June 17, 2022

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PV Prohibits Renting Out Swimming Pools or Soccer Fields in Backyards
By Councilmember Julie Pace

There is a new trend for homeowners to rent out their pools on a website named swimply. It is a novel concept, but it is a violation of the Paradise Valley Town Code to rent out your pool or backyard for athletic events or coaching such as for soccer, etc. 

Please do not do so in Paradise Valley. Please help us protect the Town from commercial uses.

Paradise Valley is focused on residential living. It is a Town where residents expect to enjoy peace and quiet in their backyards without the equivalent of outdoor businesses operating next door or over the wall that can disturb neighbors and neighborhoods.
Town Election: By August 2
Last day to register to vote: July 5

Early voting begins July 6. Watch your mailbox if you are registered as an early voter. Contact Maricopa County Recorder to obtain your ballot.

There will be an early ballot dropbox in the Town hall lobby starting July 8 (hours are 7 AM to 4 PM). 

There will be an early ballot voting location in the Town's community room from 9 AM to 4 PM on the following dates: July 22, July 25 -July 29, and August 1.

The Maricopa county elections department has created a new website to provide information to voters. https://elections.maricopa.gov. Also voters can go to beballotready.vote for additional information.
Pace: Rebuttal to LeMarr
By Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate Julie Pace, 

A critical issue is the split in votes to reduce setbacks from 20 feet to 10 feet for view and combo fences along 14 miles of our roads, which will reduce visual open space and create a tunneling effect.

As one PV resident said, this will forever change the character of our town from Paradise Valley to “Paradise Alley” if open space is reduced along 14 miles of our roads. Cynthia and Randy Buness, PV Independent, Dec. 8, 2021.

Our town’s Planning Commission unanimously voted 7 to 0 against the reduction in setbacks, which the town staff had recommended. Planning Commission meeting minutes, Oct. 5, 2021.
Planning Commissioners said “if the change were made it would be impossible to undo” and that “the original goal of the existing ordinance is to create openness as well as attractive safe streetscapes.”

Our mayor and some councilmembers did not agree with our Planning Commission and wanted to reduce the setbacks. PV Town Council meeting, Nov. 4, 2021.

Narrowing the streets creates Scottsdale and Phoenix-style subdivision neighborhoods and less open space for our town’s streets and views.

Our residents oppose the setback reduction, but the mayor does not agree with the residents and instead wants to vote on it after the August election.

Your vote matters in this election. This is just one example of slippage of our town’s unique character and openness.

Paradise Valley Updates
New Executive Assistant to Town Manager and Town Council started work this week at Town Hall. 

Please welcome Annie Vauqier. Stop by and say hello as we welcome Annie to our lovely Town of Paradise Valley. We look forward to working with her on many Town events and projects.

During late summer, the Town engineers will be moving over to Community Development so that should be easier for applicants and their representatives to meet at one location for projects or to address questions. Thanks to our great staff professionals for all they do to help people on projects and to strive to help residents preserve our unique residential character.
Cholla and Echo Canyon Trails: Parking and Drop-offs

The latest on Cholla Trail, Councilmember Ellen Andeen and I and others are working with council leaders in Phoenix on addressing the issue with parking and drop-offs of hikers at the Cholla trail. The trail is opening up in July or August. 

While we are talking to residents and elected officials in Phoenix, our Town Manager and team is talking with Phoenix Staff to try to find solutions to parking and drop-off issues both at Cholla and Echo Canyon trails. 

Camelback Mountain and both of its trails are very popular. The congestion has gotten worse at Echo Canyon trails, and we anticipate congestion as the second trail Cholla opens back up. 

The parties involved are trying to be mindful with realistic and safe solutions to be implemented for drop-offs and pick-ups. Stay tuned as this develops. We are optimistic that new options will be implemented and we hope they will minimize impacts on surrounding neighborhoods and will reduce unsafe situations involving traffic.
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