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Preserving Boater Interests: An Update For You!

Dear Dana Point Boater,

We’re thrilled to share some exciting news. Thanks to the collective efforts of thousands of dedicated boaters, our passionate boating community, and RBOC’s invaluable advocacy partner, BoatUS, RBOC successfully prevented a 300% increase in state boat registration fees, slated to take effect on July 1 this year. While $60 may not sound significant, it adds up for many of us with multiple registered vessels. Some of our fellow boaters have saved a substantial $180 or more due to the failure of this proposed legislation.


However, the work is far from over. The legislation may not have passed, but it didn’t address the ongoing $20 million annual shortfall in the Division of Boating and Waterways’ Harbors and Watercraft Revolving Fund. This issue remains unresolved and will be revisited in 2024 when the Legislature convenes the second year of the 2023-2024 legislative session.


In addition to victory on the registration fee increase, the Recreational Boaters of CA (RBOC) have been tirelessly advocating on your behalf this year. Their efforts have touched upon various vital issues, including:


  1. Securing the decision by the authors of AB 241 [Reyes] and SB 84 [Gonzalez] not to extend a law that directs a portion of boat registration fees to go to the California Air Resources Board for vehicle programs.
  2. Collaboration with Assembly Member Laurie Davies to ensure that, consistent with the Assembly Member’s intent, a proposed study of shoreline erosion would not be funded by boaters.
  3. Engaged with the author and sponsors of a proposed voluntary speed limit along the coast to exempt boaters.
  4. Vigilantly monitored legislation to remove abandoned commercial vessels from waterways without impacting our effective boater-supported program for abandoned and derelict recreational vessels.


For more details about RBOC’s advocacy efforts on your behalf or to contribute to the cause, please visit their website at


Preparing for a Government Shutdown: Your Boating Community’s Safety


Have you ever wondered what would happen to our maritime environment during a government shutdown? The Coast Guard plays a vital role in safeguarding our waters, enforcing U.S. and international laws, and responding to incidents. Rest assured, Dana Point Boaters, the Coast Guard is here to protect you.


BoatUS has confirmed that in the event of a government shutdown, the U.S. Coast Guard will continue performing essential duties, ensuring your safety. However, some services, such as document renewals and vessel safety checks, may be temporarily considered non-essential.

During the last government shutdown, while most of the military received payment due to the passing of a defense budget, approximately 50,000 members of the Coast Guard reported for duty without pay. In the event of another shutdown, they will again need to wait for their payment until the government reopens. If you know any Coast Guard families, please consider extending a helping hand, as they may require financial assistance during these challenging times. You can make a difference by visiting to donate.


The Power of Your Donation


We appreciate your continued support of DPBA, and we extend our gratitude for your moral and financial contributions. Our efforts to raise funds for legal initiatives on behalf of Dana Point slip holders are ongoing. Please donate today by clicking here.


As we navigate these challenges, let’s reflect on two essential questions: What does the potential government shutdown say about the overall state of our national, state, and local governing entities? Are we indeed a government “of the people, by the people, and for the people,” as President Abraham Lincoln eloquently posed in the Gettysburg Address?


Thank you for being an essential part of our boating community. Together, we’ll continue to protect your interests and the values we hold dear.


Dana Point Boaters Association thanks you for your help and dedication to improving our home port marina experience. Feel free to fly your I'm All In Flag (special class legal fund donation.)

Legal Endeavors are Expensive

Lastly, legal endeavors are expensive, and we appreciate all who have donated to our legal fund.

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