By Julie Pace

Happy Fourth of July from Camelback Mountain to each of you, your family and friends as we celebrate together this special day that gave birth to our young and vibrant country. Through America's history, we have demonstrated the light of democracy and a commitment to the greater good to make a better world. Today, let's celebrate the tapestries of lives that together make America. And, remember Oliver Wendell Holmes who said:

"One Flag, One Land, One Heart, One Hand, One Nation Evermore."

Helicopter Safety and Camelback Mountain
By Julie A. Pace

How many helicopter rescues occur on Camelback Mountain?

In 2016, there were 84 rescue responses with 86 individuals rescued at Camelback Mountain. The helicopter hoist was used 41 times, and there were 28 two skid landings. Helicopter lights also were used to assist lost hikers off the mountain at night. 

In 2016, two fatalities occurred on Camelback Mountain. The rescue helicopter was dispatched to recover the bodies. It takes about 18 minutes from hangar to hangar to address Camelback Mountain responses. 

The Phoenix Fire and Police Mountain Rescue team handles hiker rescues on Camelback Mountain. The Phoenix rescue team has two helicopters. All pilots are police officers. It is a unique and collaborative effort between medical, fire, and police to have this skilled team available to the community. 

Landings and take offs are still the largest risk regarding helicopter usage. The Fire Department often is on foot going up the mountain, while the air support is assisting. 
Drone incursion is a serious safety issue for the helicopters. It is difficult to detect drones. For safety reasons, it may be helpful to limit recreational drones being used on Camelback given the number of rescues that this team is performing. 

It is important to minimize hiker rescues.   As a result, the ACOPS committee provides Town resorts the flyer “Take a Hike, Do It Right.” Locals and visitors should know the risks of hiking Camelback, including lack of water and a misunderstanding of the trail risks. 

Phoenix Police and Fire are proud that they are the only model in the country that works together instead of having separate units. This improves efficiency and enhances communication and a collaborative effort to benefit all of the community. 
Election Updates: August 2020 Primary
Early Voting Starts Next Wednesday - July 8
Be on the lookout for the election edition of the Town Reporter arriving in mailboxes this week. It includes general information about the August 4th mayor and council election along with statements.

The primary election will fall on August 4 and the general election will be held on November 3 . You must register to vote by July 6 to vote in the primary election. Don't miss your chance to vote. Voters that requested their ballot by mail should receive their ballots on or around July 8. If you would like to vote from home or check the status of your ballot, visit  Maricopa.Vote .

Maricopa County has not released the final list of Vote Centers. There will be approximately 100 centers. They will open in phases: July 8, July 22, July 29 and Election Day.

County Elections is encouraging all voters to visit BeBallotReady.Vote and Locations.Maricopa.Vote to either sign up to receive a mail ballot or find their nearest polling location. We will continue to provide information and resources as we receive it.
Recent News in Paradise Valley
Bien-Willner: Working as a team to protect and advance our quality of life

It has certainly been an eventful past few months for all of us, as our town and people around the world have navigated unprecedented challenges.

But the past few months have also served as an important reminder of just how important it is to have strong, steady leadership on our Town Council. 

Current Vice Mayor Julie Pace has been an energetic and enthusiastic voice on the Town Council over the past several years, and has played a driving role in such matters as improving our hillside ordinances, working to support our police department and first responders, ensuring our town has a responsible budget moving forward, sharing her knowledge and experience as a business lawyer, and in many other key areas. She is a tireless worker on behalf of our town.

Andeen: I support Julie Pace for re-election

I heartily endorse Vice Mayor Julie Pace for re-election to the Paradise Valley Town Council.

During my tenure on the Town Council, I have witnessed firsthand the long hours, thorough preparation, and thoughtful analysis that Julie devotes to the town’s business. She sincerely cares about our residents and enhancing the quality of life for our community.Vice Mayor Pace’s voting record shows that focus and care too.

She has made a real difference on the Town Council, and I urge town residents to support her re-election so she can continue her service to the town for another term.

Town of Paradise Valley Updates
Tips for Mosquito Control

1. Standing water is breeding ground for mosquitos so remove sources of water. Secure water bottle caps onto water bottles before disposing of them. Turn plastic containers or buckets upside down so they do not store water from the rain and turn into standing water. Clean out gutters.

2. Change out water sources weekly, such as with birdbaths.

3. Protect yourself using mosquito repellant when outdoors.  

4. Avoid scented body products.  

5. Wear light colored clothing as mosquitoes are attracted to dark colored clothing.  

6. Treat water features. I have used the doughnut shaped briquettes to put in our fountains that kills mosquito larvae. They last about 30 days and do not harm fish or birds but read the labels and make sure.

7. Chlorinate swimming pools.

8. Run fans at ground level. Rapid air movement confused mosquitoes. Breeze from fans makes it difficult for mosquitoes to fly.

9. Try lemon eucalyptus an effective natural oil to help repel mosquitos but it is strong bug repellent and not child or pet friendly. Lavender oil is also common in bug repellants. Clove spray or oil can help, but it is also strong. And peppermint and castor oil combo can be used as a natural repellant. Natural repellants do not last a long time. You can use chemical products like DEET and others.

Mosquitos are annoying but also can carry vector-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus, Zika and others. 
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