The Mid-America MHTTC in September held its first formal training of personnel at Millard Public Schools (MPS), an Omaha district comprised of 35 schools and more than 24,000 students. Ninety-four educators and mental health professionals attended the training.

This session followed nine months of collaboration between the Mid-America MHTTC and MPS administrators in developing a professional development plan for district-wide behavior coaches. At the Sept. 23 training, Center trainers began working directly with the MPS behavior coaches — school psychologists, counselors, social workers, and building administrators — and self-identified "coaches of coaches" to provide training in comprehensive behavior coaching.
In November, Center trainers will return for a second training session, where they will focus on the topics of teaming and collaboration. 
"Feedback from the trainees has been positive, and they have been engaged and eager to learn," said Erika Franta, Ph.D., the Center's school mental health program coordinator. "Our team is excited to continue working with the MPS administration and behavior coaches to implement a comprehensive training model for addressing behavioral and mental health in a school system."