July 1, 2022
Happy Fourth of July!
“We must be free not because we claim freedom, but because we practice it”
-William Faulkner

Councilmember Julie Pace was proud and touched to participate in a high school graduation ceremony involving these proud young future soldiers who were starting their service in the military to keep us all free.  

Let’s take a moment of silence on the Fourth of July to celebrate our great country where we stand for liberty, freedom, fairness, volunteer service to help others, and courage to do what is right and that these are concepts worth fighting for. 

Let’s remember those in Ukraine, and throughout the world, who are fighting for freedom and democracy, as it is something to never take for granted.
Paradise Valley Mayor's Debate: June 28
By Councilmember and former Vice-Mayor Julie Pace

The Mayors debate was a good opportunity to learn more about the candidates, their different styles, strengths and experience.

Positive feedback about my responses included:

"Julie, you did a terrific job tonight. You made your points well and kept smiling. A+" --Pam Hait
The debate was a good opportunity for me to explain why me for mayor and why now?

This election is critical because it is a tipping point for our community as we have up to six resort projects coming and attacks being made on our one-acre residential lots.

My record is stronger than the Mayor's regarding adopting a policy to buffer one acre residences from resort redevelopment proposals and stopping party houses. I voted to protect residents and the Mayor did not. See Theresa Maos Op-ed 6/29/22, PV Independent.

I love and enjoy our world-class resorts and want them to succeed, but we cannot be afraid to talk about past mistakes so that voters understand voting for me for Mayor can prevent mistakes repeating themselves.  

I was not on Town Council when the Mountain Shadows or Five-Star/Ritz was adopted.  

Weaknesses regarding past developments include:

1.    Front mammoth entry to Mountain Shadows

2.    Chain link building structure at 54th St & McDonald for Mountain Shadows

3.    Density of the Five Star/ Ritz project (and it is not even done yet)

4.    Traffic congestion at Five Star/Ritz project  

5.    Weak development agreement with ambiguities with Five Star/Ritz that if had been read carefully and addressed at the time could have avoided the Town advancing monies for the developer’s construction, avoided a lawsuit with the town, and avoided the town having to take out an $8 million dollar bond.  I have a lot of experience with construction contracts and I’ve read hundreds and this type of development agreement would not happen on my watch.

6.    I opposed the 120-foot spire proposed to be built at Five Star/Ritz and I am the only councilmember to submit written comments to the Scottsdale Board to oppose the spire.

7.    I opposed three-story balconies overlooking houses on the Smoketree project

8.    I opposed the five-unit party and wedding complex with a 24-foot high roof top bar adjacent to Theresa Mao’s home

9.    And, I opposed HB 2674 at the Legislature that would eliminate one-house-per-acre zoning. 

Again we want resort success, but we can’t hide from the mistakes in development projects that were made by our mayor and his close friend Paul Dembow on their watches.

Term limits matter and refresh is needed. We have a deep bench in PV of talented people and we do not need the same people election after election who get too comfortable and entrenched.

I am excited and look forward to serving with Councilmember Ellen Andeen, Christine Labelle and the rest of my peers to solve and address responsible resort development. I am known as a creative problem solver. Our future looks bright.

We have to stand together to preserve the Town we love. Vote for Julie Pace for mayor to preserve our quality of life for residential living and responsible resort development.  I have the seasoned experience and connections to make a difference in preserving the character of our Town.

Thanks to the Paradise Valley Independent and Lead News Editor Melissa Rosequist for hosting the mayors debate on June 28.
Unkefer: Term Limits Have Many Benefits to the Community
By Andy & Amy Unkefer, Paradise Valley residents | Guest Commentary | PV Independent

Term limits help restore political courage. Term–limited elected officials can focus on the job they’ve been elected to do and then they won’t shrink under pressure because they don’t need to worry about a re-election campaign.

Term limits reduce the risk that office holders develop close relationships with lobbyists and lawyers with special interests who have reoccurring business before the town. Long-term incumbents can become susceptible to the comforts of cronyism, influence peddling and favoritism.

Term limits broaden the talent pool and opportunities for resident engagement. Instead of office holders planning and focusing on how they can be elected for term after term, they should focus on accomplishing their goals without delay and engage in succession planning and mentoring others to follow them. They should not try to maintain a good-old-boy network where they control the people who get elected or withhold the transfer of institutional knowledge. Service should be about fostering long-term success of the town.

In this election cycle, we have the mayor running for a third term and a council member running for a fourth term. This is the first election in many years that there is a choice for mayor. This suggests that there is a need to broaden the sources of recruitment and input for residents.

We applaud council members Julie Pace and Ellen Andeen for requesting that the mayor place on the council agenda a discussion of providing Paradise Valley residents the opportunity to vote on whether we should have term limits. The mayor thus far has chosen not to, and the mayor has control of the agenda.

We as residents of Paradise Valley request that the mayor and council place term limits on the ballot for voters to make that decision. Please let the voters have input and decide this issue and do not withhold that opportunity.

Pace: Javelina on My Patio
By Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate Julie Pace

Deterring Javelinas From Your Yard

Javelinas can wreak havoc on your landscaping. 

Javelinas have poor eyesight and people should stay away from them. Do not feed them as that will encourage them to stay and they will bite you.

If you encounter Javelinas, make them afraid to come back by making very loud noises, such as banging pots and pans or stomping your feet and yelling at them.

Javelinas can wreak havoc on your landscaping. They eat a lot of prickly pear cactus to get water.  
Javelina on my patio
If you leave a pumpkin out for Halloween, they will often devour it and make a big mess on your front porch. They also eat vines, grasses, mesquite beans and succulent plants.

Tips to deter Javelinas:

1. Plant Javelina-resistant or repellent plants. For example, herbs of basil, lavender, mint, rosemary and sage can be a deterrent, and they don’t like cucumbers, chili peppers or eggplants. Other deterrents: Butterfly bush, hibiscus, ice plants, hens & chicks, geraniums, marigolds, roses, vincas or snapdragons. 

2. Javelinas are attracted to dropped fruit so pick up fruit under your fruit trees. This will also help reduce the rat population.

3. Keep cat and dog food away from your yard where other animals such as Javelinas or rats can eat it.

4. If you have a lot of Javelinas in your yard, consider hanging pots or keeping pots in an enclosed space or courtyard where they cannot get to them.

5. Sometimes an amendment to the soil of blood and bone meal can help keep rabbits and Javelinas from your garden.
Residents Supporting Pace, Andeen & Labelle
Vote Julie Pace for Paradise Valley Town Mayor!
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
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