"The whole story has to be told," President Harry Truman's grandson, Clifton Truman Daniel, declared in a powerful interview with the Atomic Heritage Foundation (AHF) earlier this year. Thanks to your support, over the past 16 years AHF has shared the history of the Manhattan Project and the firsthand accounts of its participants with millions around the world. Please donate to AHF today to preserve and share these stories.
In February, we recorded a wonderful interview in New York City with Manhattan Project physicist Benjamin Bederson (pictured). Ben recalled, “At Los Alamos, they used to have Tuesday night seminars for everybody with a security clearance. I had to go! I heard J. Robert Oppenheimer, Enrico Fermi, and Niels Bohr…Being part of the seminars was a true honor.”

AHF has been privileged to get to know hundreds of Manhattan Project veterans. We are proud to share their stories and to publish archival interviews with some of the project’s luminaries. Our “Voices of the Manhattan Project” website now features over 540 interviews with veterans, family members, and experts. The collection has become a treasure trove for journalists, authors, filmmakers, TV producers, scholars, and students. 

AHF’s audience is rapidly growing. In 2018, our websites will reach 3 million pageviews, a 40% increase from 2017. Many of the users are middle and high school students as well as tourists interested in a preview of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park sites.
Our primary goal over the next three years is to expand our educational resources. Working with high school teachers, we plan to produce more audio/visual vignettes, articles, and other classroom resources. Currently, we are developing programs on the Manhattan Project’s legacy for science and technology at Oak Ridge and other valuable STEM resources for teachers and students. (Pictured: Manhattan Project veteran Norman Brown talking to students).  

The content of AHF’s websites has expanded dramatically over the last five years. A case in point is the Manhattan Project Veterans Database, which now has over 14,000 profiles. To navigate the sites more easily, we are planning a much needed transformation of our websites.

But we need your help to realize these plans. Please donate generously to help us share the memories of Ben Bederson and other veterans.

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