August, 2018
In the Water to
Improve Stream Habitat:
Member Volunteers from Brodhead Trout Unlimited (BTU), Pocono Heritage Land Trust (PHLT), Brodhead Watershed Association (BWA) and Trout Unlimited (TU) staff work closely with US Fish and Wildlife Service staff under the direction of Refuge Manager Mike Horne at the Cherry Valley National Wildlife Refuge on a Wild Trout Habitat Restoration Project on Cherry Creek at the former Cherry Valley Golf Course. Thanks for all the hard work for habitat restoration! More on the work being done here !
BCHC ~ Brodhead Creek Heritage Center at ForEvergreen Nature Preserve Needs Your Help!
If you have any stories to share or historic items for the new Brodhead Creek Heritage Center (BCHC) Museum, please let us know ! We are in the design stages now to bring BCHC, ForEvergreen Nature Preserve to life! Looking for stories / photos from the flood of 55, Tocks Island Dam Controversy, other museum quality items from Monroe County, PA that you would consider loaning or donating. Items of special interest: looking for trout fishing memorabilia, Schauer fly rods, & photos of Henryville House, Hotel Rapids, Park House, Spruce Cabin Inn, Log Cabin Inn, Albert House, and Lighthouse Tavern, thank you!!

Please visit BCHC's website at

Calling all History & Railroad Buffs!! You don't want to miss Don Miller's:
Of Stone, Iron and Fire Exploring the Stonecrusher Woods ,
Saturday, August 18th
Join local naturalist and long time PHLT Stewardship Volunteer, Don Miller, for a Saturday afternoon “Woods Walk and Natural History Talk” exploring this Stroud Township Open Space site overlooking the Brodhead Creek. Both natural history and railroad history information will be shared during this afternoon exploration both on and off trail in the “woods of the Stonecrusher”. Learn more
Good News! We're going to try one more time this year for a clear night to have Stars & S'mores!
at Jonas Mountain Nature Preserve, Friday, September 7th
No rain date, fyi
Join local astronomer Rich Grebb for a night under the stars. This astronomy program will include telescopic views of the planet  Saturn its rings! Venus will be visible before setting as well as  Jupiter & its moons!
Hot Dogs & S'mores at 6:30pm ~ FREE ~ Space Limited so Register Early! Learn More

PHLT plans to offer more movies in the future at Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center, please stay tuned for some great environmental documentaries!
If you missed the Albatross movie, you can view it for free here, thanks to the director, Chris Jordan releasing this work of art free for the world to see! Thank you to our partner Pocono Cinema & Cultural Center for showing the movie! #PlasticPollution
"People that throw down don't pickup. People that pickup don't throw down." 
~ Bob LaBar
"If only they made a pesticide for litterbugs!"
~ Monroe County PA Beautification Organization
We would like to thank our partners, Pocono Photo Club (PPC) and Pocono Bike Club for their recent outings at PHLT's Glen Run Nature Preserve and PPC's beautiful photo shoot of Fieldstone Farm Tank Creek Nature Preserve!

If your organization would like to partner with PHLT, please contact us!

Upcoming September / October Events:
The 2018 PHLT Natural Places and Open Spaces Walk series continues with another naturalist led walk and talks:

Sunday, September 30 at 1:00 – Exploring the Brodhead Creek from Where the Brodhead Doubles at Stites Mountain to the Leavitt Branch Headwaters, learn more .

Sunday, October 21 at 1:00 – Fernridge Trail and Weiss Woods at TNC’s Tannersville Cranberry Bog, learn more .
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