The Continuing Resolution Will Go a Long Way in Addressing Childhood Hunger 

Today, the President signed a Continuing Resolution (H.R. 8337) to fund the government through December 11th after it was passed out of Congress with bipartisan agreement. H.R. 8337 will deliver much needed nutrition assistance to millions of California students and their families. We applaud House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for her leadership, and for securing bipartisan support to extend and expand Pandemic EBT and other key nutrition programs included in the bill. 

While the continuing resolution offers significant help to Californians who are struggling to meet their basic needs in the wake of COVID-19, without additional relief, hunger and economic hardship will continue to rise. Notably, the bill did not include a boost in SNAP/CalFresh, the nation's largest and most effective anti-hunger program. Read the joint statement from advocates for a summary of the key nutrition provisions included in the bill.

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