May 20, 2022
PV Law Enforcement Torch Run
Paradise Valley participants who ran in the Law Enforcement torch run.
By Councilmember Julie Pace

On May 14, the Paradise Valley Police Department and volunteers who support the police department participated in the 40th anniversary of the Law Enforcement Torch Run that benefits Special Olympics.

For those unfamiliar with the Torch Run, law enforcement carries a torch across parts of the state to kick off the ceremonies of the summer Special Olympics.

Our PV police department is listed as one of the Top 20 Fundraising Agencies in Arizona.
Help fundraise for Special Olympics Arizona by going to Paradise Valley Police Dream Team's team fundraising page for Special Olympics Arizona -
The official torch run route was a 5k and the option of a 1-mile fun run that passed by Tempe Town Lake. 

Kudos to PV Chief Pete Wingert, Detective Steven McGee, Officer Amy McGee and the other officers and volunteers who helped put this event together to support Special Olympics. 

Thanks to Councilmember Ellen Andeen who represented Town Council and ran and participated in the Torch Run on May 14! 

Councilmember Ellen Andeen has been a Paradise Valley Police Volunteer for several years and she is very committed to supporting our police department. Visit to learn more about Ellen Andeen’s reelection campaign.

It is great to see the good things that people do every day in our community to help others and to build a sense of community.
Councilmember Ellen Andeen ran in the law enforcement torch run to benefit Special Olympics.
Town Council Candidates Forum
By Councilmember Julie Pace

On May 16, the Eagle Society held a successful forum in which the four council candidates up for election on August 2 provided information about themselves and were available to answer questions. There are three open Paradise Valley Town Council seats.

There were approximately 75 residents and everyone enjoyed the event and the opportunity to learn more about the council candidates. 

The three women running for council did a great job and really shined as the candidates to vote for including Councilmember Ellen Andeen, Council candidate Christine Labelle, and Councilmember Anna Thomasson.

We have good candidates in this race whom all happen to be women. So just remember to vote for the women on August 2. 

Summaries of the presentations from my perspective follow. A big thanks to El Chorro for opening up on Monday to host the event.
Councilmember Ellen Andeen

Councilmember Ellen Andeen is up for re-election to Town Council for a second term. Ellen did a fabulous job of providing information about her historic roots. She is a native of PV and attended Cherokee and Chaparral schools. Ellen and her family’s long-term commitment to preserving Paradise Valley and naming Mummy Mountain is part of the fabric of our community.

Ellen’s father, Richard Andeen, ran on a preservation slate of town council candidates in the 1980s. The preservation slate won and they made a difference to preserve Paradise Valley. It’s great to see Ellen follow in her father’s footsteps. And Ellen’s very committed mother, Ann Andeen, was present. Ann is well known in the community for her public service and straightforward approach and historic perspective.

Ellen is a finance whiz, who thinks and speaks in numbers. She has a lot of integrity, character, and supports our Town’s ethics code and good governance practices. 

Ellen has served as a Paradise Valley town police volunteer, served as a treasurer on the FBI Citizen Academy, and served for two years as chair of ACOPS. 

I support Ellen Andeen for reelection to Paradise Valley Town Council and I’m proud to serve with her. She strongly supports the preservation of Paradise Valley and her voting record is consistent with that principle.

I have seen all the good work that Ellen has done during her past four years of service. Ellen is not afraid to stand up for what is right and doesn’t kowtow to bullying or intimidating behaviors. Ellen will stand strong to represent our Town.

Ellen does not support the Mayor’s initiative to reduce setbacks on 14 miles of our roads. Ellen believes in open space and keeping Paradise Valley the way it is. Learn more by visiting
Council Candidate Christine Labelle

It is exciting to get to know Christine Labelle and her family who are committed to preserving Paradise Valley. Christine will be a great council member And I would welcome and be proud to serve with Christine. 

Christine digs in to learn an issue and find creative solutions. She doesn’t give up to solve an issue. Christine has already led grassroots efforts to stop Pacaso, the timeshare company that came to PV. Christine has stopped group homes and party houses and she does not live in an HOA.

