Hello from Friends! Here is a quick look at what's new in our work to fight AIDS, tuberculosis (TB) and malaria in the age of COVID-19.
Second Global COVID-19 Summit:
President Biden Announces "Test and Treat" Partnership with Global Fund
On May 12, the Biden administration convened leaders from around the world for the second global COVID-19 summit to raise resources for a new financial mechanism for pandemic preparedness and response. At the summit, President Biden introduced a partnership between the U.S. government and the Global Fund:

"We are standing up a new pilot program working with the Global Fund to expand access to rapid testing and antiviral treatments in hard to reach areas."- President Joe Biden
Friends’ President and CEO Chris Collins shared a message with world leaders, civil society and the private sector. Watch the video below:
For more information on the Global Fund's role in pandemic preparedness and response, read this report.
Highlights from Davos:
Global Fund Partners with Pfizer to Distribute COVID-19 Antiviral Treatment
Last week at the World Economic Forum, Pfizer announced a partnership with the Global Fund to support equitable access to COVID-19 treatment. Pfizer intends to supply oral antiviral treatments (PAXLOVID) in 130 low- and middle-income countries.
Bill Gates and Global Fund Executive Director Peter Sands joined a panel at Davos on how to prepare for the next pandemic.

"There is the Global Fund replenishment...we will see in the face of all these competing priorities [COVID-19, the conflict in Ukraine, global food insecurity, inflation] can global health maintain the visibility it deserves? We have lots to do on the 3 diseases and overall in health systems." –Bill Gates, author of How to Prevent the Next Pandemic
Capitol Hill Event: U.S. Bilateral Programs and the Global Fund, Partnering to End Pandemics
On May 19th, Friends hosted leadership from the Global Fund and U.S. bilateral global health programs (PEPFAR, PMI and USAID TB program) to discuss the impact of these lifesaving programs.

Angeli Achrekar of PEPFAR (far left) Julie Wallace of PMI (center left) Cheri Vincent of USAID's TB program (center), Dianne Stewart of the Global Fund (center right) and Chris Collins of Friends (far right) discussed how these programs complemented each other during the COVID-19 crisis.

Pride Month: Ukrainian LGBT Activists, Breaking Down Barriers to Health Despite Conflict
For International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia and Biphobia, the Global Fund published an essay from a Ukrainian activist who is fighting discriminatory barriers to health programs.

"While the last 12 weeks have tested us beyond our worst fears, the LGBTI community in Ukraine has proven resilient throughout the conflict. We are convinced that we will be stronger for it."

–Borys Grachov, coordinator of Ukraine’s National Paralegal Hub
Thank You Luxembourg for Increasing Pledge by 30% Ahead of the Global Fund's Replenishment
This week, Luxembourg announced a 30 percent increase in its pledge to the Global Fund's seventh replenishment. Luxembourg joins the U.S. as well as private sector donors like Comic Relief U.S. as early donor pledges in this replenishment cycle.

“Thanks to unfailing support from partners like Luxembourg, we have proven we can force HIV, TB and malaria into retreat. We call on other donors to follow Luxembourg in increasing their commitment to the effort to get back on track in the fight against the three diseases.”
– Executive Director Peter Sands
New Report: Leveraging Digital Tech to Improve Health Systems and Equity Worldwide 
Download our full report to learn more about how innovative new tools in digital technology can expand health care access in countries around the world.

“In the case of infectious diseases, where no one is safe unless everyone is safe, the world has a shared interest in supporting and catalyzing the digital transformation of health systems in low- and middle-income countries.”
How COVID-19 is Affecting AIDS, TB and Malaria
The COVID-19 pandemic is having a serious impact on the most vulnerable communities worldwide and threatens progress on HIV, TB, malaria, vaccination and other areas of health.
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  • Tuberculosis: We did it for COVID-19 — so why not for TB? (Devex)

  • Malaria: First Malaria Vaccine hits 1 Million Dose Milestone — Although it has its Shortcomings (NPR)
We're tracking the intersection of COVID-19 and AIDS, TB and malaria. See regular updates on our website.
Global Health News
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  • HIV infection Rates are Declining Globally but for Pacific Women and Girls, it's a Different Story (ABC News Australia)
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