H A P P Y   H A N U K K A H
Givat Haviva wishes you health and happiness this Holiday Season and prosperity in the New Year.
Gal Peleg Laniado, our Israel Representative, was hosted by President Barak Obama in the White House at the official Hanukiah Lighting Ceremony
Givat Haviva Hanukiah
Givat Haviva Hanukiah designed by Tamar Meshulam, Salma Samara Shehade, and Yoav Weiss
Givat Haviva was honored at the White House at the President's annual Hanukkah Lighting Ceremony.  The Hanukiah (menorah) was designed by three artists, two Jewish and one Arab, with a group of first and second grade children involved in cross-cultural dialogue sessions.  The Hanukiah features the word "LIGHT" written in many different languages by the children.  The candle holders were carved by a Palestinian stone mason. The artists built the Hanukiah as a testament to the values of coexistence, tolerance and cooperation. The artists, concept and materials embody and express the notion that when Arabs and Jews collaborate, they bring light not only to their homes, but let it shine beyond our borders. 

Gal and Moshe at the White House Hanukiah Lighting Ceremony
From the White House Official Correspondence
"... [the menorah was sent] to the White House by Givat Haviva, an educational foundation in Israel dedicated to promoting mutual responsibility, civic equality and cooperation between divided groups in Israel as the foundation for building a shared future and shared society.  This menorah was made by children who attend a Hand in Hand School in Jaffa.  On the menorah, children have painted the word "light" in many different languages and in different colors.  Holding the glass upright are eight blocks of polished pink Jerusalem stone, which also have recesses to hold the candles."

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