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We here at ACS wish you and your loved ones the most joyous of a holiday season.
We also take this time to reflect on how grateful we are to know each of our customers, vendors, and associates. Each of them, and you, are important to us, and we look forward to the coming year and what it may bring.
Our offices will be closed for the holidays beginning Monday, December 24,
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The articles in this newsletter are our most popular ones from this past year.
We hope you enjoy them!
New Deep Learning-Based
Image Analysis Software
Cognex ViDi Suite is the first deep learning-based image analysis software designed specifically for factory automation. It solves complex applications that are too difficult, tedious, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems. A breakthrough in complex inspection, part location, classification, and OCR, ViDi is ideal for:
  • Defect detection
  • Texture and material classification
  • Assembly verification and deformed part location
  • Character reading, including distorted print
Piab Kenos KCS Vacuum Gripper
The KCS is a new complete vacuum gripper from Piab based on ejector technology, suitable for collaborative robots, with its lightweight and smooth design. The modular KCS will give an excellent grip on almost any type of surface, and therefore a unique level of flexibility when it comes to picking up objects. This wide range of use thereby eliminates the need for retooling. Thus, the cobot is ready for immediate use at different processes, ensuring optimal usage of its capacity. The KCS is equipped with Piab’s latest high flow ejector. Paired with time and cost savings achieved through shorter downtimes and the lack of need for retooling, the Kenos® KCS gripper allows for a quick return on investment. 
New from Universal Robots: e-Series
Equipped with intuitive programming, versatile use and an almost endless list of opportunities for add-ons, the e-Series is able to complement production regardless of your industry, company size or product nature. The e-Series is designed to grow in capability alongside your business, taking on new tasks and finding new uses so you will always be able to stay ahead of your competitors.
  • Flexible deployment
  • Easy programming
  • Fast Setup
  • Quick Payback
  • Safe & Collaborative
Smart Vision OverDrive Series Aids with
Capturing High-Speed Images
BB Penetrating a Balloon
BB Exiting the Gun
 Have you ever wanted to see a BB in slow motion? In this video, Smart Vision Lights' OverDrive™ series of lights, specifically the ODS75 operating at 2000 SPS (strobes per second), captures a high-speed BB crossing a room. 
The OverDrive series of lights includes an integrated strobe driver for complete LED light control- no need for an external driver to control the light. The integrated intelligent driver monitors the strobe operation, maximizing the lights output during inspections of the vision system.
OverDrive Features:
  • 2000 SPS (Strobes Per Second) - 2nd Generation Lights
  • Intensity control using analog 0-10 VDC or potentiometer- 2nd Generation Lights
  • Highest Power LED Lights in the Vision Industry
  • SafeStrobe Technology ensures protected operation of LED's
  • 5 times brighter than standard high current LED Lights
  • Precise current provides stable Light Intensity
  • High Speed >> Fast Response
  • NPN and PNP strobe control
New Robotiq Skill: Click Detection
If you're working on insertion, assembly, or quality control tasks, you probably need your robot to apply force – like when it's supposed to push a button or link different types of mating connectors. 
Now you can execute these tasks even faster with the new Click Detection Skill.

The Click Detection Skill uses the data measured by the FT 300 Force Torque Sensor to detect sudden force drops in a specific direction, in contexts such as the push of a button or the linking of different types of mating connectors.
Dog Spotlight- Meet Riley
Presenting: our eighth Dog Spotlight!
If you've visited our office before, then you already know that we are a pup-friendly workplace. We've decided to feature one of the ACS dogs every other month to let you "meet" them too.

What would you like to know about Thomas Pilliod's dog Riley?

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