Christine is an independent thinker who brings a broad array of experiences and people skills that will serve our Town well. And Christine knows her compass regarding preservation so she will not be easily swayed or get caught up in gobbledygook language that is used to try to mislead. Instead, she does her homework.

Christine is an experienced businesswoman who has great experience in real estate and zoning and she also has led and been a part of the negotiations team for a second major airline for many, many years. She is used to working with lots of people with varying views to achieve solutions.

Christine grew up in the town for past 45 years and went to both Kiva and Cherokee schools. Her parents have been active in Paradise Valley since the 1970s. She and her husband have twin daughters that they also raised in the Town who attended PV schools. 

Christine also serves on the Town’s historic committee and was actively involved in preparing for and working on the Town’s recent 60th-anniversary celebration. 

Christine advocates upgrading the Town’s website so it’s more user-friendly for residents and she said she would be happy to work on that project. It is great to see such a quality candidate step up to serve on the council and do good for the Town.

Learn more about Christine Labelle by visiting
Councilmember Anna Thomasson

Councilmember Anna Thomasson is seeking a second term for reelection. She enjoys walking her dogs throughout the town and meeting people throughout the community. She served one year as Chair of the ACOPS committee to help with public outreach and education.

Our council has agreed to a process to rotate the vice mayor position among each of us who serve on council so that we take turns serving as vice mayor. it helps refresh the council and has been a healthy process to rotate the vice mayor position. 

One of the historic duties of the vice mayor is to be the liaison among councilmembers and work to be inclusive of all councilmembers. Former vice mayor David Sherf did a great job in that role and was a good liaison among councilmembers. We can all learn from his example.

This year Anna Thomasson is serving as vice mayor and she is enjoying the extra duties, which also include serving as liaison to the planning and zoning commission.

She gave a good presentation on Monday and committed to doing good works and fostering a positive environment and not undermining people from town staff, councilmembers and in the community.

She explained that she lived in Switzerland, Los Angeles California, Seattle Washington, Wisconsin and other places, but always felt that her home was in Paradise Valley and she kept a home in Paradise Valley during her working career. She was very glad to retire early and enjoy our beautiful community.

Her work experience was in organizational change and communications and she worked as a consultant for companies before retiring. Anna likes public speaking and advocating for the Town. I look forward to working with all three women candidates and they will each bring value to the Council.
Councilmember Paul Dembow

The fourth candidate who is seeking a fourth term was negative and publicly attacked the three women running for office in front of their parents, children and spouses. He did not take questions.
He spent his time spewing false statements and trying to explain away the Brown incident and the cross incident. Paradise Valley can do better and should NOT reelect him for a fourth term.
Targeting people and game-playing is not what service or leadership is about. Leaders should be facilitating good relations among the team. 
He is seeking a fourth term of 16 years on council. This is why I believe in term limits of a maximum of two terms for council and for mayor. Time to pass on him so we can elect the three women to council who will serve the Town and who are not caught up in power games. 
Voter Registration or Early Voting Ballot Request
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Maricopa County voters can request a one-time ballot to be sent by mail to a residence or mailing address on file, or to a temporary mailing address for the August 2 Primary Election and November 8 General Election. CLICK HERE to request your ballot in the mail or CLICK HERE to apply online for Active Early Voting List.

Celebrate Town Anniversary May 26 5:30 PM at Townhall
By Councilmember Julie Pace

Feel free to stop by Townhall at 5:30 pm on Thursday, May 26 for the annual celebration of our Town’s anniversary of incorporation in May 1961!

Following tradition, the Town’s Historic Committee brings a cake, cookies or cupcakes to recognize the occasion.

I proudly serve as the council liaison to the historic committee and at our last meeting, we decided to start a new tradition: Inviting all the people who gave historic interviews and their families to come and celebrate the Town’s anniversary. So come and meet people who are part of the history and fabric of our community.

Kudos to Chairman Catherine Kauffman and committee member Jen Bryant Nagel who interviews our residents.

Learn about the history of our town and enjoy reading historic interviews and come and share a slice of cake as we celebrate and preserve Paradise Valley and its history!
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
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