December 8, 2020
Dear Parents and Guardians,

We are currently all fully engaged in preparing students for next week’s Presentations of Learning (POLs)This year we are changing up our typical individual presentation format and will be supporting students to engage in Socratic Seminars. These seminars will be conducted virtually and in real-time via Zoom. We are excited about how this format will allow students to connect with one another and support them to explore, address and discuss a question related to their class culture, individual behaviors and habits, and how modern youth are meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19. 

We invite you to read and discuss our guiding text, “The Six Declines of Modern Youth” with your student as they prepare for their seminar this week. Your students will also be supported by teachers in scheduled online meetings each day this week, and through individualized comments on their POL Preparation Document that will be given each afternoon.
Please see the following documents for more information:
  • 2020 POL Overview:This document provides an overview of the format, the rubric we will use to assess student performance, and most importantly the POL schedule and Zoom links on page 4

  • 2020 POL Preparation: Your student has made a copy of this document, and this is where they will keep all of their preparation work. Seminar group leaders will review this and comment on it each day to make sure students are keeping up with the preparation schedule. This is also where you can find a copy of the seminar text if you’d like to read it.
If you would like to observe your students’ POL, you are welcome to observe if you and your student believe this will not interfere with honest reflection. We do ask that you keep your camera and microphone off so as not to distract our student participants. If you have any questions about your students’ POL that they can’t answer, please contact their seminar group leader. Any scheduling questions may be directed to Lori Fisher at

POL Preparation Process this Week
Students have been preparing for the seminar by analyzing Kurt Hahn’s 1965 essay, “The Six Declines of Modern Youth.” This week, students are working in their seminar groups and individually, to work through the text, engage in preliminary textual coaching and craft a seminar pre-write that will serve as the basis for their discussion next week. Without these completed and revised prior to the assigned seminar time, students will not be able to participate in the seminar and will be asked to immediately schedule a make-up. Group leaders will be leaving comments on their preparation every day this week to let students know what revisions need to be made.

We hope to see you next week and wish you all the best as we close out and reflect on 2020 and invite in new opportunities for the coming year. Hoping you are all staying healthy and safe!
Lori, Tina, Susy, and Ande
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