March 25, 2022
Happy Spring and Enjoy Spring Training Games!

We are lucky to live in such a beautiful Town and state! The beauty of the sky, sunsets, cactus and desert ambience.

Get out there an hike, visit the Zoo, or visit the Chihuly exhibit or butterflies at Desert Botanical Gardens. I enjoyed a Cubs game at Sloan Park, ate a chicago dog and sang "Take Me Out To The Ballgame." Such a good feeling!

There are so many great things to enjoy outside while the weather is gorgeous! People love to visit and live in our sunshine. We are blessed!
BIG SUCCESS at Christine Labelle Meet & Greet
By Councilmember Julie Pace

On March 23, 2022, PV Town Council Candidate Christine Labelle met with Town residents to share her commitment to preserving Paradise Valley, stopping party houses and serving our Town in so many ways.

Kudos to Christine for stepping up to serve on Town Council.

Thanks to Bill Dougherty and Beth McRae for hosting this meet and greet event at their beautiful PV home. Over 50 friends and supporters were in attendance!

Christine's bright and confident twin daughters were in attendance, as well as her amazingly supportive and successful musician-husband, along with her team members that help Christine with success in so many areas.
Christine grew up in PV and it was fun to meet her friends who all went to elementary schools in PV and still live in PV. They understand the special place we have and the development pressures threatening our community.

They are all energized to preserve Paradise Valley and support the preservation candidates such as Christine LaBelle, Councilmember Ellen Andeen and Julie Pace for Mayor.
I am proud and look forward to serving with them and other Council colleagues who are like-minded about preserving our Town.

What a great refreshed Council and Mayor team we will have after August 2, with no drama, and a team of smart, diligent, and collaborative members who are doers and can focus on the Town needs without distractions. The future looks bright!

Vote on August 2, 2022! Make a difference for our community.
Support Those Who Fight for Quality of Life in Our Town
If you are a PV Town resident, please take a moment today to sign online for the following individuals who all three strongly support our mountains, quality of life, and preserving PV and get them on the ballot. If you haven't already, please click below to go to the electronic E-Qual secured voter website and sign online. The deadline to sign is April 3rd.
How Do I Sign the Petition Online?
Put your name, DOB, driver's license and follow instructions to sign electronically. Make sure to confirm it TWICE for your signature to be valid.

You will see a confirmation when your signature is accepted. The system matches you with the voter rolls at Maricopa County so that is why it verifies and requires your information.
If you prefer one of us to come to your home to get signatures, we would be happy to do so. Just email me at to schedule a time.
Art in Town Hall
Councilmember Ellen Andeen and Charles Keller in front of the children’s art from Kiva
Councilmember Ellen Andeen with professional artist Bobby Lee Krajnik purchasing a piece of art
By Councilmember Julie Pace

Come down to Town Hall and enjoy the gorgeous paintings of professional PV artist Bobby Lee Krajnik.

The Town's Art Committee showcases a local artist each year. And you can even buy the paintings just like Councilmember Ellen Andeen did in the above photo!

Thanks to the Kiva elementary school for their art show held in the Town's community room for the past month. Each year one of the local schools prepares and participates in the youth art show.

Kudos to Chair Laura Paquelet-Carpinelli and the PV Arts Committee and Town Council liaison Ellen Andeen for sharing the beauty of art in our community.
New Town Email for STR & Party House Complaints
By Councilmember Julie Pace

The new short term rental regulations have been implemented and that means education and patience. The Town is working on creating a new website section with required forms and portal that can accept data. This takes time but will be worth the wait. It will help build evidence, increase safety, and minimize issues for neighbors.

The Town has created a new email address you can use for any concern, complaint or issue regarding party houses or short term rentals so please use:

This email address will allow a Town team member to review the information and concern, prioritize it and involve the correct Town employee, whether it is the Town enforcement personnel or PV police department.

Do not hesitate to contact the PV police non-emergency line at 480.948.7410 for active matters such as loud noise or other violations. Use 911 for any emergencies.

The Town is getting ready to roll-out a new brochure on "Be A Good Neighbor" to remind people and renters to follow the PV rules. This past week the Town Manager held a meeting at Town Hall approximately ten rental platforms and had a good meeting to help people understand the Town requirements.

And we will soon welcome back our Police Volunteers. Yeah!!!!

There is nothing like spring training in Arizona and hearing those long-awaited words at the start of every game ... PLAY BALL! Recently Julie Pace enjoyed spending Spring Training with the Chicago Cubs at Sloan Park.

A good reminder to get out and enjoy the Spring weather!
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
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