April 22, 2022
Pacaso Agrees to Move Out of PV
By Councilmember Julie Pace

Great news! Based on all the hard work of residents, and a shout out to Christine Labelle and Kathy and Jack Clifford, and this newsletter for spreading the word, Pacaso and its corporate office have made the decision to not proceed in Paradise Valley at this time.

It is great when residents stand together loudly, firmly, and in an educated manner so that we can preserve Paradise Valley. It is the hard work of those standing up that preserves our unique Town. 

The Town is still continuing to address timeshares and fractional ownerships.
Remodel of Scottsdale Plaza Resort
By Councilmember Julie Pace

The Scottsdale Plaza resort in our Town is considering a significant investment of millions in a remodel by its new owner Highgate.

This is an early preview and items obviously can change through the Town’s SUP process, but currently, it includes an underground parking garage. Yes, you read that right, the new owners are investing in an underground parking garage that will free up the current parking lot for amenities and more hotel keys.

And the resort is not going up in height, is not seeking ownership units to sell, and would propose increasing resort keys by 47 keys. Currently the resort has 404 keys and if it moves forward it could propose up to 451 keys. The resort is approximately 37 acres. 

The current parking spaces could provide room for exclusive spa experiences, three quality restaurant spaces, knocking down Remington’s, no amplified music, new lobby, and redoing the resort rooms with a vibrant and pizzazz look and feel. The initial images look refreshing and inviting.

The resort would create two different resort experiences on-site, with one section more exclusive and upscale. The meeting space size also will decrease some to allow for the other amenity spaces.
One of the initial goals is to eliminate guest entry off of Indian Bend road and instead funnel the regular guests and vehicle traffic to and from Scottsdale Road. 

That could be a nice traffic mitigation improvement for the surrounding neighborhoods by forcing more traffic onto Scottsdale Road, instead of through neighborhoods.

Jordan Rose worked with the owners to collaborate on what could be responsible and mindful development for the Town of Paradise Valley. The early look does appear promising, but any SUP process will proceed in the public through the application process with the Town, the Town planning commission, and the Town Council. 

It is usual that straightforward business presentations about some projects occur to councilmembers before the SUP application process to solicit any input or early comments that might get incorporated into the proposal.

The council numbers generally do not make any commitment to the applicant about the proposal but do provide comments mindful of our special paradise valley community. And none of this occurred around a cigar circle, but was presented professionally and straightforwardly by attorney Jordan Rose.

So stay tuned and learn more about this potentially exciting development in our community. It seems to be starting off on the right direction, but let’s see how it evolves with input and review by our Town staff and planning commission.
No More Zoom? How do You Watch Town meetings?
By Councilmember Julie Pace

You used to watch Zoom, but the Zoom option went away because the Town is open again. 

You are always welcome to come to Townhall in person for meetings, or you can return to watching live stream of meetings by going to the Town website to click on the Button on the Town home page labeled meetings and agendas and then select video.

Or you can use the following link to select video and watch town council, planning and zoning or other meetings:

Many meetings are live-streamed so you can watch them live or at a later time when they are re-posted.

The Town is looking to add new video equipment so that more of our Town’s rooms are available for live stream. Stay engaged!
Conversation with Candidates
It was great speaking to a packed room this Monday at Scottsdale Plaza Resort. Thank you to the Eagle Society for hosting the Community Conversation and for giving me the opportunity to meet with so many of our incredible residents.

Thank you to everyone who attended to share their support and questions. I always enjoy sharing conversations and bringing awareness to a number of important issues happening within our beautiful and unique town.

Don't forget to attend the final community conversation with all our Town Council Candidates at 4 PM of Monday, May 16 at the El Charro Resort. Please make checks payable for $10 to Kathleen Monheit. You can mail or drop off the check-in to 6130 East Mockingbird Lane to register for this event.
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
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