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May 2015
It's May!  The year is coming to an end, but, as always, there are great things happening here.  The PMA Spring Track and Softball teams are having wonderful seasons.  The freshmen and sophomores had their long-awaited semi-formal dance.  We celebrated the Spring Concert and Art Show. And some wonderful students achieved great accomplishments.  Please enjoy the May edition of ePathways.

Around Campus
Spring Concert & Art Show
Sunday, May 3, PMA students displayed their talents on the stage and on paper at the annual Spring Concert and Art Show.  Members of the Select Chorus performed while students in Sr. "Art" Aline's classes displayed their art projects.  The PMA Dance Club performed a beautiful dance routine for the audience.  It was a creative and entertaining night at PMA.

Cruise Day
On Friday, May 8, students and faculty dressed in their best cruise attire to say farewell to the seniors as they completed their last day of classes.  The day ended with a cookout, outside games, a talent show, and the grand finale....a dunk tank where students could get the chance to dunk their favorite staff member!  It was a wonderful day and a great way to start the countdown to Graduation.

Outstanding Achievments
Receiving the Sacraments
Pictured above:  Amanda Morin, Paloma Moreta, Shawna Simms and NaBlaghe Adaramola
Theology is a required class each year at PMA. Students learn the history, core lessons, values, and teachings of Jesus and the Bible. The Catholic Religion is taught at PMA not only in the classroom but through the culture of the school.  Faculty and staff emulate the teachings of Jesus by bringing his practice of patience, understanding, and love into the curriculum.   Many students who were not raised with an organized religion get to experience firsthand what Catholicism is and some take what they learn at PMA and decide to make it a part of their personal life.  They are at an age where they can decide to make religion a priority in their life and take an active step to strengthen their bond with God.  Last month we had several students receive Holy Sacraments to deepen their Faith.  

Four seniors, Amanda Morin, Paloma Moreta, Shawna Simms, and NaBlaghe Adaramola, who received the Sacraments of  First Communion and Confirmation during the Easter Vigil at St. Monica Parish in Methuen. All four were Baptized in the Catholic Religion but did not continue as practicing Catholics.  As they neared the end of their high school career they knew that they wanted to continue with the teaching and Faith that had been instilled in them since freshman year.  "Going through four years of PMA and Theology classes strengthened my Faith and helped me realize that I wanted to live life as a practicing Catholic" reflects Shawna Simms.
Freshman, Hannah Williams received three  
Pictured Above: Hannah Williams during the ceremony
Sacraments during the Easter Vigil at  Saint Luke of the Evangelist Church in Plaistow, NH. She was Baptized, received her First Communion, and Confirmation. With a Catholic  mo ther and a Baptist father,  Hannah  was given the freedom to chose what religion she wanted to practice.  She has actively participated in both religions, with h er parents, but this past April Hannah independently made the final decision to become a practicing Catholic.  "Sister Sue and PMA helped to make this difficult decision easier for me and helped me chose which path I wanted to take. "

Junior, Sean Wei, a student from South Korea also received the Sacraments of Baptism, First Communion and Confirmation at the Easter Vigil at St. Mary's in Georgetown. He, like our other students, did not grow up with religion in his life and discovered his spirituality while attending his first Theology class at PMA. "It is hard to live in another country without something to rely on."  Wei explains.  "Religion and becoming Catholic gives me a sense of Peace." Sean attends Church service weekly and enjoys participating in Mass.

As a school, it is a wonderful feeling to help today's youth discover spirituality and want to make a religious commitment to the Catholic Faith.  We hope they will continue to develop their beliefs and maintain their devotion to their new-found conviction.
Pictured Above: Sean Wei with Fr. Burton after receiving the Sacraments

Law Day
On February 5, 1958, President Eisenhower signed the proclamation declaring May 1 to be Law Day in the United States.  Three years later, Congress passed a joint resolution establishing the official date for Law Day as May 1.   The purpose of Law Day is to increase the public's awareness of the rule of law.  It praises our constitutional system of government and our great heritage under the rule of law. 


Each year on Law Day, local high school students assemble at court houses and give speeches to a court room full judges, lawyers, and peers on a a set topic.  This year the American Bar Association celebrated Law Day by having contestants deliver a speech about the 800th Anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta in 1215.  

PMA junior, Robert Pauley, joined students from several area high schools and delivered an empowering speech about how no man, no matter social status, is above the law.  The main premise of the Magna Carta.   His unfaltering confidence to speak in front of such an esteemed courtroom is impressive and noteworthy.  
Catholic School Foundation Scholarship Winners
PMA seniors, Josh Hunter,  Kaitlin Norton, and Sebastian Lopez are pictured with Cardinal Sean O'Malley at the Annual Catholic Schools Foundation Scholars' Mass and Reception on May 7 at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross.  This was the fifth annual reception, "celebrating another year of Building Minds & Changing Lives." 

The CSF Scholars Program was established in 2011 to provide scholarships to a select group of students in the Archdiocese of Boston's Catholic high schools. Students are chosen from each school based upon their potential as scholars and members of their new school community

Hunter, Norton, and Lopez are three out of twenty-three students who received support from CSF this past school year.  PMA is grateful for this foundation and the support they demonstrate to our students. 



Spring Sports
Below are some highlights of PMA's Spring Track and Softball Teams.

Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with all our news!  We hope you enjoyed this edition of ePathways.  Watch your inbox for the Summer edition in June where you will see all the highlights of PMA Graduation and the end of the school year festivities!

Thanks for reading,
Rose Maria DiFiore Redman '85
Head of School
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