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Summer 2015
It's JUNE!  The school year has come to an end, once again.  We didn't think we'd ever get here when we were buried under multiple feet of snow,  then all of a sudden, flowers are in full bloom and spring is in the air. The warm weather welcomes many wonderful things, like longer days, sandals, trips to the beach, and ice cream.  But the warm weather is also the sign that many things must come to an end.  
We have already said goodbye to the class of 2015.  May 22 brought the end of their high school careers in a moving graduation ceremony.  Final exams just ended for the rest of the student body. We bid them farewell last week, but gladly await their return in September...along with the incoming freshmen, class of 2019!  

Class of 2015
On Friday, May 22,  PMA held its 54th Commencement Ceremony in the Dupre Sports and Arts Center.  52  graduates walked across the stage, were handed their diplomas and went from PMA students to alumni in the blink of an eye.  

The ceremony opened with a beautiful acapella version of the National Anthem and welcoming prayer, 
Sebastian Lopez, Salutatorian
followed by Salutatorian, Sebastian Lopez, delivering a moving speech that immediately set the tone for the rest of evening. Everyone in the auditorium ended up on their feet cheering for the University of Notre Dame bound, Pre-Med major. He encouraged everyone to live life to the fullest as he gleefully stated his infamous motto..."Life is like a roller coaster.  Then it drops, but what should I scream for, this is my theme park.  Life has its ups and downs, good times and bad times. Regardless...we should not be afraid of the roller coaster of life."

Next, the graduates were given their diplomas and awards and when the amounts were read it really stunned the crowd.  The 52 graduates earned $7.7 million in scholarships and awards over a four year period and $2.3 million to the college or university of their choice.  Those 
 Susan Viscosi,
 Graduation Speaker
are record breaking numbers and we so very proud of the hard work and dedication demonstrated by the class of 2015 throughout their entire four years at PMA.

The remarkable words of Susan Viscosi, English Department Chair, who was the Graduation Speaker, captivated the class of 2015 with her words.  She voiced that the teachers here have shared their wisdom with them over the years and now it is time they find their own path.  Viscosi reminded them to always have forgiveness in their hearts and though they may be gone from PMA they will forever be her students.  

Honor Essayist, Jinelry Rodriguez
Honor Essayist, Jinelfry Rodriguez delivered her speech reminding the class that no matter where life took them, they were a family. Reminiscing about the memories they made as a class that she will treasure for a lifetime, "We are going to meet new people, make new memories, and experience many more ups and downs  .  But it is important that we never forget this:  these moments; these years; these memories...we are and forever will be a family."  Jinny will be attending The University of Notre Dame, studying Music and psychology. 

The ceremony ended with Valedictorian, Maria Splaine, who accredited her success to everyone around her, "I see the faces of teachers who constantly pushed me to be better, who never accepted anything less than 100% and had faith in me even when I doubted myself."  Splaine, also warmly thanked the coaches, school administration and most importantly the parents of all the graduates who made sacrifices for their child's education.  Maria, who will be attending Harvard University in the fall was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma the beginning of her junior year.  She just celebrated a year cancer free. We are in awe of the fight she has inside her to battle cancer in addition to remain top in her class. Maria's determination will serve her well in her selected major, Health Science. 
Maria Splaine accepting her "Science Wizard" award from Mr. True
The class of 2015 was a special class, one that made PMA proud.  We hope you take Sebastian's advice and enjoy the roller coaster ride.  You have all come so far already, but the best is yet to come. 

Click below to read the graduation story published in the Eagle Tribune
2015: A Class of Pioneers
This was a landmark year not only because we had such wonderful scholarship numbers, college acceptances, and remarkable students, but because the class of 2015 marked the first class that graduated  young men who began PMA as freshmen.  In September, 2011 twelve young men stepped onto the PMA campus as freshman, class of 2015, a school that was all-girls the year before.  They took a chance on us as a school and we grew and flourished together.  

Eight out of the fourteen young men who graduated on May 22, were here on that rainy September morning, four years ago not knowing what the future would bring.  They call themselves our pioneers and they are right.  The school is thriving because of them and many students like them.

We are grateful for our pioneers and glad we played an important role in their lives as they did in shaping PMA's new culture as a co-ed school.

Mrs. Rose Maria Redman, Head of School, pictured with the original boys who started freshman year and graduated on May 22

*Read about our Pioneers below when they were featured in the Eagle Tribune.

*This wonderful story can also be found in the May 2015 issue of  Methuen Life.

Around Campus
Scholarship and Awards Ceremony
On Monday, June 8, the PMA student body and staff gathered in the Sisters Chapel for the last Mass of the school year.  Directly following the Mass the students were surprised with their class merit awards and special scholarships were given to noteworthy students to be applied for next school year.  A big congratulations to Brian Whinery, '16, who was awarded the most prestigious scholarship, the Blessed Anne Marie Rivier Full Tuition Scholarship.

