GHF Dialogue - Impacts of Giftedness
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The GHF Dialogue is now into our second quarter of publication. We recently published a new set of articles for this quarter's theme, The Impacts of Giftedness. Additionally, we have a new Q&A column, " Dear Gifted with Dr. Nicole."

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Introducing Dear Gifted with Dr. Nicole
Dear Gifted with Dr. Nicole
We at GHF are ecstatic to have Dr. Nicole Tetreault writing an advice column for the gifted community. Dr. Nicole is a PhD from Caltech who specializes in neurodevelopment and neurodegenerative disorders. Every month, Dr. Nicole will reply to your questions. Follow this link to ask your questions, and she will publish her response on the GHF Dialogue.
Dear Dr Nicole,

Q: I just found out that I am on the spectrum and have an IQ of 153. What does that mean? Who am I?

Dear Gifted: It means you are AMAZING! Having an IQ of 153 and being on the autism spectrum is what you call twice-exceptional (2e), where one has a dual identification of giftedness and a learning difference.  (More...)
Dear Dr Nicole,

Q: I heard meditation is good for people with ADHD. But meditation is hard even for someone without ADHD. What tips do you have for a 2e person who wants to try meditation?

Dear Gifted: Guided meditation centers the mind to tune into the present. Meditation is not about doing or getting somewhere, meditation is the practice of being mindfully aware in the moment you are experiencing. (More...)
Thank you very much for your support and your service to the gifted community. Below are more articles from the GHF Dialogue . We hope that you enjoy them.

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GHF Dialogue Articles
Trusting my ability to read other people and their situations is something I need to accept and honor. As I look back on meaningful, traumatic, or momentous occasions where I intuited the situation or the person correctly, I should be confident in my empathic ability.
These are unprecedented times. As the coronavirus wreaks havoc across the globe and things become increasingly difficult, we look to leaders for hope and inspiration. We don’t know who they might be or from whence they might come.
For gifted people, alone is part of the gig. That’s just math. There are fewer of us out there. But alone and lonely are two separate words for a reason.
"Then in a long, guttural, drawn out voice like Ogre from the 1984 film Revenge of the Nerds he said, “Neeeeeeeeeeeeerd.” Heat ran up my chest from my lower abdomen and collected at my neck. Devin ignored any cue to talk about Star Trek or actual kreplach and moved on to whether the mushroom Swiss burger might be any good."
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