to the inaugural issue of the University of Miami Center for Computational Science (CCS) newsletter. This biannual publica-tion shares CCS News, Research, and Upcoming Events. As CCS approaches its 10-year anniversary this is an exciting time to get involved. Learn how CCS is extending computational science into the hemisphere with the creation of CCSAM—University of Miami Center for Computational Science for the Americas. Explore how CCS can facilitate interdisciplinary research through its Advanced Computing resources, and innovative solutions created by its Software Engineering team. Read more about this and the diverse areas of research utilizing UM's computational power.  

NSF Grant Awarded to Social Systems Informatics Program Director Dr. Daniel Messinger to Study Children's Social Networks

With a nifty, new, wristwatch-like device, researchers can harness technology to detect and record children’s movements throughout the day. The research will assist psychologists who study behavior, and also help teachers understand the inner workings of how children play, who they play with, where they play, and where maximum learning and language output occurs. Read more 

CCS Member Dr. Wangda Zuo Receives NSF Award for Big Data Analytics/Smart Cities Planning Project

This transformative research project
will lay the theoretical and practical foundations of smart, connected, and sustainable communities. 
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UMCCS & Yucatán State Sign Agreement to Create UM CCS for the Americas
The University of Miami, Yucatán State, and Heuristic have signed a strategic agreement to create a "UM Center for Computational Science for the Americas."  Read More
UM School of Architecture & CCS to Build First Smart City "Zenciti" in Yucatán Peninsula
UM School of Architecture and CCS are collaborating with IT leaders in the Yucatán to create a smart city expected to revolutionize the IT world with its integration of technology into everyday life. Read More 
CCS is Part of NSF-Funded Consortium for Advancing Research Computing Practices
"This  represents an exciting opportunity to create a vibrant community that emphasizes the strategic nature of research computing through facilitating the sharing of resources and expertise,” says CCS Director Nick Tsinoremas.
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CCS Member Ge-Cheng Zha Receives DARPA Award for Aviation Transports Study
A research grant from DARPA could help Ge-Cheng Zha transform the aviation industry with his superior co-flow jet (CFJ) airfoil's "super lift coefficient".  Read More

MICROSOFT Profiles CCS Visualization Program Director Alberto Cairo in an In-Depth I nterview 
Microsoft's in-depth interview looks at how Alberto's career has tracked along-side major technological developments that brought us to the current point in data visualization.  Read More
1st Annual CCS Big Data Conference Tackled the
Next Frontier of Innovation
CCS offered insight into state-of-the-art applications of Big Data, and south Florida's Big Data resources at the first annual Big Data Conference. Read More                                                
Inaugural Digital Humanities & Data Journalism Symposium Draws 125+
The first of its kind, this symposium focused on shared data types, visualization methods, and data com-munication—including text visualiza-tion, network diagrams, maps, data-bases and data wrangling. Read More
Meet the 2017-2018 CCS Fellows 
Gables One Tower, Room 639

Wednesday , January 11, 2017  3:30 PM
ACI-REF Face-to-Face Meeting
Advanced CyberInfrastructure-Research and Education Facilitators Meeting

February 1 - 3, 2017 
Expected Impacts of Multimodal Imaging in Precision Oncology
Speaker:  Enrico Capobianco, PhD

Monday, January 23, 2017  12:00 PM
This event gathers leaders in academia, professional practice, and industry to examine the Smart Cities phenomenon.

February 23, 2017 10:00 AM-5:00 PM
CCS Members Social
Save the date to meet other CCS Members and learn about their research while enjoying refreshments.

Friday, March 17, 2017 • 5:00-7:00 PM
Abess Center | Ungar Building
This event offers lectures and tutorials about shared data types, visualization methods, and data communication.

September 14 - 16, 2017 

 Data Visualization and Infographics are celebrated in this interactive and informative networking event. 

Thursday, November 17, 2017 
Athina Hadjixenofontos , PhD worked th CCS through her role as a founding member and  the first President of the Biomedical Graduate Student Government. Athna also founded and served on the steering committee for the Research Intersections initiative at UM.
Mahsa Mirzargar, Ph D,  has experience in uncertainty characterization and presenation, image processing, statistical analysis, and data science, and extensive experience in scientific visualization and multidimensional signal processing.
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