June 3, 2022
Q&A: How will the Ritz-Carlton opening impact Paradise Valley’s revenue?
By Councilmember Julie Pace, Paradise Valley Independent Candidate Q&A

The Ritz-Carlton will provide new revenues that should have a net positive impact on the town’s funds. Our resorts provide occupancy tax revenue so that the town has no property tax.

Residents are excited to have this first-class resort open and join our existing world-class resorts. We are all proud of our town’s brand and it is why I and our residents work so hard together to preserve Paradise Valley, the town we love.

The overall projects in the eastern edge of town will cause an increase in expenditure of town funds, primarily public safety services, based on the size of the projects, number of people and increase in traffic.

While much of the traffic is directed to Scottsdale Road, there also will be increased traffic on town roads. Have you tried to make a left turn out of AJ’s on Lincoln?
Regarding town funds, Councilmember Ellen Andeen and I have requested an agenda item to discuss the annual fire service fee (approximately $550 per year) so Council can evaluate whether we can eliminate or reduce the fee charged to residents. Currently, our mayor will not agree to schedule this topic.

I and others will continue to be conservative stewards of public funds, continue to pay down the pension liability, and enhance our healthy rainy day funds because town revenue sources are under threat from proposals in the Legislature.

The Ritz project was approved on a 4-3 vote before I was on Town Council. I do believe it is the responsibility of all councilmembers to roll up their sleeves and work as a team for the best development agreement, regardless of whether the councilmember plans to vote no. Ambiguities caused issues and the lawsuit could have been avoided. These lessons should be applied in the upcoming six resort projects.

As a lawyer for companies for 30 years, I will use my knowledge and experience to preserve Paradise Valley’s mountains and open space, encourage resident input, collaborate with stakeholders for solutions, and push for transparency in the town’s actions.

ICYMI: Ellen Andeen's Painting Party
Councilmember Ellen Andeen created a fun activity of fundraising for her re-election campaign, "Brushes & Ballots", by inviting people to come and paint Camelback Mountain at The Brush Bar in Scottsdale on May 21st.

What a fun concept and look at what Councilmember Ellen Andeen and participants painted during the class. Everyone had a great time. If you want to support Councilmember Andeen’s re-election Town Council please check out her website at — ellenforpvcouncil.com.
Landscaping, Rocks, Heat and Saving Water
By Councilmember Julie Pace

Summerwinds Nursery has a nice article with tips for homeowners about how to create a desert landscape to reduce heat and increase share. They caution against a lot of boulders on the south and west side of a home unless there’s some shade over them. 

This article also talks about artificial turf and how that can increase heat, but gives suggestions to reduce heat.

The nursery notes that landscaping entirely with hardscape features like boulders, crushed rock, rock mulch, and artificial turf can actually increase the temperature surrounding your home and even lead to higher air conditioning bills. Learn how you can create a cooler, well-balanced, desert-friendly yard. Visit your local nursery or Desert Botanical Garden to learn how to get a cool yard.

2022 Election is Fast Approaching!
The 2022 election is fast approaching! This is a big election year as it will include federal, and statewide offices as well as our Town of Paradise Valley Mayor and Council. Here is some important information on how to cast your vote in the upcoming August 2 Primary election and November 8 General Election.

Registered Republican or Democrat? - If you are registered as one of the two major parties and are currently on the Permanent Early Voter List, you should receive your ballot by mail starting July 6th for the Primary Election. CLICK HERE to request your ballot in the mail or CLICK HERE to apply online for the Permanent Early Voter list.

Are you registered as an Independent (or No Party Preference)? - If so, make sure you request your ballot for the August 2nd election! You must do this to be able to vote for location elections. The deadline to request a ballot is June 9th to participate in the August Election. Contact the Maricopa County Recorder by phone or email to request a ballot to be mailed to you at recorder.maricopa.gov.

Don't miss your chance to vote. CLICK HERE to register to vote today!

Support for Non-Profits
By Councilmember Julie Pace

It is good to remember that people do good things every single day in our community and in the Valley of the Sun.

Nonprofits are the lifeblood of a community and I am very proud that our residents are very active supporters of many nonprofits, from supporting the arts, theater, animals, people, kids, health and more. 

There are many great nonprofits that make a difference every day. This is what bonds a community and makes us beam with pride to be Americans and Arizonans and provide service to others with long-lasting results.

My husband, David Selden, and I have donated to many nonprofits over the past 40 years and have been fortunate to serve in leadership positions in many nonprofits to assist as well. 

Let’s all keep being examples of leadership and help make our community and state of Arizona a better place and strive to leave things better than we find them and make a difference.
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
Julie Pace for Paradise Valley Mayor | 5501 E Solano Drive
Paradise Valley AZ 85253 | paceforpv@gmail.com
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