*The full list of winners can be found in the sidebar.

Math and Science Outside the Classroom
 How many times have you heard your child say, I am never going to use this in the real world?  Well, we are here to prove them wrong.  In Mr. True's Chemistry class they made ice cream...that's placing a few simple ingredients in a plastic bag, shaking it vigorously and viola!  Watch the magic of Chemistry transform milk, sugar and a little sodium chloride into creamy vanilla soft serve right before your very eyes.

 Mrs. McGuinness' Honors Geometry classes constructed tetrahedron kites to give them a better understand 3-dimensional shapes. Once the kites were complete they took them outside and flew them.  This would be the only time you could tell your teacher to "go fly a kite" and it would be completely acceptable.

The College Prep sections of Geometry, also taught by Mrs. McGuiness used string and straws to construct 3 dimensional shapes and then used bubble solution to investigate shapes of bubbles. Talk about hands on learning. 

Our students really enjoy exploring new ways to use classroom materials.  From the look of it, the teachers did, too.

Chemistry Ice Cream

Honors Geometry Flying Their Kites
Bubbles with College Prep Geometry

Relay for Life
Pictured above: Emily Holleran, '15, Camille Holleran, '17, Hannah Walworth, '15, Amanda Morin, '15, Gabby Salerno, '16, Lindsey Gill, '16. *Not pictured but in attendance, Joshua Dionne.
The Relay for Life is a world wide event that allows  communities to rally together and honor their loved ones who have been affected by cancer.  According to their website, the Relay for Life is a "life-changing experience that gives everyone in communities across the globe a chance to Celebrate the lives of people who have battled cancer, Remember loved ones lost, and Fight Back against the disease."

PMA took part in the Methuen Relay for Life that was held on Saturday, May 30 through Sunday, May 31.  Students and staff walked for loved ones, participated in relay events, camped out, and took an active role to be a voice and "Relay for Life."

Alumni Legacy Lives On Through Scholarships
Colleen Carney, 1979
PMA alumni, Colleen Carney, class of 1979 sadly passed away earlier this year from a short battle with cancer.  Colleen was an active member of the local community, in addition to being an active PMA alum.  The Colleen Carney, '79 Memorial Scholarship was set up in her name, by an anonymous donor.  Two $1,000 scholarships will be awarded to deserving students annually, for the next ten years.
This was the inaugural year for the scholarships, awarded at the end of the year award ceremony on Monday, June 8.  Rising 11th grader, Camille Holleran and rising 12th grader Lillian Alvino were awarded the first two $1,000 scholarships in Colleen's name.  
Camille and Lillian pictured with Colleen's parents
Cathy Habeeb-Sheehan, 1987
The classmates of Cathy Habeeb-Sheehan have organized alumni basketball games in her memory for the past two years.  Friends and family members have also donated in her memory after Cathy lost her battle with  leukemia two years ago. The money raised has gone into a scholarship f und in Cathy's name to  preserve  her legacy.  Rising 10th grader, Shakira Henriquez was presented with the Cathy Habeeb-Sheehan, '87 Scholarship, for being an  exceptional  student who also plays sports, as Cathy did when she was a student here. 
Shakira pictures with Cathy's family
Melissa DeFelice, 1990

The class of 1990 came together to remember a fellow classmate, Melissa DeFelice, who passed away when she was only 31 years old from pancreatic cancer in 2003.  As a group, they donated whatever they could, whether it was $25, $50 or $250 in Melissa's name.  A total of 12 alumni contributed in and together they raised $765.  Two, $200 scholarships were given out at graduation in Missy's name to members of the class of 2015.  As donations are still coming in, we will be able to support scholarships at the 2016 graduation as well.  What a wonderful way to carry on Melissa's legacy.  

Educational scholarships are a beautiful tribute to a loved.  They can be created, in any monetary amount, to honor someone's memory or as a living legacy.  If you would like more information on how to establish a scholarship fund for Presentation of Mary Academy students, please contact  at 978-682-9391 x116 or via email at
Stride by Stride

Class Valedictorian, Maria Splaine,  ran her first half marathon with Mrs. Viscosi the weekend after graduation.  They were both captured on RaceWire (pictured above) at the Newburyport River Run Half Marathon.  Proof that PMA teachers push you to succeed both inside and outside of the classroom.  
Congratulations Maria!  
More Graduation Highlights



Thank you for taking the time to keep up to date with all our news!  We hope you enjoyed this edition of ePathways.  Have a wonderful summer and we look forward to the next school year and welcoming the class of 2019.  

Thanks for reading,
Rose Maria DiFiore Redman '85
Head of School
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