The Inspiration

In 2019, Julie was inspired to begin W2B by LAPD Officer John Coughlin, originally from Boston, and his partner, Officer Erick Ortiz, who selflessly dedicate their time and money to students from Watts who demonstrate hard work and determination. She knew had the resources to help.

The Hope

Watts, CA has a population of 36,000 people. Only 2% of people from Watts are college graduates. Our hope is to ensure that every student has the opportunity to attend college, support them on their college journey and assist them financially so they are ready to give back and inspire their community once they graduate.

The Generosity

Over $200,000 raised to date

Thank you to all our donors who have gotten us where we are today. We have helped over 50 students from Watts with high school tuition, we are supporting 10 college students by providing resources and tuition assistance and we helped numerous families who have been victims of crime or homelessness through our Trauma Fund. Every April we invite 8-10 scholars to come to Boston for a college tours.

Please join us for our 5th Annual
Watts 2 Boston Weekend Fundraiser

Pizza with a Purpose

Saturday, September 23


St. Sebastian's School ~ Needham


Saturday Event

Conversations with Cops

Sunday, September 24


The Mulvey's ~ 11 Glades Road, Scituate


Sunday Event

Annual Golf Tournament

Monday, September 25

11:00 Registration/Shotgun start at Noon

Hatherly Country Club, Scituate

Monday Golf Tournament

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