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ECC Families,

Here we are already half way through September. We are definitely starting to have some of that unpredictable fall weather Missouri is known for. Please make sure you are sending your child to school in clothing appropriate for going outside as you know we might come in to one forecast and leave with another! It's probably a good idea to switch out any change of clothes you have here for fall weather as well. This week we will add a Stretch-N-Grow class on Friday for our Preschool classes. You will find more information below. Also next week (9/21-9/25) will be fall school pictures. Make sure to check and see which day your child's class is scheduled for. If you have siblings and you would like for them to be pictured together you will need to make sure the teachers for your children are aware so we can make sure it happens on the day you choose. Please remember if your child is being dropped off early between 6:30-7:30 we need to know ahead of time if you have not dropped off at this time before. Also you must pick up your child consistently within a 10 hour window. This is how we have based our staffing so we do not have to mix groups. Several parents have asked if we are closed on 12/28. We are closed for Christmas starting Thursday, 12/24 and we will be open again on Tuesday, 12/29. We are closed an extra day this Christmas because we are not longer closing on 12/8 for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception. We are pleased to announce our afternoon office admin, Ms. Deanna, is going to be moving to the mornings as soon as we are able to hire and train a new afternoon person. In the meantime mornings will be a little busier and being down a person we may not be able to address questions or concerns first thing in the morning as quickly as we have in the past. Your understanding regarding this temporary inconvenience is much appreciated. We are looking forward to another great week. See you tomorrow morning!

God Bless,

Catherine M. Koob
Coach Patty is going to be here again this year doing a couple classes a month for our toddlers and twos. We are also excited she is going to be adding a class or two a month for the preschool and Pre-K students. The older students will switch off but we are glad we get to do these classes since we had to put Spanish class in the rooms on hold for the first semester. Classes will always be on Friday's. Below you will find some information about Stretch-N-Grow and the class schedules.

Fall School Pictures 9/21-9/25
We will be offering fall pictures this year. Sandy Braun of Sandy Braun Photography will be taking them again this year. If you have any questions or concerns or if you do not want your child to participate please let us know. Below you will find a schedule for what day each class will have their pictures taken.

Activity Fee
Some of you have had questions about why we are still charging an activity fee this year when we are not doing some of our regular activities. It is true we are having to make some changes to accommodate COVID concerns and requirements but we are still planning on offering additional activities through out the year. A portion of the activity fee also covers our curriculum support software which we renew each year for every child enrolled. Our activity fee also covers all of the activities for the summer months for year round families. Our center also decided a couple of years ago not to collect a yearly re-registration fee from our families. This fee used to help offset the cost of additional resources and activities. Please remember the activity fee is due by the of September. If you are unable to pay this fee by then we are happy to make arrangements for you to pay it later. Please contact Teresa Button our assistant director with any questions. Her email is
Recipe or Favorite Lunch
Our new kitchen manager, Ms Darsetta would like to give parents the opportunity to participate in what she serves for lunch. She would like to encourage you to submit a favorite recipe, lunch or snack idea and she will have two days each month dedicated to families who have submitted requests. You may email your ideas and recipes directly to Ms. Darsetta at
Reminders for Early Morning Arrival & Pick Up
Parents there are a few reminders about morning drop off we need to revisit. If you plan on having your child eat breakfast in the morning they must arrive in enough time to eat before clean up time at 7:30 AM. If you arrive before 7:30 AM you are expected to take your child's items to their cubby and have them wash their hands BEFORE leaving them with the morning teachers. They can have their hands full in the morning and don't usually have time to take your child back to their room to drop off their stuff and wash their hands. We also must enforce a schedule limitation of 10 hours of care per day for each student. Please do your best to adhere to the schedule you told us. Most importantly if you need to change your schedule and arrive prior to 7:30 AM please let us know by emailing the office at If you have any questions please let us know.
Remind Groups for 2020-2021
Below you will find a links to the remind groups where you can sign up to be a part of our text group. Important updates and info is sent out this way so please make sure you are signed up. The groups are organized based on the first letter of your last name so make sure to sign up for the correct group.
Tuition Questions
If anyone has questions regarding their tuition account or would like to make a payment over the phone. Please contact Teresa Button our Assistant Director. You may email her at or call the office at (816)251-1140.
Office Communication
We want to make it easier for you to stay in communication with us. If you need to send general information to the office we have created an email address which will send your email message to all of our office staff. You can still send sensitive information to an individual by sending your email to their personal email address but if you want to send general information to be answered by any of our office staff then please use the email address indicated below.

Email goes to all office staff

Cathy Koob Director -
Teresa Button Asst. Director -
Kim Brummett AM office -
Deanna Driskell PM office -
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