May 13, 2022
PV Independent: In your opinion, what is the biggest issue facing Paradise Valley residents?
By Councilmember Julie Pace

I love Paradise Valley, and I have a passion for fighting for our quality of life. I have the energy, experience, connections and leadership to help address challenges that arise in our town.

Our town is at risk from overdevelopment, increased density, traffic congestion, state legislation, and the influx of short-term rentals and timeshares. Even our iconic mountains and open space are at risk. This is tugging at my heart for the town we all love.

Carefully consider voting records to determine who actually preserves Paradise Valley with actions, not mere words. If you want Scottsdale, don’t vote for me.

My opponent advocates for a reduction in setbacks from 20 feet to 10 feet for view and view-combo fences in the front yards of homes on 14 miles of our roads, thereby creating a tunneling effect.

Our town’s Planning Commission voted 7-0 against it. I continue to lead efforts against his proposal to reduce open space.

I voted against a resort proposal to build a five-plex party and rooftop wedding complex adjacent to a single-family residence. My opposition voted to allow it to go forward. My grassroots leadership efforts stopped the project.

We have up to six resorts that may go through the development and special-use permit process. We need responsible and mindful development, with a transparent process and resident input. We can look around and see past mistakes that failed to protect our town.

I am the only candidate for mayor who has consistently worked to preserve Paradise Valley’s scenic ambiance, encourage resident input, and push for transparency in the town’s actions. I have a strong track record of fighting to preserve our quality of life.

Join our large and growing team to work together to keep the paradise in Paradise Valley.

Counting Saguaros in PV
By Councilmember Julie Pace

The Desert Botanical Gardens is launching its first-ever Saguaro Census and you can help! 

Dr. Tanya Hernandez is working to get a better understanding of the challenges that saguaro cactus face living in our Town and surrounding cities.

Ask your child, a grandchild or a neighbor to help to identify the saguaro cacti in your neighborhood.

1. Add information, photos, and a count of the number of saguaro cacti in your area on the free app inaturalist.

2. Observe the saguaro cactus and include information such as approximate height, number of arms, coloration, wounds or lost limbs, exposed roots and any animal signs like holes.

3. Identify the location and include a photo of the saguaro and the area around it.

The information you have recorded will help scientists create an understanding of the saguaro cacti that live in urban areas.
Congrats to Council Candidate Christine Labelle
On A Successful Fundraiser!
By Councilmember Julie Pace

Kudos to Christine for hosting another great fundraising event and for continuing to work to help our Paradise Valley residents and preserve our special quality of life. A BIG thank you to Denise Serro and her husband for hosting this event at their beautiful home.
The evening included a special musical performance from local supporters Stephen Ashbrook and The Black Moods to create a truly unique event. Over 70 supporters from across the Valley were in attendance!
I am proud and look forward to serving with them and other Council colleagues who are like-minded about preserving our Town and standing up for residents' interests.
If you would like to learn more about Christine Labelle’s campaign for Paradise Valley Town Council or to donate to support her, please visit her website at
Voter Registration or Early Voting Ballot Request
2022 is a big election year for Arizona and across the country! The primary election is on August 2 and the general election is on November 8. You must register to vote by July 5 to vote in the primary election. Don't miss your chance to vote. CLICK HERE to register to vote today!

Maricopa County voters can request a one-time ballot to be sent by mail to a residence or mailing address on file, or to a temporary mailing address for the August 2 Primary Election and November 8 General Election. CLICK HERE to request your ballot in the mail.

Paradise Valley Updates
The Town Council approved the Town Hall chiller project. The existing 80-ton chiller and the two 40-ton compressors were installed in 2005 and are approaching the end of service life. The cost for the project is $605,048.
The Town Council approved a replat of parcel A-1 of the Five-Star project that included combining two resort villas on the ground level, updating building lettering and unit numbers, updating the square footage numbers to as-built conditions, and eliminating one resort villa unit so that the total number of units will be 80 units (they were authorized to go up to 94 resort villa units). It also includes reduction of some parking spaces to accommodate approximately 1,800 square feet of storage for the clubhouse/HOA.
Regarding community funding, the Town Council is discussing funding two homelessness initiatives and one program that services older residents in Paradise Valley. The recommendations are to fund a total of $60,000 consisting of $25,000 to CASS, $25,000 to MAG Pathways Home Action Plan, and $10,000 to Duet.
The Paradise Valley Police Department has responded to 21 calls related to homelessness in our Town in 2021. If a resident has a concern about a homeless person, call the Paradise Valley non-emergency line of 480.948.7410 to ask for a welfare check. For emergencies, call 911.
The Town Council approved the Desert Crest drainage improvement CIP project. This involves a hotspot of flooding issues. The scope of work includes installation of concrete at low flow crossing, bank stabilization with riprap and improved curbing. The total cost will be approximately $247,581. Construction should occur in June and July 2022.
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
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