June 10, 2022
Quality Of Life: What Does It Mean To You?
By Councilmember and Mayoral Candidate Julie Pace, Paradise Valley Independent Candidate Q&A

I have a passion for preserving our quality of life and have fought for years to preserve our iconic mountains, open space and ensure safety. Our town is at risk with the pressure of higher density, an influx of short-term rentals and timeshares, and an increase in traffic congestion and noise.

I have a strong compass regarding quality of life and working for residents’ interests. I am the canary in the coal mine to alert residents and solicit their input when something arises that could harm our town’s quality of life. I am seasoned and experienced to handle and support community conversations and involvement.

I have a reputation as a hard worker and a doer. During the general plan, I advocated for the inclusion of protecting dark skies, open space, natural washes, mountains and safety.

My consistent voting record demonstrates the strength I bring as I fight for quality of life including:

1. Stopping party houses and restricting short-term rentals.

2. Restricting traffic and advocating for traffic calming options.

3. Keeping open space and opposing the mayor’s efforts to reduce front yard setbacks from 20 feet to 10 feet for view and combo fences on 15 miles of roads in our town. The mayor is still pursuing this setback reduction despite the planning commission and residents opposing it.

4. Successfully led residents to stop the 64-foot high structure proposed to be built high on Camelback Mountain.
5. Stopped a resort from building a five-unit party and wedding complex with 24 feet high rooftop deck overlooking single-family one-acre residences. The mayor voted to support this project going forward.

6. Addressing building pad heights.

7. Stopping a hotel from building outdoor balconies three stories high overlooking single-family one-acre residences.

8. Stopping the elimination of landscaped medians on McDonald Drive.

9. Restricting dynamiting as “No Blast Julie.”

10. Worked on Hillside Safety Improvement Plan.

11. Chaired ACOPS Committee for two years to promote public safety outreach.

12. Supporting safety, drainage and stormwater improvements.

I am the only candidate for mayor who has a consistent record of preserving Paradise Valley.

Labelles: Why We Support Christine Labelle for PV Town Council
By Pat and Guy Labelle | PV Independent Guest Commentary

My wife and I have been privileged to live here in Paradise Valley for over 45 years and I’ve enjoyed watching our children and grandchildren come to love our community as much as we do.

I was enthusiastic to hear that our daughter, Christine Labelle, had decided to get involved within our community by running for Paradise Valley Town Council.

That’s why we were disheartened by the false claims made by one of the fellow candidates and Phyliss Patterson’s op-ed. We cannot seem to identify this person on the voter rolls.

My wife and I recently attended the “Conversations with Candidates” hosted by the Eagle Society. After reading Miss Patterson’s op-ed, we were confused.

Her description of the event and the candidates was nothing like what we witnessed. While we enjoyed learning about each of the candidates, some of the statements made were simply incorrect and we would like to set the record straight.

PV News: Paradise Valley’s Buness advocates for patients
By Delarita Ford | PV Independent

Lawyer turned rare liver disease advocate and Paradise Valley resident Cynthia Buness was recognized by the National Patient Advocate Foundation in May for her longtime volunteer efforts.

The foundation spotlighted her volunteer patient advocacy work that initially began with her seeking medical information and treatment for an incurable disease her daughter was diagnosed with as a child. In 2012, her then 14-year-old daughter was diagnosed with a rare liver disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, which is an incurable, progressive liver disease.

Many patients with PSC, Buness said, will eventually die or require a liver transplant due to complications, have progressions that may include end-stage liver disease and develop bile duct cancer often associated with inflammatory bowel disease, or ulcerative colitis.
“Helping people navigate their health issues has been the most rewarding work I have ever done.” - CYNTHIA BUNESS

2022 Election is Fast Approaching!
The 2022 election is fast approaching! This is a big election year as it will include federal, and statewide offices as well as our Town of Paradise Valley Mayor and Council. Here is some important information on how to cast your vote in the upcoming August 2 Primary election and November 8 General Election.

Registered Republican or Democrat? - If you are registered as one of the two major parties and are currently on the Permanent Early Voter List, you should receive your ballot by mail starting July 6th for the Primary Election. CLICK HERE to request your ballot in the mail or CLICK HERE to apply online for the Permanent Early Voter list.

Are you registered as an Independent (or No Party Preference)? - If so, make sure you request your ballot for the August 2nd election! You must do this to be able to vote for location elections. Contact the Maricopa County Recorder by phone or email to request a ballot to be mailed to you at recorder.maricopa.gov.

Don't miss your chance to vote. CLICK HERE to register to vote today!

Paradise Valley Updates
Progress on short-term rentals and party houses

Our town clerk Duncan Miller will serve on the Arizona Department of Revenue working committee, along with representatives from Scottsdale, Sedona, Lake Havasu City and Flagstaff to discuss challenges and develop options related to TPT licensing for short-term rental properties and addressing violation letters that are returned as undeliverable, as well as discuss other items.

It is a cooperative effort and we appreciate the DOR working with cities in a cooperative manner to help research correct making address information for LLCs that have been sent violation letters, which have been returned as undeliverable. 
Summer changes in town hall will include new carpet and restructuring of functions so that the town can have one-stop shopping for applicants to work with planning, permits and engineering, etc. this should be helpful and improve convenience to applicants and their representatives.  
The building department is doing an excellent job in speeding up the time to review projects and complimented inspections. Many compliments are coming to the town for the leadership of Chuck Ransom. Kudos!
Saguaro Sabercats playing Bergen Catholic at 8 pm on September 2 and likely will be shown on ESPN.
Paradise Valley Town Councilmember Julie Pace proactively engages to preserve the mountains and open space and focuses on substance, action, and doing good work for the best interests of the Town, while building a sense of community.
Julie Pace for Paradise Valley Mayor | 5501 E Solano Drive
Paradise Valley AZ 85253 | [email protected]
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