. We will also celebrate Valentine's Day this week. If you are a room parent for your child's class please touch base with their teacher so they know what to plan for. All of our classes will have their parties on Friday except our T/TH classes for Ms. Kim, Ms. Margaret and Ms. Susie/Ms. Carlene these classes will have their parties on Thursday, 2/13. Registration for the 20/21 school year began on 2/3 and will end on 2/21. Make sure you have registered your current student and any siblings by this date. We will start pre-registering our waiting list families on Monday, 2/24 and we will hold our open house for all new families on Thursday, March 5. Don't forget about the OLP Kindergarten Information Night if you have a Pre-K student. I would encourage all of our families to check it out next week on Tuesday, 2/18. Enjoy the rest of your evening and we will see you tomorrow.

God Bless,

Catherine M. Koob
Valentine Parties 2/13 & 2/14
Valentine parties will take place on Thursday, 2/13 and Friday, 2/14. The only parties on 2/13 will be the T/TH classes of Ms. Susie/Ms. Carlene, Ms. Margaret and Ms. Kim. All other classes will have their parties on Friday. Parties are from 10:00 AM-11:00 AM. If you are signed up as a room parent for your child's class please contact the teacher to go over the plans for the party.

Family Conferences Monday, 2/17
The sign up links will be active until 2/14 . If you have to make a change or want to be added after 2/14 you will need to contact the front office or your child's teacher. In the past we have had staff available to watch students and siblings while parents conference with the teacher. We are not sure if this option will be available this year. We may not have staff available during the day this year we will confirm availability later this week. iFamily conferences are an opportunity for you to sit down with your child's teacher and discuss their progress so far this school year. The center will be closed but all of our teachers will be available to meet with families throughout the day who have signed up for a meeting. The sign ups for this event are located to the right. You may also sign up on our website under program events. Make sure to sign up each of your children on the correct teachers tab. Each age group has their own sign up and each teacher has a tab within that signup. You can navigate to another age group by clicking on the show more sign ups button on the upper right hand of the sign up you are currently in. If you make an error and sign up on the wrong teacher tab please go in and delete it so it is available for someone else. If you will be unavailable this day to meet with your child's teacher please let them know in advance so they can work with you to come up with another time. In the link below you will find some information about the assessment process let your child's teacher know if you have any questions.

Current Family Registration
Current family registration will begin on Sunday, February 2. The link to the registration page is provided below. There was error on the page causing you to have to pick a schedule for a second child this has been resolved. Remember it is at this time you will let us know if your child is returning to Presentation for 20/21 and if they will have any siblings joining them. We will do summer registration later in March. Registration will end on 2/21. The page password is register20-21 (no spaces)
Kindergarten Information Night
We invite all Pre-K student parents to attend the OLP Kindergarten Information Night on Tuesday, February 18 at 4:00-5:30 PM or 6:00-7:30 PM. If you have questions about Kindergarten at OLP you will want to put this event on your calendar. The below attached flyer will be sent home this week with all Pre-K students. Please RSVP for the event to Mary Kay at If you have any Kindergarten related questions you may email me or the current principal Jodi Briggs at

What is Lent?
The Lent season is coming up soon. It will begin on Wednesday, 2/26 with Ash Wednesday. Take a few minutes to watch the quick video about Lent. We will have our resource table for Lenten materials available up front the first week of Lent.
Inclement Weather Information
If we are ever closed due to weather in addition to the closing being listed on the news we will send out a remind notification to all of our families, the website will be updated, an email will go out, and a facebook update will be made. Please remember the ECC does not automatically close when OLP School or LSR7 closes we are a separate listing.

New Remind Notification Groups for 2019-2020 School Year
Families we had to set up new Remind groups based on your students last name. If you had previously subscribed to the Presentation ECC Families 2019-2020 group it has been deleted and you will need to resubscribe to one of the groups found in the link below. Sorry for the inconvenience changes were made after we sent out the information in the enrollment packets. When you click on the link below it will take you to the remind app page under the Current Family Secure Page. You will need the password, Famil$Ec$ (case sensitive)

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